The Xinhuanet copyright chain is coming. Can it protect copyright from "visual China"?

"The piracy has been banned from the Song people."

Copyright protection in China began in the Song Dynasty. Until today, copyright infringement, infringement complaints, and copyright internationalization are still serious concerns of the public.

With the traceability of the blockchain gradually being accepted by the public, blockchain + video traceability, blockchain + copyright protection, blockchain + law and many other attempts are telling us that in addition to digital currency, blockchain can Achieve more applications.

Share Finance was informed that today, Xinhuanet's copyright chain promotion plan was released at the 2nd Digital China Construction Summit.

It is reported that the program aims to "protect the value of copyright links" and aims to promote the open cooperation of various content organizations, relying on the copyright blockchain service platform, legally and efficiently carry out copyright protection, reshape the copyright value chain, and jointly build prosperous and clear digital content. Ecology.

More problems in the field of online copyright

The copyright issue in China has always been very prominent.

With the rapid growth of China's digital copyright market in recent years, the problem of the right to copyright in the copyright field, the difficulty of using rights, and the difficulty of safeguarding rights have become more prominent.

According to data from the China Copyright Association, in 2017, only the online video industry, users who did not pay for genuine video services due to watching pirated videos, brought a total loss of 13.64 billion yuan to the entire industry.

In February this year, the "2018 Annual Content Industry Copyright Report" jointly issued by the rights defenders, whale copyright and intellectual property rights showed that the authors who were infringed in 2018 accounted for 41% of all authors. At the content level, the average amount of infringement of each content is 7 times.

On April 26 this year, at the 2019 China Network Copyright Protection and Development Conference, China Information and Communication Research Institute released the "2018 China Online Copyright Protection Annual Report".

The report shows that the copyright order in the short video and network reprinting areas has been significantly improved in 2018, but the infringement cases of photo works have exploded, and the public plagiarism and illegal reprinting are serious.

In addition, in 2018, the number of infringement cases of picture works exploded, the plagiarism and illegal reprinting of the public were serious, and the concentration of cases was very obvious. In criminal cases, the game works are still “hardest hit”.

In recent years, with the rise of the media, the issue of picture copyright has also become a pain. On April 10 this year, a black hole photo made "Visual China" use the infringement lawsuit to make a price hike.

If the blockchain technology is used, it can be fixed, traceable, non-tamperable, decentralized, etc. Can the copyright issue be completely solved?

Blockchain traceability advantage

Traceability anti-counterfeiting is considered to be one of the most promising areas of blockchain landing, and it is also the first area where giants compete for blockchain technology.

So, what are the advantages of blockchain traceability compared to traditional traceability? What is the pain point in the traceability business?

Simply put, the blockchain traceability means that the records added to the blockchain are permanently stored. The trader information is bound to each transaction record in the blockchain, and is completely recorded and traced. Destroy or tamper with.

Blockchain data security encrypts data based on asymmetric cryptography. At the same time, the powerful computing power formed by the consensus algorithm such as the workload of each node of the distributed system is used to defend against external attacks.

If you want to be able to modify the blockchain data, it means that you need to have 51% full-node computing power, which undoubtedly ensures that the blockchain data can not be falsified and unforgeable, so it has high security.

Obviously, the advantages of blockchain traceability are obvious compared to traditional traceability.

System security is greatly improved –

Data traces in traditional traceability are usually completed by a central organization. Once the data records of the central organization are destroyed, it is equivalent to completely “destroying the dead and nowhere to trace”. In the blockchain, each node has an identical data record backup, and a single node has a problem that does not affect the entire system and data records.

Data records are difficult to tamper with –

In traditional tracing, many organizations modify data records as if they were regular. However, in the blockchain system, all nodes have the same data record. It is meaningless to modify the data record of the own node. Unless it can control more than 51% of the nodes in the system, the system will refer to the records of the majority to determine what is true. result.

Data transparency is high and easier to trace –

In the blockchain system, all nodes participate in data logging, and the data records are transparent to all nodes. Data blocks connected in timestamps are easier to trace than traditional traceability.

Therefore, at some levels, the traceability of blockchain technology can indeed make up for the traditional source of shirking responsibility, falsification of books, accountability, private drilling and information loss.

The future of "blockchain + copyright"

It can be seen that as the most promising application of blockchain technology, there have been many successful cases in traceability and confirmation.

