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Compared with the original chain of the original chain in 2020, MOV, more than the original, Bystack, more than the original

In 2019, this is the second year of trouble-free operation of the original chain. This year, Biaoyuan brought many surprises. For example, the Bystack Baas platform of a multi-lateral institution is launched, which provides developers with a one-stop solution for blockchain capabilities. For example, the Bystack sidechain Vapor is online, with a performance limit of […]

Hangzhou launched “government service chain” “One main multi-side” technical structure to meet government needs

Source: Firebird Finance, the original title "Firebird Quick Visit|Hangzhou City "Government Service Chain" Trusted Application Scenario" Author: R-Lin On the evening of November 20th, the Hangzhou Municipal Data Resources Administration announced the first system of the chain of government affairs in Hangzhou, the “government service chain”. It is understood that the blockchain system is operated […]

Wuzhen gathers more than the original special event, and talks about the blockchain ecology and application.

On November 8-9, the high-profile world blockchain conference will be held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. The "Keep MOVing" special event will be held in the rain reading hall of Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of the 8th. The reason for this name is because it has just released a white paper […]

Vernacular than the original chain cross-chain technology

With the introduction of Bystack's main sidechain architecture, the cross-chain problem between the main sidechains has become a major engineering challenge for the original chain team. Currently, there are two cross-chain mechanisms that are different than the original chain. The focus, perhaps because of its own cross-chain technology is relatively embarrassing, this article wants to […]

Getting started with blockchain | What are the stable currencies USDT and Libra? what's the effect?

Many people have clearly seen that blockchain technology will enter the mainstream market. Blockchain assets and cryptocurrencies may subvert many industries, but there are still some factors that hinder mainstream adoption, such as the following factors: 1. Volatility: highly speculative markets and extreme price changes; 2. Regulatory: including grey areas and uncertainties in unreported government […]

Jailbreak, low profits, risk-free arbitrage in the currency circle is a dream or a bubble?

The second-hand trafficker, the Beijing dialect is commonly known as "the old man." The substance of its work refers to buying a certain commodity on the production or supplier side, and then selling it, but in fact it is an intermediary. Essentially, it uses information asymmetry to make a profit. The difference is that most […]

Research Report | There are more newcomers in the stable currency market, and the “institutional giants” are rushing to the beach.

Foreword In view of the recent Libra white paper published by Facebook and the announcement of the “Star” program to push the stable currency to the headlines and investment, the whole article will start with the development history of stable currency, and by reviewing the concept and value of stable currency, The history of stable […]

Economic Daily: Blockchain expands the real economy application scenario

In the field of electronic data deposit, supply chain finance, etc. Blockchain expands the real economy application scenario Since the first time in August last year, the blockchain electronic invoices have been opened in Shenzhen. So far, more than 6 million copies have been issued, amounting to 4 billion yuan, and the number of access […]

From the Internet yesterday, look at the blockchain tomorrow

First, yesterday's Internet I once watched a video. More than 20 years ago, when Ma was still doing the Chinese Yellow Pages, he went to the door to sell. Others asked him: "You said so much about the Internet, then what exactly does the information Internet do?" I remember that Ma Yun’s answer at the […]

Deconstructing Chinese Digital Currency in the Patent Library: How to Solve Policy Transmission and Liquidity Traps

In terms of payment of digital currency, the Central Bank Printing Science and Technology Research Institute proposed to provide digital currency chip cards based on visual digital currency chip cards for digital currency payments. The framework of China's central bank digital currency (DC/EP) research and development has gradually emerged. On August 10, Mu Changchun, deputy […]