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Ten years of dormancy entered the eve of the outbreak of applications, Hangzhou's blockchain industry is at the forefront of cities across the country

Article source: Hangzhou Jingxin Original link: On October 24 last year, when the 18th Collective Learning Conference of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China on the status and trends of the development of blockchain technology was made clear, the important role of the integrated application of blockchain technology in new technological […]

Hangzhou Blockchain Industry and Park Development Report: 1,611 registered blockchain companies, layout of 6 major blockchain industrial parks

This report was jointly released by the Zero One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute Author: Zhao Jing Hangzhou is considered to be one of the "Top Four China's Blockchain Innovative Cities", and it is at the forefront of cities across the country in the research and application of blockchain technology. Whether it is […]

Hangzhou Internet Court: Individuals holding "bitcoin" should be identified as virtual property

Five years ago, Wu bought 2.675 bitcoins from Taobao spent nearly 20,000 yuan on the "FXBTC" website operated by a technology company in Shanghai. After that, he forgot about it until May 2017, when he wants to log in again. The "FXBTC" website found that the website was closed and the website operator could not […]

The first case of the infringement dispute involving bitcoin in Hangzhou was rejected due to insufficient evidence.

On July 18, the Hangzhou Internet Court held a second online public hearing on the case of the plaintiff Wu Mou v. defendant Shanghai Science and Technology Company and Taobao Company's network tort liability dispute (property rights dispute) and sentenced the plaintiff to claim the infringement liability to the defendant. The basis for the failure […]

Hangzhou's first bitcoin property infringement case

In November 2013, he purchased a recharge code to exchange bitcoin in a store in Taobao. Later, such transactions in Bitcoin were stopped by the People's Bank of China. Now the buyer of the year confessed to the seller, saying that according to the current market value, the bitcoin I bought that year was worth […]