Chain Tea Interview: EOS Three Kingdoms: How was the chain tour that opened the first day of trading on the first day of trading?

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Time entered into May, a chain tour called "EOS Three Kingdoms" appeared, quickly seized the EOS game market, opened the first day of trading volume to top the EOS game category, as of now, the highest transaction amount is second place 8 times. "EOS Three Kingdoms" has just been on the line for 12 days, and the daily life has now reached 800, which is still growing.

The development team of "EOS Three Kingdoms" is the seventh continent game studio. The chain teahouse interviewed the founder of the studio, Zhang Jihang. He will talk about the future iteration planning from the design logic and operation strategy of "EOS Three Kingdoms". Tour developers bring some successful experiences in exploding chain tours.

The team has dual experience in traditional games and smart contracts. The three-nation theme is more suitable for starting in China.

Zhang Jihang is a veteran of the Internet industry. In October 2018, he started the project "EOS Three Kingdoms" and set up the team in November. He said that the team members are his acquaintances in the industry, so he was formed very quickly. There are developers in the traditional game field. They have developed products of the company, and have experience in end-game, mobile games and independent game development.

In his view, the team is most unique is the blockchain engineer with experience in smart contract development. Zhang Jihang said that blockchain engineers are very rare in China and are rare for small entrepreneurial teams. Most blockchain engineers will choose to join the public chain project, and few choose the entrepreneurial game team. The dual development experience is also the natural technology advantage of EOS Three Kingdoms.


When asked why he chose the three countries as the theme of chain travel, Zhang Jihang said that the three countries are very significant signs of the Chinese game industry. Most players are willing to learn about the games related to the three countries, and there are not many products related to the three countries in the chain travel industry. Appeared, the team thought this was an opportunity.

Another point, Zhang Jihang believes that chain travel is a global industry, and looking at the world, China's cultural output, the culture of the three countries must be very successful. From the glorious "Dynasty Warriors" series of the Japanese factory to the "Comprehensive War: Three Kingdoms" series developed by the recent hot British CA, it shows the recognition of the Three Kingdoms culture in the world. Therefore, the team chose the three countries as the theme of the game. In the early days, when China started, it will get relatively good promotion. Later, it will be better to integrate into the overseas market. The game now supports the Chinese version and the English version. It will immediately release the Korean version and prepare to enter. Korean chain travel market.

The EOS public chain is the most suitable for performance and user attributes.

Zhang Jihang said that the team chose to first log in to the EOS public chain for a reason, because "EOS Three Kingdoms" is a full-chain game, if running on ETH, too low TPS, too long interaction waiting time and each winding need The gas fee paid will become a very big burden for the player. So even if the ETH ecosystem has many users and a good development environment, the team has no choice to release the game on ETH.

As for the wave field where the user volume is also very large, Zhang Jihang believes that the user attribute is not suitable. The "EOS Three Kingdoms" is developed from the project, the initial target users are domestic players, and most of the users of the wave field are from non-Chinese and Japanese homes. It is not particularly suitable for games that initially focus on the Chinese market.

In terms of performance and user attributes, EOS is the EOS public chain. It has a large number of users in China. These EOS users have a very high acceptance of chain travel. The EPS itself has a good TPS performance, and the speed of the block is fast. The confirmation time of the player's winding operation is 1-2 seconds, which is completely acceptable.

Zhang Jihang said that the "EOS Three Kingdoms" game started from the beginning in the early days, first selecting the public chain EOS with the most domestic players. In the future, it will be expanded to overseas markets, and there are plans for the wave field. The coincidence of the two public chain users is still relatively small. If you want to run in multiple chains, the EOS Three Kingdoms contract code needs to be completely rewritten, which will be costly and difficult, but if the market expects to meet the team, it will work hard to achieve it. "EOS Three Kingdoms" currently contracts nearly 20,000 lines, Zhang Jihang said that this is the largest chain of domestic contract code.

The design of economic system and the development of smart contracts are the most important of the chain

Zhang Jihang said that two parts of the development of "EOS Three Kingdoms" are the core of the team's attack, one is the design of the economic system, and the other is the development of smart contracts. He said that the function and numerical value of the chain tour are all open and transparent, and they cannot be changed. The blockchain game has certain financial attributes, tokens and assets. The design of the entire system economy is very important. The basis of the tour is economic design. If the economic model is not designed properly, the entire game will soon collapse.


Zhang Jihang said frankly that the team borrowed some ideas and strategies from the EOS Cavaliers during the development, but at the same time, some of the drawbacks erupted by the EOS Cavaliers have become the team's foresight. The EOS Cavaliers didn't initially designed the deflation mechanism of the game assets, but began to add them half a year after the operation, which is a bit late. Moreover, the new system was launched at the beginning of this year, causing greater inflation. Although the EOS knight is still alive, the actual transaction volume is already very low.

With the case of the EOS Cavaliers, the EOS Three Kingdoms began with an consideration of whether economic design is reasonable and whether it would lead to inflation. But for the free economic market within the game, the team does not need to control the value of all materials, as long as the control of the more important material value, can balance the state of the entire market.


Zhang Jihang said that when new players enter, they must have a sense of accomplishment at the beginning, making it easier for new players to get materials, and upgrading faster. As the game progresses, the upgrade progress becomes slower. Take "EOS Three Kingdoms" as an example. Green materials are used by new players. A certain degree of price decline is not completely bad. It lowers the threshold for new players. When he becomes an old player, he will be willing to invest more money in the market. Go in. The explosive rate of materials in EOS Three Kingdoms will decrease with the growth of players in full-service players, controlled by smart contracts.

