New play ILO, fancy airdrops in the currency circle?

The chicken feathers of the OK building cloud completely started the IEO horn.

Although there are still many exchanges in each channel with their own IEO slogans, but it is undeniable that the crazy wave of IEO has begun to appear.

In the wake of the decline of IEO, the reporter found that a new currency model called ILO is gradually emerging.

ILO mode


People in the currency circle seem to have a soft spot for I*O's abbreviation code, and this is mainly due to the people's desire for I*O, Offerings.

It should be known that both the first rise of ICO and the subsequent emergence of IMO, IFO, IEO, etc. are all people's explorations of digital currency issuance methods or financing methods.

After this one-by-one exploration mode has changed, it has been hot and cool, recently, a distribution model called ILO has appeared in the currency circle.

However, the reporter found that although the release model is called ILO, unlike the previous I*O model, ILO does not have financing attributes, but is more like the airdrop mode played before the currency circle.

According to the reporter's understanding, the ILO model is a new currency model introduced by the Bit Times Overseas Station A Network (AEX). Its full name is Inital Lock Offerings, the first lockout issue.

That is, the user obtains the project party token issued on the trading platform by holding and locking the trading platform, and at the same time obtains the interest generated when the lock platform is cleared.

In short, as long as you hold the platform currency of the trading platform and lock the position, you can get the Token of the new currency after a period of time. In addition to this, you can also earn interest. Of course, the longer the lockout time, the more Token and interest you get.

It can be seen that, unlike IEO's quick hand and spelling, ILO does not need to snap up and participate. But to say the biggest difference, it is still at the financing level.

As we all know, whether it is the IEO of the previous period of fire or the previous I*O mode, it is actually a variant of ICO. The follow-up process is nothing more than the two major processes of financing issuance and online trading.

In contrast to ILO, as long as you lock the platform currency, you can get the new currency token. During this period, there was no “financing” level at all.

This also means that ILO is not like the I*O mode at all, but it is more like the airdrop mode played before the currency circle. And what kind of situation will this new model bring?

Difficult to cook

The coin-issuing mode of the "paying money" link has been canceled, and it seems that it is somewhat approachable.

First of all, from the idea of ​​using the airdrop mode to issue coins, this will undoubtedly greatly reduce the user's investment risk. For the exchange, the purpose is to absorb traffic and promote the rise of platform coins. However, for the project side of the currency, the conditions for the accumulation of the original capital are no longer available, but more is to promote it.

In this way, ILO is a three-way win-win situation.

But is this really the case?

As we all know, the price of the new currency is initially generated in the private equity, and then open to crowdfunding, and finally on the exchange.

In the case of the IEO of the currency, when the BTT was launched, the currency was opened at $0.00012, and the number of crowdfunding was less than one tenth of the circulation.

And open BNB and TRX wave field, users can use BNB and TRX to convert BTT, of which BNB crowdfunding totals 23.76 billion BTT, TRX crowdfunding totals 35.64 billion BTT.

The first problem that AEX Exchange intends to launch is the PLD pricing problem. At present, according to the information disclosed on its official website, if the project is first issued in the ILO mode, then it will not involve fundraising, that is, there will be no pricing basis. This is the first issue facing the ILO project.

Secondly, even if the ILO is successfully issued and comes with a price, the ILO that has lost the “enrichment effect” is difficult to win the favor of users.

According to AEX's official website announcement, the rules for the division of the new currency are: the user's base coefficient / the total coefficient of participation in the ILO user * the total number of PLDs divided this time = the number of PLDs the user obtained.

Among them, the user lock coefficient = the number of locks * lock period; the total coefficient is the sum of the lock factors of all participating users of the current project.

This means that once the number of participating users is large and the total locking factor is large, the number of Tokens that individual users can divide is extremely limited.

Not only that, from the ALO designated ALO project, in addition to PLD can not be priced, the other three currencies are old coins.

After estimating its value, the reporter found that the current price of ENU is 0.086RMB, the credit amount is 1 million, the total value is 86,000RMB; the SAFE price is about 13.5RMB, the gift quota is 50,000, the total value is 675000RMB; ZCC current market price is about 0.028RMB, The credit is 5000000 and the total value is 140,000RMB.

In this way, the new coins are not mentioned. The three kinds of old coins are the total amount of users. The total amount of users can be less than 1 million RMB. For many users involved, their profits are nothing short of a drop in the bucket.

Previously, in response to the ILO model, some people in the industry said that “ILO is unlikely to succeed, at least it can't detonate the currency circle. The reason why leek is a leek is that it likes to gamble and does not like real investment. Everyone is blindly pursuing high. For the income products, IEO is a good way for them to get rich quickly. After all, if you are lucky, you will get rich."

In addition, because there is no financing link, even if the exchange opens the trading pair of platform currency and Singapore dollar, the funds it transfers are also platform currency funds, which will also cause the diversion of platform currency funds. Not only that, but the dealer also lost the pull condition and did not pull the power.

Therefore, from the long-term results, the rising platform currency caused by the lockout may eventually return the price or even fall. Users who participate in it but are tasteless will no longer have the desire to enter. Project parties that do not have capital accumulation may also sell cash back after Token has value.

It is true that the emergence of the ILO model is more fair and reasonable than IEO. The currency without the financing model may also greatly reduce the speculative nature of the encryption market. However, in the case that the currency price has not been supported by specific values, how many people in the current currency circle can abandon the psychology of wealth and dare to continue fighting for their own assets?

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