The witness said: I participated in the Wuzhen Conference last year, why did you want to come this year?

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said: People cannot step into the same river twice.

Different moods, different times, different people. Even in a familiar place, there will be different experiences.

On November 8-9, 2019, the second world blockchain conference hosted by Babbitt, Wuzhen, will be held.

After a year, the blockchain world has already changed a lot. Today, we interviewed a number of Babbitt friends who participated in the first Wuzhen Summit, this time and want to come back again, and booked tickets early, to see what they think.


▲ Wu Sijin gave a speech at the World Blockchain Conference in Wuyang, 2018

Wu Sijin, founder of Complex Beauty: Wuzhen Conference is an authoritative platform to show the world

Wu Sijin created complex beauty as early as 2016. In Wuzhen in 2018, Wu Sijin not only had a keynote speech, but also participated in the forum. He said that the Wuzhen Blockchain Conference is an authoritative platform to be displayed to the whole world. The speech of the Eighth Classics is a sign or a milestone for the brand.

“There will be a lot now, but Wuzhen’s iconic people will come more and more widely. Customers and opinions that are not normally accessible will be collected and should not be missed.”

BKEX (coin guest) founder Ji Jiaming: Wuzhen ancient and innovative feeling is unique

Ji Jiaming was the founder and CEO of the coin. When the first summit was held, the coin was just on the line. He was too busy, but he came to Wuzhen. “The architecture of Wuzhen is very old, but it has a strong sense of innovation. This feeling is unique in the world.”

“In Wuzhen last year, there were a lot of people. For the first time, there was a feeling that the blockchain became very formal. I also found that the people who want to understand the blockchain were so huge. This year is when the coin hits the surface, we want This activity will be an upgrade to the coin brand and must be attended."

WeChat picture_20191022180003

▲ Ji Jiaming (second from left) in the 2018 World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen Brand Pavilion

The evangelist Lu Bingquan: I want to take a look at Wuzhen with friends who cross the bulls and bears.

As a former Babbitt staff member, Lu Bingquan, who is known as Master Lu, participated in the investment and reception work of the first Wuzhen Summit. "It's too busy, I don't have a good look at Wuzhen."

This year, Lu Bingquan is looking forward to seeing old friends who have not seen for a long time, and really feel the Wuzhen Conference. In addition, Babbitt CEO Wang Lei said that he had prepared the wine this year because the staff did not have alcohol.

Wang Lixin, founder of carbon chain value: I hope the conference will continue

Wang Lixin is a journalist for many years. He founded the carbon chain value in August 2017. He wants to use deep content to promote the development of the industry.

He said that Babbitt's activities as a whole are of high quality and can discuss valuable views and promote the development of the industry. "I hope that Babbitt can continue this brand campaign, and it is better year after year. It is a boost to the industry."

He Xingchen of Wuhan University: Wuzhen, a springboard into the world of blockchain

He Xingchen is a graduate student in economics and management at Wuhan University and founded the Wutai District Block Chain Association. In the evening of the Wuzhen Blockchain Conference in 2018, he accidentally walked into the bar of FGB Capital, which was founded by Zhou Shuoji in Wuzhen. He remembered a lot of people, and everyone was discussing the future of the blockchain.

“I slowly have the feeling of really going to work, and I can communicate with practitioners instead of being white at the door.”


▲Zhang Zhangchang (first right) and Babel CEO Wang Lei

Investor Zhang Director: Happy, I can buy SVIP tickets next year.

Zhang Changyuan was an Internet entrepreneur and actually entered the blockchain track in 2018. This year, he purchased a S$IP ticket for 28,888 yuan.

"Happy, I can buy it next year. I think the opportunity is important, and the money is secondary. This year, I saw a lot of industry shackles through Babbitt, and the whole industry is almost like this."

Pure white matrix Wu Xiao: Tiannan Haibei chats, then go to adventure

Wu Xiao once met his own investor Tao Rongzhen at a lobster bureau hosted by Babbitt.

He said that there will be a place called a pub in the RPG game, much like a chat room. The players will stop by accident, and they will talk about it in the middle of the sea. At the end, they will disperse and go to various places to start their own adventures. Wuzhen is such a magical place, so he is looking forward to meeting the heroes in Wuzhen. World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen held a countdown, will this hero come to you?


On November 8-9, 2019, the second world blockchain conference hosted by Babbitt will be held in Wuzhen. The theme of the conference is “Application Unbounded”. There are 6 major theme forums, and the famous guests who will participate in the stage will be super 50 people. There are also over 4,000 square meters of large professional exhibition areas and small gatherings brought by multiple project parties.

Internet giants such as BATJ have come, and the top projects of blockchains such as Jianan Zhizhi, Yuchi, and Chainlink have come.

2 days and 48 hours, this millennium water town is expected to welcome more than 4,000 guests, which will be a big party in the blockchain world, and a blockchain culture to the masses.

Application is unbounded, goodbye in Wuzhen, are you ready?

World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen official website (with registration link): For business cooperation, please contact: [email protected]

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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