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OKEx announces the destruction of all 700 million OKBs that have not yet been issued, and OKB is up nearly 40%

At 14 pm Beijing time today, OKEx issued an announcement saying that the OKChain testnet was officially launched, and announced that it had destroyed all 700 million OKBs that had not yet been issued. Affected by this, OKB's response rose by more than 30%, and once reached 5.5 US dollars. As of press time, OKB […]

After the suffering of the 9/25 tragedy, the 10·23 plunge and how many wealth dreams

If the first half of 2019 is a long-term cheer, empty headaches, then the second half is undoubtedly the carnival of the shorts. On September 25th, Bitcoin fell nearly 20%, and only OKEx and BitMEX had billions of dollars in open positions. After the plunge, the bear market seems to be getting heavier and heavier, […]

The market is getting colder, the exchanges are getting stronger and stronger, and the bulls and bears are unimpeded. I am waiting for you in Wuzhen.

September 25 will eventually become a day that many people remember. On this day, in an hour and a half, Bitcoin plunged from $9,434 to the lowest of $7,700, a drop of 18.38%. The market was battered, only OKEx, the amount of 24-hour bursts reached 6.65 billion yuan. The violently volatile market has made the […]

Sudden! OKEx Korea will remove 5 kinds of anonymous coins, or related to the new FATF regulations.

On September 16th, the Korean station of the cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced today that it will release all anonymous coins on October 10, including Monroe (XMR), Dash (Dash) and Big Zero ( ZEC), horizen (ZEN) and SBTC. According to the announcement, the withdrawal service involving the anonymized currency will be stopped on December 10, the […]

Real-time settlement of contract transactions? Retail investors must manage their own hands

After the June and July after the BTC price has fluctuated almost daily, the intuitive feeling for investors in August is undoubtedly sideways. The market waits and sees the sentiment, and the direct result of the continuous sideways is that the trading volume of the cryptocurrency has declined. According to CoinMarketCap data, on September 1, […]

What is the loss of his position? 1000 BTC, OK started the contract trading battle chain node AMA

Encrypted exchanges are considered to be the top of the industry's food chain. Cruel competition has prompted exchanges to resort to new initiatives and means, and the derivatives market has become a big hit, and competition for stock users has always been an important battleground. In August, the user battle began again. The Firecoin contract […]

Meet the blockchain 3.0 era – Xu Xing and Xu Kun work together to open up the future

Xu Kun, the current vice president of OK strategy, has a very similar experience with Xu Mingxing. They started with their own great entrepreneurial dreams and started their own hard work. The difference is that Xu Kun started his business in college, starting from the small shops in the university. After hard work, she swept […]

Going abroad, coming abroad, "going out to sea" or becoming a new trend of platform coins

As the IEO heats down, friends who pay attention to the platform currency find that the platform coins of several major exchanges in China seem to have started to go out to sea. On June 13, Bitfinex officially launched OKEX platform currency OKB; on June 14, Bitfinex opened the trading pair of platform currency […]

Data report: Which exchanges are the most used in currency, fire, and OKEx?

(Image courtesy of ) The Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) recently released a market monitoring report . According to the report, after several months of research, BTI found that more than 10% of the transactions in the currency were wash trading ("brushing"), fire coins exceeded 50%, OKEx was as high as 90%; in addition, in […]

OK IEO's starting project has talked with Xu Mingxing? Why did Jay feel "really hard!"

On April 1, OKex announced that the first phase of the upcoming project will be Blockcloud and announced the sales rules for OK Jumpstart. OKex CEO Jay then released an open letter saying that "the decision to launch Jumpstart is really difficult" and stated that "doing the best." From Jay's open letter, you can see […]