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To achieve a 10,000-fold expansion of Bitcoin, what is the new agreement Prism created by MIT and Stanford?

Note: This article is a record of Stanford Blockchain Week's speech. It is a speech by Lei Yang from MIT, entitled "Prism: 10,000 times the expansion of Bitcoin". Hello everyone. I am very happy to talk about our implementation and evaluation of the Prism consensus protocol, which is 10,000 times better than Bitcoin. This is […]

Technical Interpretation | On-chain Capacity Expansion Technology Guide (1): Data Layer and Network Layer

On-chain expansion (that is, one-layer expansion) is for the expansion of the blockchain protocol layer, which is to transform the underlying blockchain, including its data layer, network layer, consensus layer, and incentive layer, making the blockchain itself more Faster and larger capacity, to achieve the purpose of capacity expansion. This article will introduce the existing […]

Introduction: Different types and similarities of Rollup for blockchain expansion

Author: Ed Felten Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Editor's Note: Original title was "View | 170,000 Ethereum and 400,000 ENS Domain Names" Rollup is one of the hottest ideas in terms of smart contract scalability in recent years. This idea has been proposed for some time, but only recently […]

Explore: Blocking and expansion of blockchains

This article focuses on cross-slicing transactions, invalid transactions, and malicious behavior. It has been discussed before that the basic shard type is not a very practical sharding method because its shards cannot communicate with each other, which makes them the same as a single blockchain. Let us give an example of a simple payment. If […]

Interview with Babbitt | Chief Architect of bloXroute: How do we achieve 1000 times expansion of Bitcoin?

In the world of blockchains, there are two common ways to expand capacity: chain and chain expansion, also known as layer-1 and layer-2 expansion. The former modifies the blockchain protocol through hard forks to directly increase the block capacity. The latter is completely opposite. It does not affect the blockchain protocol. It is indirectly realized […]

How to expand without changing Bitcoin?

Argument: Point-to-point cryptocurrency is useful for online transactions: online transactions need to process millions of transactions per day Conclusion: To be successful, the cryptocurrency must be expanded. In the past decade, for industry forums and practitioners, expansion has always been an eternal theme. In this article, I will assume that the expansion plans that have […]