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"Reverse refers to the king" Goldman Sachs milk was once again fulfilled, counting those "goos"

The Goldman Sachs "reverse the king" throne is sitting still. With Goldman's view that "the bitcoin is bullish to nearly $14,000 in the short term" spread, Bitcoin fell sharply last night and sideways around $10,900, and the devil's demon turned out again. Over the years, there have been many counter-indicators (often guessing wrong) and famous […]

"Reverse refers to the king" Goldman Sachs strongly bullish bitcoin, the letter still does not believe?

Recently, although Bitcoin has come out of the callback, Goldman Sachs, the world's leading investment bank, has been bullish on Bitcoin for nearly $14,000 in the short term. In a report to investors, Goldman Sachs predicted bitcoin prices based on Elliott Waves theory, which predicts market movements by identifying extreme emotions and price levels. According […]

Attack on the big body! Goldman Sachs sets up a digital asset team or competes with Morgan

According to a recruitment document obtained by The Block, Goldman Sachs has launched a new encryption business in its incubator, which it hopes to “meeper than ever” in digital assets. According to the recruitment requirements of the Digital Asset Project Manager in the document, Goldman Sachs' new cryptographic business will be separated from its cryptocurrency […]

Goldman Sachs CEO: The global payment system is moving towards a stable currency, and the future will depend on the blockchain.

On June 27th, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon told France's Les Echos that the group is "widely researching" on tokenization. He believes that the future of the payment system must depend on the blockchain, and Goldman Sachs "absolutely" hopes to catch up with the trend of the blockchain. David Solomon said he believes the global […]