On September 18 last year, with the help of Ant Financial Services, the Hangzhou Internet Court officially became the world's first court for home blockchain trials.

The prosecutor can submit electronic evidence such as contracts, rights protection procedures, service process details, etc. through the online appeal entry, and the notary public, the judicial appraisal center, the CA/RA institution, the court, the ant fund service and other chain nodes to witness and jointly endorse. To provide a one-stop service for the prosecutor.

Blockchain technology not only guarantees “trustworthiness” but also significantly reduces the cost of legal rights protection.

Legal disputes such as the unauthorized use of original works and the arrears of pay for part-time work, because the amount of the target is not large, the cost of collecting evidence and the validity of the evidence is very high, is called the "most inferable lawsuit." After the court used the blockchain technology to judge the case, the above situation is expected to be fundamentally reversed.

At present, some applications of blockchain technology in the judicial field have been recognized by the regulatory authorities. On September 7, 2018, the Supreme People's Court issued the "Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning Internet Court Trial Cases", which clarified the electronic evidence based on the blockchain technology deposit. "If it can prove its authenticity, the Internet court should confirm ".

When talking about the issue of protecting intellectual property rights, people from all walks of life have a positive attitude towards the role of the blockchain.

In 2018, Xiong Xiaoge, Chairman of DG Capital Global, said at the China Online Copyright Protection Conference: The best "weapon" to protect intellectual property rights is blockchain technology.

Yu Jianing, the president of the University of Fire Co., also pointed out that blockchain technology is a technology that is naturally needed for copyright protection.

“Blockchain technology and intellectual property protection in the Internet environment are currently important issues.” Han Xiucheng, director of the Intellectual Property Development Research Center of the State Intellectual Property Office, emphasized at the Tsinghua University Blockchain and Copyright Protection Forum at the end of 2018.

And for the application of copyright protection using blockchain, more and more head companies have joined.

In March 2018, Ali Music entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Merlin (Independent Music Digital Rights Agency). Ali Music publicly announced that it hopes to provide comprehensive protection for the legitimate rights and interests of independent music companies, musicians and musical works through AI and blockchain technology.

In September 2018, Baidu Blockchain Lab released "Baidu Blockchain White Paper V1.0", saying that Baidu combines the advantages of superchain technology with AI and big data, and successively launched totems, encyclopedias, and Baidu. Wait for six applications.

In the field of content copyright, Baidu launched the original photo service platform totem based on the credibility and anti-tamper modification of the blockchain. The totem combined with Baidu's artificial intelligence mapping technology to make the transmission of the work traceable, reprintable, monitorable, and change the tradition. Image copyright protection mode.

At the China Copyright Service Annual Meeting on March 28 this year, the China Copyright Protection Center of the DCI System Forum, in conjunction with Sina Weibo, Thunder, Jingdong and other domestic heavyweight Internet platforms, released the China Digital Copyright Unique Logo (DCI). Standard chain of links, using blockchain technology to complete copyright protection.

In the DCI standard alliance chain system, copyright authentication information will be stored on the entire network node of the alliance chain. With the help of blockchain technology, copyright information registration is further authoritized, and the subsequent consumption of copyright works has become well documented.

Regarding the Xinhuanet copyright chain promotion plan launched today, Chen Hua, general manager of the Xinhuanet Mobile Value-added and Informatization Division, said.

Xinhuanet's copyright chain platform has four major advantages: professional review and quick confirmation, network-wide monitoring and traceability, automatic forensic legal rights protection, and convenient authorization on-demand transactions. It can realize the identification of rights, traceability monitoring, forensic rights protection, and authorized transactions. The function will effectively promote the protection and value distribution of intellectual property such as news works and digital content products, painting and calligraphy art, corporate commercial brands, and digital cultural blockchain map applications.

At present, although China's copyright protection has made significant progress, there are still many problems and challenges. For example, the current copyright legal system cannot adapt to the new needs of industrial development. The “decentralization” of infringement and piracy increases the difficulty of copyright protection, and the content industry “reproduces”. Lightweight “innovation is not enough, and copyright international response faces more challenges.

Therefore, it is particularly important to innovate the copyright governance model, promote the sharing of copyright information, and promote the transparency of the trading platform, which is the development of the blockchain + copyright.

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