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Technical Guide | Understanding Zk-stark for Zero Knowledge Proof Algorithms

Concept: zk-stark vs zk-snark When it comes to the ZKP algorithm, everyone may have heard of some, such as zk-snark, zk-stark, bulletproof, aztec, plonk, and so on. Today, let's talk to everyone about the similarities and differences between the "surface brothers", zk-stark and zk-snark algorithms. Why not start with the name? After all, both Yazi […]

Popular science | Worry about privacy protection? Encrypted data warehouse shows its strength (core use cases and requirements analysis)

This article is derived from the second part of the paper " Encrypted Data Vaults " presented by the Rebooting Web of Trust at the RWOT IX — Prague, 2019 conference. Following the previous section that introduced the current method and architecture of encrypted data warehouses, derived requirements, design goals, and risks that developers should […]

Understanding Zk-stark of Zero Knowledge Proof Algorithm-Arithmetization

Foreword The first article in this series ( ), compared with Zk-snark, gave a general introduction from the concept and algorithm flow. It is recommended to read the contents of the first article before reading this article. In this article, let us embark on a journey of exploring the mysteries of the Zk-stark algorithm […]

Smart Contract Entry Series | Important Links in Smart Contract Engineering: Formal Verification Methods

Distributed Laboratory of Beihang University, Yunnan Institute of Innovation, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Formal Verification is an important part of smart contract engineering. It can become a technology for deterministic verification of contracts. Formal language can be used to convert concepts, judgments, and inferences in contracts into smart contract models, which can be […]

Make wedding dresses for others? Cryptocurrency mining virus may be secretly letting your computer help others mine

Source: changelly Compilation: First Class (   According to Kaspersky Lab data, the number of computers and mobile devices invaded by the mining virus (CryptoVirus) increased by 44.5% last year. Hackers no longer rely on encrypted viruses to blackmail money—they just implant a virus on your computer to hide it. This encryption virus is a […]

Sheknows | Together, the alliance chain and the public chain have the same goal?

Lead: From the birth of Bitcoin to the advent of smart contracts, to the sidechains and cross-chain platforms, the public chain has led almost every major technological innovation. However, from the TPS competition to the Dapp ecological competition to the beachfront DeFi, the road to public landing has never been smooth. At the same time, […]

The last decade of blockchain: Looking back at 2010 to 2020

Source | ConsenSys Edit | Summer On January 3, 2009, against the backdrop of the global financial crisis exacerbating the global economic inequality gap, a mysterious person named Satoshi Nakamoto launched a type of operation that he called "Proof-of-Work chain "(Bitcoin) virtual currency on the proof-of-work chain. In Bitcoin's "Genesis Block", Satoshi Nakamoto permanently embedded […]

U.K. updates crypto tax guide, highlighting Bitcoin as neither currency nor securities

Author Liang CHE Source: Than push, More than news, the UK tax authority has issued tax guidance for businesses to supplement its previous guidance for individuals. The guide clarifies the status of capital gains tax, corporate tax, national insurance, income tax and other taxes. The HMRC states that it generally does not consider cryptocurrencies […]

Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission releases position paper on supervision of virtual asset trading platform [Simplified Chinese]

Original source: Position book Supervising virtual asset trading platforms Part 1—Supervision Policy of the SFC on Virtual Asset Trading Platforms 1. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) announced on November 1, 2018 a set of conceptual frameworks that may regulate virtual asset trading platforms, and stated that the SFC will consider whether it is […]

19 days, 44 policies are favorable, the blockchain industry is accelerating into the fast lane

Text | Pisa On October 25, the national leader presided over the collective study meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and listed blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation technology. In the following 19 days, local governments around the country issued 44 related policies to encourage the development of blockchain, involving […]