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On March 10th, NEOGameCon 2019, a blockchain game conference hosted by NEO, was completed in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. A number of blockchain games based on NEO, CryptoFast and NEOLAND, were unveiled at the conference. The brand NEO.Game appearing again.

NEO's holder "Taidou" (net name) is very excited, "the 'domestic first public chain' is finally non-exclusive, and it is necessary to play the game."

Since its birth five years ago, NEO has been loyal to the goal of “asset digitization” with blockchain, but this ideal has been weak due to multiple reasons such as slow industry development, immature infrastructure, and regulatory constraints. Founder Da Hongfei once described this situation. "NEO's vision is smart economy, but the world is still an industrial economy."

The future of the smart economy is still far away, and NEO has decided to take the game ecology first.

When Ethereum, EOS, and TRON competed in the public chain market, the implicit NEO always gave people a feeling of "slow motion".

This time, the launch of the NEO.Game brand also made NEO's diehard powder see its determination. Wang Jiachao, head of NEO.Game, said at the event in Japan that in the first half of 2019, at least 10 blockchain games deployed on NEO will be released.

In fact, as early as May last year, NEO extended its business to the game field, recruiting developers, hosting competitions, developing games, and making great preparations for building a game development platform. However, the current game DApp based on NEO is far behind the three chains of Ethereum, EOS and TRON.

NEO "Teacher" game category

NEO, which has been in the country for a long time, once again enters the public view, discussing it is no longer the old topic of intelligent economy, digital identity, decentralization, but another popular track in the blockchain application – the game.

On March 10th, NEO held the "NEOGameCon 2019" blockchain game conference in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. At the event, NEO founders Da Hongfei and Zhang Yuwen were all present, and Netease games, Sina games, RealWorld and other traditional game companies attended the event. The blockchain games based on NEO, CryptoFast and NEOLAND, also appeared at the conference.

NEO's action on the game began as early as May last year. At the time, this public-chain project with a vision of smart economy began to recruit developers in the market to prepare for the game development contest.

Last May, NEO began to pay attention to the game market.

In the original competition, the “NEO.Game” project was launched to launch the incentive plan, and the total amount of GAS coins worth 3.5 million yuan was used. Participants used the NEO chain to develop blockchain games. “NEO.Game” was also mentioned in Dahongfei as a brand many times in public.

Today, the brand's first major event is being held in Japan, and it also highlights NEO's determination to “get out of the game”.

NEG.Game leader Wang Jiachao expressed NEO.Game's next goal at the conference. In the first half of 2019, NEO.Game will release at least 10 blockchain games deployed on NEO. "In the future, we will move towards NEO." Become the most popular blockchain game solution platform."

In 2014, at the beginning of the project, NEO's goal was to digitize assets through blockchain technology and digital identity, and use smart contracts to automate the management of digital assets. Da Hongfei also said that NEO's vision is "smart economy."

In the past five years, the intelligent economy of blockchain has not been able to go faster and further under the constraints of talent shortage, slow technology development and regulatory constraints. In the first half of last year, the rise of the public chain with the intelligent contract function represented by EOS, TRON, etc., the birth of various public chains, the market was so busy, and successfully grabbed the limelight of the early public chains such as Ethereum and NEO. .

At the same time, NEO, which once had the head of “domestic first public chain” and “domestic Ethereum”, is in a state of slow development, giving people the feeling of “getting up early, not catching up with the evening episode”. The Tao is also reasonable.

Public chain competition behind game layout

When looking for new applications, NEO is not surprised by the game. As early as last August, Dahongfei revealed the idea that NEO will lay out the game industry when interviewed by Honeycomb.

He said that NEO's ultimate goal is to become an open network that serves the smart economy. The realization path is still under discussion. "It may be possible to connect the real economy with the virtual economy first, or it may directly do the virtual economy, such as the landing of games. ""

The games that have matured on the Internet have natural “online” characteristics, and the virtual assets generated in the game scenes are gradually “value awakening”. The top player accounts of popular games and the props that users have spent on the Internet have also appeared on the Internet. The financial characteristics of the blockchain “value circulation” have become compatible with this, and they have become domestic game makers and blockchain entrepreneurs. The field of rushing to try.

