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Recently, the news that "the Bitcoin ATM machine is on the streets of Beijing" is spread on the Internet, and there are many people waiting in line to buy pictures of Bitcoin. At present, the location has already gone to the building. It is understood that the Bitcoin ATM is essentially a The hardware device of the virtual currency trading system is built in. In China, the provision of commercial services for virtual currency transactions is explicitly prohibited by the financial regulatory authorities. The act is suspected of providing services for bitcoin transactions and has touched the regulatory red line, which is not allowed by law.

The United States continues to sanction Chinese companies. Dajiang and Hikvision are unfortunately shot. We expect that the trade war will not show signs of easing before the next US election. The form will only become more and more severe. This is the development of the cryptocurrency industry. Absolutely positive, in theory, there is no long-term decline factor, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the suppression from developing countries.


BTC made a quick dip early in the morning. In yesterday's analysis, we also mentioned that if we step back to $7,700, we may break through that point. We have already fallen below 5 antennas and fell below our support of $7,700. In the morning, the signs of stop falling, there may be some support in the range of $7200-7300. The daily level of the macd indicator is already dead. If the target cannot be quickly pulled up above the 5 antennas, the 5 antennas will turn head down. There is a certain pressure on the price of the currency. The $6,800 is the last line of defense we still insist on. The point is lost and we will be fully bearish.


ETH fell directly below the 10 antennas. At present, the 5 antennas have not turned head down. They have not seen signs of being able to follow the independent trend. Following the BTC trend, they are currently oscillating at 245 US dollars, paying attention to the gains and losses of the support of 245 US dollars. The position will further test the price of 225 US dollars, the role of this point is equivalent to the support of BTC 6800 US dollars, is the last long line of defense, fall to this point, the adjustment period is extended, pay attention to risk, once again break through 279 US dollars, the bearish is invalid, bullish to 300 US dollars .


XRP has always been an independent trend. Although it has lost 5 antennas, we believe that the target's support strength is around 0.37 US dollars. At this point, it can be appropriately low-sucking. If it falls below that point, it will leave the market and the volume will exceed 0.48. The dollar is bullish to $0.57.


BCH faces the double pressure of 360 antenna and the bottom of the platform. From the hourly level, the target's trend is a bit like an M head. It has a certain support around 380 USD. If it falls below this point, it will drop the M head near 350 USD. The neckline position fell below the point and waited.


EOS follows the market's callback. There is no independent trend at present. At present, it is an important support level of 5.7 USD. It has not yet fallen below, and has not reached the exit conditions. The main reason for whether the target will break or not depends on the trend of BTC. The younger brothers will not break.


The trend of LTC is a head-and-shoulder structure. The neckline is around $85. If you break below that level, you need to reduce your position. If you fall below the support of $72, you need to wait and see. If the target is stable, the 100-dollar mark will be established. If the bearish is invalid, it will restart a new uptrend.


Today's currencies have fallen, BNB follows the market's qualifying callback, but has not yet fallen below 5 antennas. This round of rising is relying on 5 antennas. Pay attention to the gains and losses of 5 antennas and the direction. The loss of 5 antennas means that this round may rise. Will come to an end, or the original operating plan, do not open a new position, do not fall below 5 antennas do not leave.

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