BSV and Ao Bencong’s behind the scenes, a pre-death carnival

Recently, as the price of bitcoin climbed, many mainstream currencies have risen quite well. This has caused many investors to regain their confidence in speculative currency, and the BSV with the most obvious increase and the highest topic has risen in May. Reached 253%.

When it comes to BSV, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely Aoben Shun. This self-directed play has never stopped playing in the currency circle since the day when he pretended to be Nakamoto. . Although in the eyes of most people, he is just a clown, but from the perspective of BSV, there is such a founder of the self-contained topic, why not?

But then again, just relying on the power of Ao Bencong, can you really let BSV go today?

Ups and downs of the BSV, self-directed and self-directed

As everyone knows, Ao Ben Cong is active in the public's field of vision all from his "Zhong Ben Cong is my own", before that, everyone did not know which he was a nameless pawn.

Obviously, "I am Zhongben Cong", the reverse routine, Oban, is very slippery, and became a talk of the global currency people after a meal. Of course, no one believes in his slang, because he can't prove himself to be Satoshi Satoshi except for a mouth.

After being beaten many times, Ownen Cong did not have much duty. He still used the banner of Nakamoto to appear in the currency circle. This caused a lot of dissatisfaction. I want to know who Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin. For the coin circle, it is the same as God. Without Nakamoto Satoshi, there is almost no currency circle today. Fans naturally cannot allow their idols to be ruined for no reason.

In this way, the entire currency circle opened a war with Ou Bencong. Of course, there were also many attacks on this implementation behavior. Among them, the accident of the BSV incident by the currency An Zhao Changpeng was most shocked. The incident also brought a downturn to BSV, with a drop of 19% in just one day.

This time, Ao Ben Cong can't sit still, and the whole big news will turn the tide and he won't stop. Sure enough, on May 21, overseas media Coingeek reported that Oban has acquired the “bitcoin white paper” and the US copyright registration of most of the original bitcoin code.

As soon as this news came out, the currency circle exploded in an instant, and the BSV that fell to the bottom of the valley came up with a big rebound, and the surge was nearly 200%. But what followed was the face–only the application, the people did not really approve, even the pictures used in the report were also done.

A strong pusher behind Ao Ben Cong

It is not difficult to see through several incidents that the price fluctuations of BSV several times are related to all kinds of fake news made by Ao Bencong, but it is probably difficult for him to rely on him alone. For example, Coingeek, who reported on the copyright incident of the white paper, in addition to the media coverage business, also merged with the mining pool business. Unfortunately, this is also the main mining pool to support Ao Ben Cong. After the BSA was removed from the BSA, the founder of Coingeek also stood up for the BSV.

Does it seem to start to become clear?

In addition to Coingeek, the other two major mines in the BSV are the SV pool and the BMG pool. These three mines have only one beneficiary, that is Calvin Ayre, a billionaire who made a fortune in the casino business. He has repeatedly said in public that only BCH is the "bitcoin" that truly conforms to the vision of Nakamoto. Later, although BCH is hard forked into two chains, it still belongs to the billionaire.

I still remember that Oban has praised Haikou’s vow to “use money to destroy the Bitcoin continent.” It is not difficult to imagine that the help behind this is nothing more than Calvin Ayre himself. Maybe Aoben Cong is just a pawn and victim of BSV. His active activity in front of the public in exchange for BSV's skyrocketing is also a good deal.

It turns out that BSV's current limelight is really good. It has been ranked eighth in the continuous rise. There are also investors who support BSV in the currency circle. The iron powder even established a community called “骷髅会” to support Ownen Cong.


On June 16, the US court approved the motion to require Oban to prove to the court that it would hold Bitcoin and provide a private record of Bitcoin as of December 2013 before June 18, or it would be convicted of contempt of court. May be fined or imprisoned.

The cause of this incident dates back to February 2018, when Ira Kleiman, the brother of the late computer scientist Dave Kleiman, filed a lawsuit against the court, reporting that Aberdeen had stolen from W&K Defense Research, which was founded and operated by his brother. Bitcoin worth about $5 billion.

The case caused quite a stir in the currency circle. Oban was not recognized at first, but the case has been investigated for a year and a half, and the truth has gradually surfaced.

At present, the court has sealed the list of Bitcoin positions that Auburn Cong has been forced to submit on June 17. I believe that everyone will be able to see the truth in the near future. Although it seems that BSV does not seem to have much impact at present, who knows how long it will last? Who knows who will be the next "Ao Ben Cong" of BSV?

There is no stable value in the currency circle, at least for now.

It’s not a good thing to get up and down. In addition to the huge profits in front of us, the amaranth should also wipe the eyes and see the darkness behind it. After the carnival, it must be a bloody hurricane. Although the market value of BSV is overestimated at this time, the value of long-term investment is low. Even V God said that BSV is just a complete scam.

Author: Cross-country rabbit

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