NEO, which has a wealth of developer resources, can easily see this. The creation of the NEO.GAME brand has become a node for the game's layout.

In the past five years, NEO has targeted the “smart economy”, but its “thickness” at the level of capital, technology and developer has not brought “thin hair” in the current market environment.

At the beginning of its birth, NEO assembled the early evangelists of bitcoin and blockchain. The well-known early summer tigers (Gu Ying), Cancer (Liu Jialing), and Xu Yiji also made NEO projects that were also called Xiao ants. Over contributed. Including the team's core figures, Da Hongfei and Zhang Yuwen, they strive to make NEO an agreement to dock existing financial systems and integrate with the real economy.

Under the “blessings” of the renminbi, the development of NEO has been smooth and smooth, and it has gained a good reputation in the eyes of many early investors (crowdfunding groups). The market value of circulation reached 10 billion US dollars at the beginning of last year. , ranked in the top ten of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization.

The market value is ok, but NEO later appeared to be passive in the face of the blockchain 3.0 era of public chain competition, and there are many difficulties in asset digitization.

Oasis founder Steve once said that "the credibility of the data outside the chain and the security of the chain itself may be the main issues to consider." Assets are more constrained, and some physical assets may involve regulation. This has made NEO's initial intention difficult to achieve in the short term.

Da Hongfei does not deny the existence of this objective environment. "NEO hopes to integrate with the real economy, but as a technical tool, NEO has no ability to promote growth."

Without the advent of a new generation of public chains such as EOS and TRON, NEO may be allowed to move forward toward the goal. But if there is no change in the blockchain market, NEO has also encountered “Waterloo” in the secondary market.

Under the impact of the bear market in 2018, NEO's circulation market value shrank from a peak of 10 billion US dollars at the beginning of last year to 600 million US dollars today, a drop of more than 95%, and the market value ranking also fell from the top 10 to 18, adjacent to its investment entity (ONT).

Non-small display, NEO's circulation market value ranking has dropped to 18

During the period of decline in market value, the market has been questioning constantly, including the degree of decentralization and slow code update, and has been repeatedly questioned by investors.

“NEO's Commit is small because the team puts a lot of features together and only updates it once.” Da Hongfei once responded to Honeycomb Finance, saying that the NEO development model is different from others. NEO has many community projects and overseas developers. In Europe and North America, developers' Github code bases are independent, updates are in their own libraries, and are not merged under NEO.

Under the dual pressure of market and competition, NEO really needs to find a new focus.

NEO game application temporarily lost to the three major chains

At the blockchain game conference in Japan, Wang Jiachao will include “making NEO the most popular blockchain game solution platform” into the vision. After the launch of the NEO.Game brand, NEO games will be released at the end of March. Development guide.

In fact, NEO layout game industry is not too late. Last year, the project not only recruited developers to develop game solutions, but also established a NEO-based blockchain game community, and even released the first NEO-based research and development. The card game "Crazy Gladiator".

NEO's holder and loyal fan "Tai Dou" (net name) are very anxious. "It seems that they always like to be steady and stable, and they face market competition, which always seems sluggish."

From the visible statistics, NEO's DApp games are still far behind EOS, Wavefield and Ethereum in terms of quantity and daily life.

Dappreview shows that only one NEO-based game application currently has

According to Dappreview, there are about 70 DApp games based on EOS, about 50 game DApps based on wave field development, about 230 based on Ethereum, and only one game based on NEO. Of course, it is also possible that NEO is too "conservative" and has not done too much "management" on some game statistics.

When NEO laid out the game, it was the beginning of the competition pattern of the public chain. In June last year, the EOS main network was officially launched, becoming a landmark event in the era of the public chain 3.0. This generation of public chains focused on DApp development has high TPS and low development difficulty, attracting a large number of developers.

The “high-cold” NEO does not seem to care about the domestic momentum and is once again left out of the market. This time, starting from Japan, NEO's game layout movements were also exposed on many traditional Internet media. “There was a sound.” Fan “Taidou” sighed. “I hope I can hurry, then hurry.”

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