Another key point is the development of smart contracts. Zhang Jihang said that this is both a difficult problem and a threshold. For developers of the traditional game industry, they often do not have the ability to develop smart contracts. It is difficult to make excellent chain tours. According to his estimation. There are only less than 500 smart contract engineers in the country.

How EOS Three Kingdoms Improves Player Experience How UGC Equipment and NFT Equipment Will Be Designed


Zhang Jihang admits that as a full-chain game, the delay and the chain operation in interaction will inevitably cause the experience to be worse than the traditional game. So from the beginning, the team positioned the target users of EOS Three Kingdoms as the core chain travel group, rather than the traditional players in the broad sense. He believes that for a small team, a successful chain tour operation, it is entirely possible to make the game revenue reach a million-level scale, and it is not necessary to compare and compete with the powerful Tencent and Netease.

On the issue of the uplink operation, Zhang Jihang said that EOS's request interaction waiting time is usually only 1-2 seconds, which is acceptable for real chain players. In addition, from the asset level, chain game players playing a game will recognize the necessity of the asset chain, the assets can not be operated at will, so the chain has become an acceptable link.

As far as the game experience is concerned, it is mainly exposed to the problem of the EOS node network. Because EOS has only 21 nodes in the world, there are certainly many places that are not well covered. In the future, "EOS Three Kingdoms" will add as many EOS nodes as possible, and Collaborate with some nodes to create a good experience environment for players. Of course, the team is also making improvements to the cooperation wallet, such as non-transfer transactions no longer need players to confirm again. The problem of the game's built-in wallet, the team is still considering, because this is a double-edged sword, although it can optimize the player trading experience, but a team to play games and wallets, there are security risks.

"EOS Three Kingdoms" currently has 8 categories and 153 kinds of equipment for players to make transactions, and will also launch exclusive UGC equipment and NFT assets and equipment in the future. Zhang Jihang said that UGC equipment is mainly to improve the player's participation and to activate the whole ecology. At present, the name and art can be designed by the player. The attribute value will affect the balance of the game. If the player is willing to design, he will consider balancing. In the case of sex, choose to adopt. The name of the equipment and the artist can be completely determined by the player's vote. In the future, UGC equipment may be a special acquisition channel through the game token Three Kingdoms Tongbao auction and EOS auction.

NFT asset equipment is something that the team has been preparing for, but since EOS does not have a good NFT protocol, it can't be realized for the time being. Once the proven NFT protocol emerges, the team will launch very rare and powerful NFT equipment based on this, which will exist as a rare asset and the acquisition channel is still being designed.

Create a reasonable trading loop for big R and small R users. Three Kingdoms Tongbao brings "game mining" gameplay

In the economic system of "EOS Three Kingdoms", in addition to EOS and the Three Kingdoms Tongbao, as well as the existence of the tiger symbol, the tiger character can be used for the purchase of many resources in the game, which can accelerate the growth of the player. It is also because of the existence of the Tigers, "EOS Three Kingdoms" big r players and small r players will create a gap, but Zhang Jihang said that the gap is considered, there will be no crushing situation, but will optimize the entire game's internal economic system.

He said that players of different levels can get the game experience they want and meet the needs of users. The small r player did not spend any money, still able to trade, for the small r players also get another way of fun, the pursuit is leisure and entertainment, can get a small amount of income better. There is strength and weakness is certain, but there will be no player's lack of living space, large players will generate a lot of demand, small r players get a lot of opportunities to sell materials, resulting in two-way circulation.

As for the addition of the Three Kingdoms Tongbao token, "EOS Three Kingdoms" has added the gameplay of "game mining" in addition to the game attributes. Players can gain military value by playing games, and a certain amount of Sanguo Tongbao can be obtained every day through military strength. . Players who hold the Three Kingdoms Tongbao will regularly receive bonuses from the game's revenue EOS and game materials, which is considered to be a kind of "game mining" gameplay, which is very attractive to users who do not like to play games.

The future design strategy PVP system will be launched soon.

In order to realize the long-term operation of the game, the future "EOS Three Kingdoms" will launch a strategic PVP system, but the system is still in planning and design, and there are not many details that can be exposed at present. Zhang Jihang talked about some ideas on the design of PVP gameplay. As a real-time interactive experience, it is difficult to implement the ARPG type of gameplay. Instead, it can use two players to arrange the battles separately, and then the computer automatically completes the game strategy. Type PVP mode, similar to the recent big fire's self-playing gameplay.

Speaking of the promotion of the game in the future, Zhang Jihang said that he had won the first batch of seed users through the cooperation with the TP wallet and the launch of the pre-sale, and the daily life is still growing. The team will immediately launch the "EOS Three Kingdoms" recommendation system, players can share links to new players to enter, after the invitation is successful, they will receive EOS and in-game Tigers rewards.

Finally, Zhang Jihang said that a successful game depends on whether it has endogenous value. The traditional games "World of Warcraft" and "League of Legends" can stand for many years without falling, because there is a strong R&D team, sufficient working capital and Supported by a large group of players. For the current chain tour based on small teams, it is difficult to achieve strong endogenous value in entertainment and gameplay. Through the blockchain blessing, the asset value attribute can be enlarged and effectively enhanced. The endogenous value of the chain tour itself can be long-term healthy operation.

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