BSV is 90%, and Aomoto is proved to be Nakamoto. The rumor is really an individual

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has exploded. Yesterday, a screenshot of a disguised currency cow newsletter appeared on Weibo and the various WeChat communities. The false news claimed that Craig Wright had transferred 50,000 bitcoins (BTC) from the so-called Nakamoto Satoshi to the currency security, which proved that he was Nakamoto. BSV continued to skyrocket, from yesterday's $122.03 directly to $220.47 this morning, with a 24-hour increase of 88.34% and a market value of the top 8.


Source: QKL123

Auburn has created a BSV in the BCH fork in November 2018. For many years, he has insisted that he is the creator of Bitcoin, Nakamoto, but his claims have been widely questioned. Many critics say that if he is really Nakamoto, he should be able to control the wallet's private key for the first bitcoin – so you only need to make a small transfer to prove everything.

Therefore, the fraudsters took advantage of this and directly produced this fake news:

"Ao Bing Cong transferred from the BTC's largest address to the 50,000 BTC, which also confirmed that Oban Cong is Nakamoto. Since Oban Cong has transferred to the 50,000 btc in accordance with the agreement, CZ will honor the promise today. Coin Security re-launched BSV and apologized to Twitter for Twitter."


This kind of scam is very common. Wan Hui, the founding partner of Primitive Ventures, said on Twitter:

"This trick is easy to use by many scammers. Many Chinese encrypted media use the pictures on WeChat to spread breaking news instead of spreading news links. So anyone can use the same theme template and then PS a fake news. ”


Huang Jin, the founder of the coin cow, also issued a statement in his circle of friends, saying that some people have maliciously used the rumor to spread the rumors, which has caused adverse effects. The official cattle and cattle officials will not make things that are detrimental to the brand. I would like to remind everyone.

V God is also making a mess. He said in the comments:

“We urgently need a website-verified and digitally signed screenshot, which will make the smart contract predictor easier.”

Then he also skinned, with a P picture. In the picture, US President Trump said that you should not trust the screenshot on Twitter without personally verifying the original link.


The means of this scam is not very clever, but the effect is really good. After a day of skyrocketing, BSV computing power rose by 42.9% in the past 24 hours. On the second day of the incident, BSV continued to rise today, but it has begun to fall.

Similar to false messaging, BSV is not the first time to use it. On May 21, Oban was announced to obtain the original copyright registration of the original Bitcoin white paper and code. At one time, Xiao Bai, who did not know the truth, thought that Oban was really the inventor of Bitcoin, Nakamoto. Affected by this news, the BSV rose sharply, once rushed from $62 to $195, and the rocket was pulled up. With the media rumor, the BSV gradually fell back.

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