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ABC starts testing central bank digital currency, DCEP officially enters countdown

Author: 0x29 Source: Block Beats This should be the first big news for the blockchain industry since the crash of Bitcoin in 2020. On the evening of April 14, two screenshots circulating in the community showed that the Agricultural Bank of China is conducting internal tests on the central bank's digital currency DCEP wallet. This […]

The secret hidden in the characteristics of currency circulation, how does DCEP elegantly solve the "double-flower problem"

As we have talked about in the previous article, the account system can perfectly solve the problem of double spending caused by data as currency, but due to this account mechanism, the circulation of currency will lose the parallel characteristics, and it is difficult to be in an independent system To accommodate a large number […]

RMB overseas mobile payment growth, talk about the way DCEP solves the "double spend problem" of transactions

Last week, the People ’s Bank of China released detailed information about payment processing. The data shows a substantial increase in mobile payments, in which the number of transactions increased by 68% and the amount of RMB increased by 25.13%. The data also shows that in cross-border transactions, the amount of RMB payments is 34 […]

How is the central bank preparing for digital currency? Cooperation Agency Action

Article | Li Zheong Edit | Tong Source | PANews As last Friday (April 3), the central bank held a meeting to mention the strengthening of top-level design again, and unswervingly promote the research and development of legal digital currency. After the holiday opened today (April 7), the digital currency sector opened multiple shares across […]

How is the dispute between "digital dollars" and "digital renminbi" staged?

Since the Democratic Party of the United States recently mentioned the introduction of the digital wallet system maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank in the economic stimulus bill, the news was regarded as important by cryptocurrency supporters. With the short-term rise in bitcoin prices driven by good news, people have also begun to use their […]

Take a look at the different perspectives of countries on digital currencies

Looking back on 2019, the proposal of "Libra" has made countries around the world begin to attach more importance to digital currencies than ever before. From first-rate powers to developing countries, there is no shortage of opportunities to put digital currency or even central bank digital currency research on the agenda. Although it is also […]

Dialogue with Zhu Ning: Digital currency is an inevitable trend

On January 24, local time in Davos, Sina Finance and Economics spoke at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in 2020 with Zhu Ning, deputy dean and professor of finance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. Speaking of digital currencies, Zhu Ning believes that digital currencies are the future […]

Dialogue with Mikko: The essence of Libra and DCEP in the eyes of currency scholars

In 2019, Libra and DCEP are undoubtedly the most influential events in the industry. From the niche blockchain financial innovation to the financial game of big powers at the macro level, many people should have experienced the sense of confusion surrounded by the tide of the times. So how do you find your way in […]

The central bank's digital currency DCEP is about to be piloted. What can it bring us?

Recently, the People's Bank of China held a 2020 working meeting, at which the central bank pointed out that in strengthening the development and application of fintech, it emphasized the need to continue to promote the development of digital currencies. The deputy governor of the central bank said a few days ago that the central […]

Review | Digital currency DCEP is about to test why central bank issues digital currency

Source: Sina Finance Author: drive and Lin (The author is executive president of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University) According to the news of the People ’s Bank of China ’s website on the 5th, the 2020 People ’s Bank of China ’s working conference was held in Beijing from January 2 to […]