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Investigation | After the ban is lifted, Indian investors are more positive about cryptocurrencies

A recent Paxful survey shows that the Indian cryptocurrency market is showing a growing trend before and after the lifting of the ban by the Bank of India. According to a survey released on April 2 by the peer-to-peer bitcoin (BTC) trading market Paxful, cryptocurrency adoption is becoming more and more active in India. Paxful's […]

Sex crime in room N opens "digital new normal"

Room N incident has been the core focus of Korean society for several days. In this incident, a new type of criminal profit tool appeared, that is, cryptocurrency. In the past, most of these crimes used impersonal passbooks for transactions, but this crime happened entirely in the online world, and the use of cryptocurrencies that […]

Perspective | Hong Kong keeps the currency and chain chains from decoupling, but working together

Source of this article: Sina Finance , original title "Shu Shi: Some Thoughts on China's Development of Digital Currency and Blockchain" Author: Shu when (Hong Kong financial market experts, "dominating the global hedge fund managers to invest the China Road" author) Blockchain and digital currency were originally two grasshoppers on a rope, but now they […]

Interview with Mu Changchun of the Digital Research Institute of the Central Bank: Where did the first financial blockchain standard come from?

Source of this article: Surging News Author: surging News intern reporter Ye Ying Zheng Ge charge At the end of February, the People's Bank of China issued the Technical Specification for Financial Distributed Ledgers (hereinafter referred to as the "Safety Specification"), which was formally implemented from February 5th, which is China's first financial blockchain standard […]

Korean Special Financial Law and Market Analysis: Only Predators Can Survive? What is the fate of the exchanges?

Click to review the previous article: South Korea's Special Financial Law and Market Analysis: 4 Years of Negative Regulatory Action After the South Korean Parliament held a formal meeting on March 5 to vote on the amendments to the "Related Laws on the Reporting and Use of Certain Financial Transaction Information" (hereinafter referred to as […]

Why India's lifting of crypto ban is the biggest positive factor in 2020

Source / LongHash Last week, India's Supreme Court officially lifted a comprehensive ban imposed by the country's central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in April 2018, and allowed it to be carried out in India for the first time in practical terms in almost two years. Crypto transactions. From the relatively stable price […]

Blockchain Weekly Report | Bitcoin drops near mining unit prices again; 13 listed companies disclose blockchain business

Abstract: Bitcoin plummets again near the prices of various mining machines; South Korea acknowledges the legal status of cryptocurrencies; India ’s Supreme Court lifts the cryptocurrency ban; China ’s first undergraduate “blockchain engineering” major is approved; Xiaomi is established to include blockchain services Industry and financial big data companies; 13 listed companies disclose blockchain-related businesses […]

Post-Supreme Court case: "Historic Day" for Indian cryptocurrency

India's Supreme Court ruled on the Bank of India's cryptocurrency banking ban, and an Indian industry analyst provided Cointelegraph with comments on the case. By Marie Huillet Compilation: Lennon Editor: Alex On March 4, the Supreme Court of India ruled on a landmark cryptocurrency case in the country. A court of three judges ruled that […]

Blockchain testing water judicial process, supervision technology needs to be improved

Source: China Business News Recently, the exploration of regulatory technology has been frequently mentioned. On February 14, 2020, the "Opinions on Further Accelerating the Construction of the Shanghai International Financial Center and Financial Support for the Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") was officially released. It mentioned in particular […]

New Jersey introduces bill to regulate cryptocurrency at state level

The New Jersey State Assembly is currently considering reviewing a new bill requiring cryptocurrency companies to apply for appropriate operating permits. Congresswoman Ivan Lopez submitted the Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology Bill on February 20. This legislation will place new requirements on the virtual currency business and by requiring cryptocurrency companies to disclose their legally […]