Staking economic year to earn millions? With the Amino Network

Since the concept of “ Staking economy ” was put forward and received market attention, public enthusiasm has also risen. The staking mechanism can be fired first without the temptation of pledge or dividend, but the core of staking is still: active participation .

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The long-standing philosophy in the blockchain community has been to encourage community members to participate . The blockchain network can introduce cryptocurrencies and introduce incentive mechanisms to encourage users, investors, developers, miners and other stakeholders to achieve multiple identity integration and participate in the construction of blockchain networks. Staking is actually a design that encourages token holders to actively participate in the blockchain network.

The use of economic incentives to encourage token holders to actively participate in project ecological construction and governance is the original intention of the “Staking economy”.

For PoS projects that are in desperate need of community power, it is most appropriate to use staking to motivate communities to participate in project construction and governance. The communities and users who participated in the governance were encouraged by tokens, and the project ecology was also full of vitality due to the participation of the community. The two ultimately achieved a win-win situation.

What we are going to talk about today is the staking economic model and staking revenues adopted by the Amino Network's recently announced “Fog Plan” .

Where is the Amino Network sacred?

Amino is a 5G intelligent Cloud-edge cloud-side computing network that optimizes scheduling power resources through node-based distributed collaboration, data analysis mechanisms, and an innovative PoC architecture.

Jumping out of the chain governance and chain expansion, Amino proposed AI governance as a means to solve the "blockchain expansion dilemma." Amino's founding team consists of several experts from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Amino is a blockchain project that truly empowers the real economy and has commercialized it. Currently:

· Has accessed more than 4,000 computing nodes in the Asia Pacific region and operated for more than 3 years; · Signed Cloud-Edge cloud computing services worth more than 15 million US dollars with Fortune 500 companies; · Depth of more than 10,000 AI engineers registered users Learn the cloud service platform.

Amino has done a lot of research and investment in high-performance cluster computing, AI computing, and cloud rendering. At the same time, it will further strengthen cluster computing management and better undertake the commercial market of edge computing.

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In the future, with the development of 5G and Internet of Things, edge computing will become more and more important. Centralized companies such as Amazon Cloud and Alibaba Cloud cannot realize the complete distribution of computing nodes, and Amino Network can pass its own technology and blockchain. The pass-through economy truly realizes each computer as a node, linking thousands of households, achieving faster response speed and lower latency.

Amino's vision of "fogging plan"

Amino's vision since its inception – beyond the Amazon cloud's decentralized computing network.

The biggest builder and beneficiary of the traditional business ecosystem is the company, and the builders and beneficiaries of the Amino decentralized network are the communities.

The “fogging plan” is the community plan for the Amino Network to build a centralized computing network. Users can participate in the construction of the community network through staking and provide computer computing power to participate in the construction of the computing network. Both can get token incentives. Let Amino community contributors grow with Amino, build a cloud-edge global computing network beyond Amazon in the 5G era and share the growth gains from the growth of the network.

Amazon Cloud is the dominant player in the global cloud computing industry, and its revenue is in the air. Once became the world's highest listed company.

In the six years of 2013-2018, Amazon cloud revenue increased from 3.1 billion US dollars to 25.7 billion, an increase of 829%; the average annual increase of 138%! Alibaba Cloud's revenue in six years increased from $126 million to 3.1 billion, an increase of 2460%; the average annual increase of 410%!

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From 2014 to 2018, the number of AWS clouds increased from 28 Availability Zones to 60, and the average number of servers in each zone increased from 50,000 to 80,000 to more than 100,000. The server's growth rate is 320%, with an average annual rate of 64%.

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Through data comparison, it can be seen that the growth of Amazon's cloud computing network directly leads to explosive growth of revenue, and the growth rate of revenue is much greater than the growth rate of computing network.

The centralized companies such as Amazon Cloud and Alibaba Cloud rely on investment to drive the growth of the number of nodes to earn a lot of money; and Amino's “fog plan” relies on the contribution of the community to complete the growth of computing networks to increase revenue.

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Currently, Amino has deployed 4000+ nodes to generate $15 million in revenue. In the future, with the increase in computing nodes, revenue and market value will continue to grow exponentially.

At the same time, revenue growth will lead to the growth of the community network and the expansion of influence. The positive cycle of computing network and community network will jointly promote the all-round growth of Amino market value, revenue, and server nodes. Finally, feed back all Amino “fogging plan” community contributors.

How to participate in the ““fogging plan””?

The “fogging plan” is divided into two parts: the social network and the power network .

FOG values ​​are available to nodes that contribute to both the social network and the power network. The social network is a fixed ratio: 1000 Amino produces 1 FOG per hour.

The computing network evaluates the computing power of the computing nodes according to AI, such as CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, Network, etc., and derives the FOG generated per hour according to the supply and demand relationship (refer to Amino English Technical White Paper 2). Users can access their own computers to access the Amino network to provide computing power to obtain FOG output.

Each cycle (7 days) receives a dividend based on the ratio of the FOG value to the total FOG value of the cycle. The dividend source is Amino network computing revenue + new network value, and the fixed dividend per cycle is 10% in the dividend pool. Both the primary and super nodes have additional incentives.

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Staking and ""fogging plan"" benefits

First, comparable to the price gain of BTC gains

Market value comparison looks forward to the future:


Amazon currently has a market value of more than 900 billion US dollars, Amino's circulation is only 40 million, and the market value of circulation is only 2.15 million US dollars. The gap between the two is 400,000 times, and the imagination is huge, comparable to Bitcoin in 2009.

The market value of joining the revenue parameters is based on the current situation:

AWS's revenue in 2018 was US$25.7 billion. Amino has confirmed revenues of US$15 million as of the end of May this year. Regardless of Amino's second-half revenue, the difference is 1713 times. Then Amino's corresponding market value should be US$525 million. . Compared with the current gap of 262 times.

That is to say, the market value of Amino is in the double underestimation period of current underestimation and future underestimation, which is an obvious value depression.

Second, the dividend income per cycle (7 days)

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At the beginning of the "fog plan" will attract a large number of super nodes and the main node to participate, the benefits will be very impressive. Without reference to price changes, the weekly staking revenue has reached the 8%-11% range of terror, making people covet.


Staking is the most motivating mechanism for token holders, and the Amino 5G edge computing network is a project that requires community support. The launch of the “Fog Plan” is a major move by Amino to implement the staking economy. It is also a good opportunity for token holders to participate in the 5G technology wave and realize excess returns.

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