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Market analysis: the market rebound is weak, be wary of further retreat

Author | Hash Pie Analytics Team Review of previous periods: Linked US stocks fell again, BTC pullback sentiment strengthened ※ Review yesterday's market analysis and get more exciting content, please pay attention to the hashpie public account (ID: hashpie) to get

Market Analysis: BTC's weak adjustment has not yet ended, and the trend of mainstream currency is facing a change

Fundamental Yesterday, BTC broke into the 8500 area, causing a rebound but failed to form an effective rebound. It continued to fall to 8400 in the evening, and the decline further spread. Today's trend is in the vicinity of 8400-8500, and the trend is weak. The posture of adjustment still has a tendency to continue […]

Market Analysis: The long-term offensive is gradually strengthening, and BTC is waiting for a key outbreak opportunity.

Yesterday, the BTC trend stabilized after the 8200 line stabilized. It broke the upward trend again. The above resistance broke out and the trend rose to the 9370 position. It also released the recent long-term sentiment, but the breakthrough was not strong and failed to break through. The 9400's high resistance position caused the follow-up […]

Market Analysis: BTC once again broke the 8000 line, the battle of the bears took the upper hand

The BTC trend continued to test the 8000 line. The bullish rebound in the afternoon was extremely weak. After further suppression, it broke out. It broke the 8000 and quickly bought it below the low point. Currently, it went directly to the 7910 position. Today's trend fully verified the author's suggestion. The decline has already […]

Market Analysis: BTC is weaker in the upward will, and needs to follow up the opportunity rhythm

BTC formed a rebound today and was blocked by the 5-day moving average. It was once again suppressed downwards. The current price is running on the 10-day moving average. The upward movement is weakened and the trend area is glued. The 5-day moving average wears a 10-day moving average to form a gold fork. There […]

Market analysis: BTC daily power adjustment, the upswing only waits for an opportunity

BTC rose to the previous high of 8320 after the first line was blocked, adjusted above the 8200 area, entered the rhythm of shock adjustment, after yesterday's bottoming rebound, today triggered a rebound, and there is an opportunity to further form an upward trend, the short-term trend once above 8200 Stabilization is expected to continue […]

BTC sees more emotions falling back and returning to the shock pattern

Previous review BTC: In the short term, BTC will still fluctuate around $10,000, waiting for the choice. If the market is unable to inject upside momentum into BTC, the price of BTC will still be mainly down. The BTC fell to a minimum of $9,600, and then it rose indefinitely, and the market is still […]

Market analysis: more patience in the trend, BTC is nearing change

Author | Hash sent analysis team Past review: the main force to start the washing action, ETH strong rebound to hit a new high

Market Analysis: Market sentiment still needs to be stable, BTC and mainstream currency enter the pending stage

In the early morning of this morning, the trend of BTC is still in the rhythm of adjustment. The trend has entered a narrow range of shocks. The volume can continue to shrink. The hourly Bollinger Band is in a closed position. The follow-up trend will further form a shocking posture. The daily trend is […]

BTC entered the vacation mode again, and it has fluctuated slightly since yesterday.

Author | Hash sent analysis team