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Babbitt's first digital asset security incident report

To launch a $1 billion encrypted hedge fund, Elwood Asset Managemen intends to

According to Cointelegraph, on August 30th, Elwood Asset Management, the British billionaire and asset management company Brevan Howard founder Alan Howard, is planning to Encrypted hedge funds invest $1 billion. Image source: visualhunt The Financial Times reported on August 30 that the asset management company is developing a platform to tailor the cryptocurrency portfolio to […]

Sideways shock, waiting for the market to choose direction again

Investment is an art of counter-humanity. This is almost the consensus of all investment masters. When we are young, we will more easily value certain dominant advantages, such as intelligence, such as eloquence, and then gradually give way to self-discipline, patience, and pragmatism. Because under the test of time, these "anti-humanity" characters are the weapon […]

The size of the crypto assets increased from 926 million to 2.7 billion, and the rate of return exceeded 100%. The grayscale report indicates that the funds are in large quantities.

In its second quarterly report, Grayscale Investments said its managed cryptocurrency assets (AUM) tripled from $926 million to $2.7 billion. Grayscale products such as Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund reported returns of 178.8% and 147.6%, respectively. The company pointed out that due to the "inventory loan" (stock exchange) idea, since the […]

Want to get the blockchain out of the chain of time? A brief history of the time to read the blockchain together

The significance of time for distributed ledger technology is self-evident. Any book needs to be "ordered". In a clock system with separate time and state, time and state are not coupled, and the timestamp of the chain transaction will be Being coded, transactions flow through the network like water. Solana separates the hash-based timeline from […]

Technical Guide | Teach you to discuss Wasm contract development: (C++)

Ontology Wasm has received a lot of attention from community developers since its launch . The launch of Wasm will reduce the cost of dApp contracting for complex business logic and greatly enrich the dApp ecosystem. When developing Wasm contracts, developers can use not only Rust, but also C++ as a contract development language. In […]

QKL123 market analysis | Market rebound is weak, hope that "Golden September and Silver 10" (0830)

Abstract: Today's market rebound is weak, but Bitcoin has not fallen below the previous low, and the stability may still exist. There are likely good news in the next two months. Looking forward to the "Golden September and Silver 10" of encrypted assets, the good timing of the mid-line may also appear in the near […]

Japanese financial giant SBI Cheng Ruibo publicity ambassador? Plan to send XRP to shareholders

SBI Holdings, a unit of Japanese financial giant SBI Group, announced today that it will distribute dividends to shareholders in the form of Ripple (XRP), which will undoubtedly make XRP fans cheer. Morningstar, a joint venture of SBI, revealed in a press release on Wednesday morning that the company will issue 30 XRPs to shareholders […]

Bitcoin handling fees have fallen by 88% compared to December 2017. Is the expansion rate significant or the transaction less?

In December 2017, bitcoin costs were almost always above $10, sometimes even close to $30. Today our bitcoin price is almost the same, but the handling fee has dropped a lot, in most cases less than one dollar. But is bitcoin really effective, or is it just a reduction in online transactions? Image source: The […]

Polkadot reveals the truth, Gavin Wood explains Kusama experimental network

The well-conceived cross-chain project Polkadot is now entering the sprint before the main online line, and its development team recently launched a Kusama experimental network that allows developers to build and deploy parallel chains in real-world environments or try Polkadot's governance, staking , nomination and verification capabilities. So, what is this Kusama network like? 1. […]