Libra's 21 initial members formally signed the association's charter, and approximately 180 entities initially met the membership criteria.

On October 15, 2019, Beijing time, after the first meeting of the Libra Association in Geneva, Switzerland, 21 initial members officially signed the Libra Association charter, and elected the Libra Association committee, board of directors and executive team members.

It is reported that representatives of the following organizations have signed the Libra Association charter:


After signing the Libra Charter, the Libra Association also selected a five-person committee. Facebook is still a key player in the project. Calibra CEO David Marcus has a seat on the five-member committee. The full membership list is as follows:


The following persons were appointed as executives of the association:


1500 entities apply to join Libra, and approximately 180 entities have met initial membership criteria

Since Facebook announced the Libra project on June 18, 2019, the project has attracted the interest and attention of organizations and individuals around the world. The Libra Association has confirmed that more than 1,500 entities have a strong interest in joining the Libra project.

According to the latest data released by the Libra Association, there are currently about 180 entities that initially meet the libra membership criteria.

Provisional Regulations of the LIBRA Association

In addition, according to the Bylaws, the acceptance and termination of Libra members must be approved by two-thirds of the members of the committee to take effect. The full charter reads as follows:

1. Purpose: To provide the association with a basic governance structure and decision-making framework to advance the Libra project workflow;

2. Committee: The member committee is the highest decision-making body of the association. Each committee member has one vote. Any member of the committee has a major direct or indirect economic conflict of interest on a certain matter and will be withdrawn. Deciding to vote for the majority, two-thirds of the absolute majority vote can support certain key decisions, such as (1) membership acceptance and termination, and (2) adoption and modification of Libra's key policies (such as reserve management policies and new policy membership) Standard), (3) appointment and dismissal of board members, (4) dissolution or liquidation of the association, and (5) revision of the association's articles of association;

3. Members: Any member may leave the association for any reason, and members may transfer their membership in certain limited circumstances;

4. Board of Directors: The individual member committee that performs daily management of the association and supervises the executives. The nominees of the board must also serve as representatives of the individual committees of the association. Each board member has one vote, and any board member has a significant Direct or indirect economic conflicts of interest will be withdrawn from voting; all board resolutions require a majority vote;

5. Disputes: Disputes between members and associations will be resolved in accordance with Swiss arbitration.

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