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European Commission issues tenders calling for "blockchain + defense" solution involving a budget of 254 million yuan

Source: Cointelegraph Chinese , original title "European Commission calls on blockchain to develop defense-focused solutions" Author: MARIE HUILLET On March 24, the European Commission issued a tender for the European Defense Industry Development Plan, calling on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to propose fast, cost-effective solutions, focusing on new approaches to technologies or concepts that […]

France proposes EU to make blockchain a priority development, urging it to remove legal obstacles

In a report, the French securities regulator Financial Markets Authority (AMF) identified some obstacles to the development of blockchain and stated that they are strategic priorities that need to be eliminated. Image source: pixabay They asked the European Commission to formulate a digital strategy for European financial services and recommended that the EU "allow the […]

ECB President makes clear statement on stablecoin: EU should lead the world in stablecoin projects

According to foreign media reports on December 16, European Central Bank (ECB) President Christina Lagarde issued a clear statement on the agency's views on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. (Image source: wikimedia ) The European Central Bank manages the financial and economic interests of 19 EU countries (using the "Euro"). At a recent press conference on monetary […]

The EU publishes a draft document recommending consideration of European digital currencies

Author: Xiran Ding Source: than push Editor's Note: The original title is "The European Union proposes to consider the draft of the European digital currency" A draft document issued by the European Union suggests that the EU consider issuing its own digital currency. Reuters reported on November 5 that a draft EU document said […]