Number reading | The paradox behind the 109 reports The truth is that IEO is an antidote or a poison?

After several months of fermentation, the IEO boom continues, and there is even a wave of higher waves. Yesterday (April 2) OKEx's utility token sales platform OK Jumpstart announced the purchase rules. Today (April 3), the Firecoin Global Station Prime platform upgrades the second phase of the snapping rule, and the fourth project of the currency bond Launchpad, Matic, has already ready……

Zhao Changpeng, the initiator of the "News of the Exchange" campaign, has publicly stated that "the core of the IEO model is to find a good project." Firecoin also publicly stated that it is providing a channel for global quality projects, then at major exchanges. Did you "hunt" a good project after the collective dispatch? What are the people in the industry talking about about IEO? What is the impact of IEO on the industry?

PAData has crawled 61 vertical media (Babbit and Golden Finance) reports on IEO and 48 comprehensive news sites (Sina News) on IEO reports to try to expose the truth behind the IEO.

The exchange is the biggest winner. The industry is more sensitive to regulation.

Regardless of whether it is industry vertical media or a comprehensive news website, the words selected by the media when reporting IEO are similar in general, except for the keyword “IEO”, “project”, “exchange”, “token”, “platform”, “ ICO", "mode", and "STO" all have higher frequency of occurrence. It can be said that the content of the report on the industry vertical media and the comprehensive news website is roughly similar. The vertical media in the industry does not extend more content than the comprehensive news website when reporting such professional topics.

More importantly, these similar high-frequency words reveal the message that although the heads of major exchanges are claiming that the IEO platform is to discover quality projects and bring these high-quality projects to market. However, from the analysis of public opinion, it seems that the market does not pay attention to what these excellent projects are. The name of the project is A or B. They have only one common name "project", but the only thing that really attracts attention is that there is only one. The project is going to be on IEO.

Even if you look for words with lower word frequency, you can barely see BTT and FET, and these two items are far from "coin security", "fire coin", "Launchpad", "Prime", "BNB". It’s more eye-catching. Perhaps the original plan of the "new" campaign is to win-win cooperation between exchanges and quality projects, but from the current public opinion, the exchange is obviously the more attractive side.

It is also worth noting that vertical media in the industry is more sensitive to regulation. The frequency of the word “regulation” is at the upper-middle level. In the comprehensive news website, there is no additional attention to IEO except for the news that the mutual gold association reminds the risk. Regulatory issues. For the industry as a whole, regulation is the knife that hangs on the head, so practitioners are more careful when it comes to IEO.

Exchange group group attack BNB and HT eye-catching and sucking gold

PAData further analyzes the interrelationship between the high-frequency words in the report, which also confirms the above view, that is, the exchange is the party that “sit on the Diaoyutai” in the IEO boom, because it is the vertical media of the industry or the comprehensive news website. The most relevant words of "IEO" are "exchanges."

Not only that, in this movement, the two major institutes have been “grouped successfully”. From the correlation analysis, there is also a clear correlation between “coin security” and “fire coin”, “BNB” and “HT”. Even in the eyes of industry vertical media, the correlation between BNB and HT has exceeded the BNB and BTT, and the relevance of BNB and currency security.

This is in line with the conclusion that PAData analyzed earlier in the "IEO Red: Exchange "Shenzhen Diaoyutai" Project Currency Geometry", that is, in the current situation, whether to use platform currency to purchase does not bundle platform coins and The project currency, on the other hand, is the same as the dynamic resonance of the BNB and HT of the platform currency.

However, the grievances on the comprehensive news website are somewhat different. On the comprehensive news website, the correlation coefficient between platform currency and project currency is the highest, and the correlation coefficient between BNB and BTT has reached 0.68. The correlation between platform coins and platforms is also higher than between platform coins. This means that the effect of exchange group money absorption is not obvious on the comprehensive news website.

Regardless of the frequency of words or the relevance of words, although IEO is the craze of the currency security, after the rapid follow-up of the fire coins, the two have formed a co-opetition relationship, and the group attracts attention and attracts gold. However, OKEx, which is also the three major exchanges, apparently lost half a shot in this competition, missing the opportunity to group exposure and platform currency resonance.

In addition, the correlation between "IEO" and "ICO", "IEO" and "regulatory", "IEO" and "financing" is not high, it can be said that whether it is industry vertical media or comprehensive news website, for IEO Most of the discussion is a bit of a taste.

IEO is still the industry's self-proclaimed industry quality change has not yet arrived

What is the market discussing about IEO?

PAData used the LDA model to analyze the subject of the industry's vertical media and comprehensive news websites, and found that IEO still stays in the “self-defeating” stage of the industry, and the impact or innovation of the entire industry is not obvious.

One of the most important reporting themes of vertical media in the industry is the theme of the keywords “online”, “release”, “project”, “IEO”, “market” and “ICO”. By stringing these keywords together, the news pointed to by this topic focuses on the report “Which project was launched online in the form of IEO, which is a form of financing similar to ICO”.

The main topic of the comprehensive news website is the theme of “East (square)”, “user”, “block”, “exchange”, “IEO” and “currency”. Putting these keywords together can be guessed. The news pointed out by this topic focuses on the report that “the exchange launched IEO to break the ICO's unique situation in Ethereum, and the elapse of Ethereum, the digital currency may usher in a new phase”.

Comparing the main report topics in the industry vertical media and comprehensive news websites, it can be found that the new project in the industry is a kind of collective “carnival” for the new project on the IEO. The media is chasing the IEO of the report project, but it is not for the IEO industry. The impact is forward-looking and looking forward to. Instead, the traditional media that uses the blockchain as part of technology or finance has jumped out of the circle of project credits, began to explore the impact of IEO on Ethereum, and then explored the impact of Ethereum changes on the entire blockchain industry. From this perspective, the impact of IEO on the qualitative change of the industry has not yet occurred.

Data Description: The choice of Babbitt and Golden Finance is because the two platforms belong to the larger vertical media platform of the industry, which can better reflect the sensation in the industry. Sina is chosen because Sina News is one of the four portals, which brings together many traditions. The news of the media can better reflect the sensation of the blockchain industry as a segment of the technology or financial industry in mass communication. PAData searches for articles with the keyword "IEO" in Babbitt and Sina News Platform, and excludes short quotes, weekly summaries and news from different sources but with duplicate content; choose Golden Finance IEO feature "IEO: It can become a bear market "Terminator?" in the news, and excludes short-selling quotes, weekly summaries, and news from different sources but with duplicate content. The data collection time was unified on April 1, 2019. The statistics included 109 articles on IEO.

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