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Technical Guide | Teach you how to build a commercial DAO without a bank

Original title: How to create a bankless DAO Translation: Frau Yang Emma Proofreading: Samuel Translation agency: DAOSquare Learn how to use OpenLaw to encapsulate classes, and use MolochDAO to create a bank-free organization Dear crypto natives, Organization is a collection of contracts . Modern organizations such as companies and non-profit organizations are all established in […]

Overseas epidemic situation is still spreading. Will decentralized organizations rise?

The epidemic in 2020 killed many companies. The tourism industry of the catering industry is seriously damaged, and it is still difficult to recover to this day. At present, the overseas epidemic is still spreading, in line with the general trend, many companies have started to work online, and the stock price of the video […]

Learn the Methodology of DAO Movement from the Swedish Pirate Party

What would it be like if DAO did business for companies like the Pirate Party did for Swedish citizens? Original title: How to buidl a movement What the Swedish Pirate Party teaches us about scaling DAOs Author: Seth Goldfarb Translator: Emma, ​​Frau Yang, Shirley Proofreading: Yefan Huang Coordination: Samuel Translation agency: DAOSquare "In 2006, about […]

Let's talk about DAO from a human perspective

Introduction: The technology of DAO is becoming more and more perfect, but there are still many social obstacles when using DAO to do things. This article explores what improvements DAO needs to make in terms of humanity. —- Yefan Huang Original title: The Human Side of DAOs Author: Ivan Thinking Translation: Yefan Huang Tip for […]

You "don't need" DAO: What is the necessity of DAO?

This article can fully prove that DAOSquare is not a one-sided Amway DAO! We hope that more different voices will appear in front of everyone, which is a positive factor in promoting DAO in itself. An important point the author wishes to remind everyone is, what is the necessity of DAO for you? This is […]

If DAO wants to continue to make progress, what changes do DAO need to make in terms of human nature?

Original title: The Human Side of DAOs Author: Ivan Thinking Translation: Yefan Huang Tip for readers: I know the Alchemy platform, especially GenesisDAO. Although there are slight differences between different DAO platforms, most of the content below is not related to the technical characteristics of DAO and is applicable to all. In the past few […]

Talking about DAO Governance: "Man Rule" + "Autonomy" —— Evolving Way of DAO Governance

"Man Rule" + "Autonomy": Evolving Ways of DAO Governance The minimum feasible DAO for a single target has been proven and it can be successful, such as MolochDAO. But we know that human collaboration often exceeds the smallest feasible unit, and even requires large-scale collaboration. If we want to apply DAO to more scenarios, then […]

How should the Blockchain Foundation and DAO be designed? Learn from Centennial Experience of the American Foundation

Written by: Li Hua Source: Chain News Original work: The Responsibility of Wealth and the Evolution of Capitalism by Zi Zhongyu There are many public goods in our lives, such as parks, such as roads. They have two basic characteristics: one is non-competitive, which means that when one person consumes the item, it will not […]

Crypto industry talent demand grows 26%, let's see what new positions are available?

The market continues to fluctuate, but the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are beginning to emerge with many jobs. Let's take a look at the hottest new positions now. Highlights of this article Despite the ups and downs in the crypto market, the demand for skilled workers in the industry increased by 26% year-on-year In the […]

Organizational form from the future: DAO

What is DAO DAO, Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Chinese is a decentralized autonomous organization . Here is the definition from Wikipedia: A decentralized autonomous organization is an organization that is completely controlled by the participants and is not affected by any centralized subject. Make decisions using procedures written in open and transparent code. The financial transaction […]