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Talking about the application scenario practice of blockchain-copyright protection and transaction

1 introduction Blockchain is one of the hottest words in 2019, especially when General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech during the collective study of the Central Political Bureau emphasized: "Take blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies, increase investment Efforts to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. "Since then, […]

Guangming Daily Review: New technologies such as blockchain build a "firewall" for copyright protection

Knowledge payment continues to be at the forefront. Some consulting agencies expect that by 2020, the domestic knowledge payment market will reach 23.5 billion yuan. But this good business is not very good. Almost in synchrony with the start time of this business, the “black cloud” of infringement has been on the top of the […]

Chinese Culture News: The “Testing Water” Blockchain in the Copyright Industry

Article source: Chinese Culture News original title: "Copyright industry "test water" blockchain" On March 30 this year, the National Internet Information Office officially released the first batch of 197 blockchain information service filing numbers in China, covering the areas of copyright management, traceability, judicial notarization, and supply chain finance. The new vents are opening, and […]

The Xinhuanet copyright chain is coming. Can it protect copyright from "visual China"?

"The piracy has been banned from the Song people." Copyright protection in China began in the Song Dynasty. Until today, copyright infringement, infringement complaints, and copyright internationalization are still serious concerns of the public. With the traceability of the blockchain gradually being accepted by the public, blockchain + video traceability, blockchain + copyright protection, blockchain […]

Getting Started with Blockchain | Vision China “shows big things”, can the blockchain completely solve copyright problems?

Last week, when the world was photographed by the humans who photographed the first black hole in history, an Internet company "Visual China" with "visual content" as its core was involved in a "black hole" because of the copyright issue of this photo. ". On the afternoon of April 11, the Communist Youth League issued […]