Blockchain technology is in the ascendant to apply which is the strongest?

The currency circle is one day, one year in the world.

I don't know when, the blockchain has become a hot topic frequently mentioned in people's mouths. The development of the currency circle is to enter the fast lane early, and if you don't try to catch up, it will fall far away.

Sadly, this ever-changing, rapidly changing field has been in a long-lasting downturn since mid-March.

Fortunately, such a phenomenon has finally improved. This pool of "dead water" has also recently shown signs of rejuvenation. The price of the currency has risen and the IEO has turned out. This once made the entire blockchain industry appear "hot" and "unprecedented". Scenery .

The IEO, which was born out of the world, was swept away in the past.

Speaking of the rejuvenation of the entire blockchain, the recent hot IEO is a well-deserved hero.

The so-called IEO, the full name is Initial Exchange Offering, that is, the exchange's first public sale of tokens for fundraising. This is very different from the usual fundraising.

The usual fundraising, whether it is private or public offerings, always has “intermediaries to make the difference”, which has exposed many drawbacks invisibly. Many reviews cannot be implemented in a comprehensive manner. Once a project has a problem, investors will inevitably suffer huge losses, and the exchange must also retaliate.

The IEO, just bypassing the most insecure links, removes the original middlemen, and directly endorses the items that have passed the examination by the exchange, and sells Token on their behalf.

The endorsement of the exchange, which makes the exchange more emboldened, but also more capital.

The industry's big coin security, is the first to show off for everyone, in September this year, restarted Launchpad, and launched two projects BitTorrent, Fetch.AI.

On January 28th, after BTT launched the online Launchpad, it opened crowdfunding for US$0.00012. Surprisingly, within 15 minutes of the open purchase, 60 billion BTTs were snapped up.

On February 25th, the second Launchpad project FET in 2019 opened crowdfunding for $0.0867, and the crowdfunding success was announced 22 seconds after the opening of the purchase. On February 28th, FET landed in the currency and opened the transaction, and the price rose three times compared with the crowdfunding.

The currency has achieved such a gratifying result, and other exchanges naturally have to keep up with the trend, and find their position in this tide to stand firm.

Firecoin immediately launched Huobi Prime, and OKex CEO Jay Hao publicly announced the launch of its own sales platform "OK Jumpstart".

For a time, the IEO boom swiftly swept the industry, and the low-profile scene in the bear market of the Japanese currency circle no longer existed. On the contrary, a group of investors who sniffed business opportunities flocked.

IEO is a big fire, how much do you know about the blockchain?

Fairly speaking, the emergence of IEO has indeed brought great possibilities and hopes to save the bear market, and will once again drive a blockchain boom among the people.

It is true that people are often interested in blockchains because of a hot thing. However, if you carefully investigate what the blockchain is, in addition to professionals in the industry, I am afraid that few people can give a relatively comprehensive answer .

In the recent "Link Trend", Zhao Nan, a senior investor in Magic Finder Capital, gave a detailed and intuitive explanation for the concept and application of the blockchain.

First of all, I would like to introduce you to the "Link Trend" section. "Link Zone" is an interview program focusing on the blockchain field. It is jointly created by Guangdong Broadcasting and Television Station's "24K Finance" column and Hong Kong PCCW PCCW's free TV ViuTV. Each episode will invite academics or industry elites to discuss the current hot topics with the host, uncover the mysterious veil of the blockchain, and disseminate relevant knowledge and deliver the latest information for the audience.

"Standing on the wind, the pigs will fly." Once the blockchain was in the limelight, it really took a time for everyone to pursue. Some people even broke the iron mouth and thought that the blockchain could replace the Internet and complete the next. A world change once.

But in fact, there are not many people who have a thorough understanding of the blockchain, and even narrowly narrow the bitcoin to the "coin circle" of the Internet.

As a kind of distributed storage technology, the range and types of blockchains are many, and there are many aspects involved in the construction, transmission and application of data. Bitcoin is just a form of representation in virtual currency.

It is undeniable that the Internet still has a leading position today, and the changes and impacts brought about by it are unassailable. If the blockchain is remembered to play a pivotal role in the development of the future society, it must constantly strengthen its ability in landing applications .

With which areas will the future blockchain focus, and who will join the strong alliance?

The blockchain is a rising sun industry. The choice is right, step by step, and the prospects for future development will be great. This is an undisputed fact.

The key to the problem is, which industries are the treasure industries that really make the blockchain develop?

In the future, the blockchain wants to have ideal development. First of all , it must have life . Its tentacles need to involve all aspects of social life. Secondly, it must be operable . It cannot become a "high-hard technology". It only dances in the clouds, and the cost and Control must be well controlled, and finally, it must be universal , so that the general public has a good understanding and understanding of blockchain technology.

Some of the convenience service projects that we are currently exposed to, such as banking, medical care, and insurance, are necessary to integrate with the blockchain. The development potential and space after the strong alliance are also huge.

Banks and insurance companies use blockchain technology to improve the security of their financial information, while simplifying the verification process and making life easier for consumers.

The medical industry can effectively combine the inflexible nature of blockchains, allowing health plans, doctors, hospital systems, and even patients to share information through a secure system.

In some aspects of daily life entertainment, if there is a blockchain blessing, it will increase the quality of life and happiness. For example, the game field is well known to everyone.

Compared to the highly sophisticated areas that are difficult to understand, we are bound to be more familiar with and acceptable to life essentials such as games.

The combination of blockchain and games will also evoke the curiosity of countless blockchain enthusiasts and game fans.

Many people in the industry have spotted the business opportunities and potentials of this and developed them. "Encryption Cat" and Gods Unchained are very typical examples. In 2017, the “encrypted cat” launched in the market has set off a boom in the blockchain game industry. The number of transactions on the website has exceeded $10 million in one week, and even caused congestion in Ethereum. "Encrypted Cat" is sought after because it is considered an encrypted collection. Each "encrypted cat" is unique. Users can buy, sell, or breed "encrypted cats". Blockchain technology It will help users to safely track the ownership of the "encrypted cat". An "encrypted cat" once sold a high price of about 800,000 yuan, showing the huge potential of blockchain games.

Last year, another blockchain card game, Gods Unchained, also achieved good results. In the half-month time, it took more than 9 million RMB, and more local players spent 95 ETH to buy 100 of the highest-level shines. Legendary card pack. Gods Unchained is favored by users. In addition to the exquisite design, it is more important that users value the cards in their hands.

Nowadays, there is a blockchain game PetCraft, which is the main part of the city station, which is born and slowly enters everyone's field of vision.

This is a game-rich blockchain game that offers players a diverse gaming experience. It not only provides traditional pet trading services, but also includes a variety of ways to develop, upgrade, and breed. In addition to this, there are more high-level games such as the attacking and defending city.

Interestingly, the PetCraft game also designed the FMO 3D-like national wishing pool game , which provides the gamers with the blockchain mainstream player gameplay.

The game is played by many people. PetCraft's blockchain game can bring you the entertainment experience of traditional games. It can also create a common culture of the community through the game. It also allows everyone to play around the blockchain. A deeper understanding and understanding. This is what blockchain technology really should do. It is a carrier, not an end.

The development of the blockchain should not stop at only those technical terms that are difficult to understand and the technical difficulties of complex and difficult. The future blockchain is not only a professional high-precision talent, but also a general public. It should be true. Grounding gas, popular.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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