Meet the blockchain 3.0 era – Xu Xing and Xu Kun work together to open up the future

Meet the blockchain 3.0 era - Xu Xing and Xu Kun work together to open up the future

Xu Kun, the current vice president of OK strategy, has a very similar experience with Xu Mingxing. They started with their own great entrepreneurial dreams and started their own hard work. The difference is that Xu Kun started his business in college, starting from the small shops in the university. After hard work, she swept all the shops in the university and established the University Business Association. Later, under an accidental opportunity, Xu Kun came into contact with the blockchain. Like Lao Xu, he was deeply attracted by the blockchain and became the research director of the Tianfeng Securities Blockchain Research Center. After several years of struggle in the blockchain industry, her savvy and unique business minds are undoubtedly revealed.

According to the "chain one day, ten years in the world", Xu Kun, who has been in contact with the blockchain for four years, is an old man in the blockchain industry. She has gradually formed a firm belief in the development of blockchain. After becoming the vice president of OK strategy, Xu Kun firmly and proudly said that she would work with Lao Xu to achieve a bigger career. The old Xu in her mouth is Xu Xing who has been in the blockchain field for many years.

Meet the blockchain 3.0 era - Xu Xing and Xu Kun work together to open up the future

The reason why Xu Kun became the vice president of OK strategy, and finally moved her is the development curve of OK and Xu Mingxing. In the first meeting with Xu Xu, who was not successful, Xu Kun was keenly aware of Xu’s in-depth study of blockchain technology, as well as the courage of a young entrepreneur and the ability to turn the helm. In 2019, after Xu Mingxing’s "Four Gu Mao", Xu Kun finally joined OK. In her eyes, Xu is a very pragmatic person. Xu Kun evaluates that he is a technical man and is simple and straightforward.

Lao Xu and Xiao Xu also have experience in postgraduate studies at Renmin University of China. They are alumni and have held important positions at the China Blockchain Research Center. Their encounter at OKGroup is the inevitable result of the collective pursuit of the blockchain. They have joined forces to create a brilliant moment in China's blockchain.

Meet the blockchain 3.0 era - Xu Xing and Xu Kun work together to open up the future

The common pursuit of the blockchain by the two is also reflected in the need to establish a technology-oriented innovation mechanism. For this common vision, Xu Kun joined the OKGroup and seized the development opportunity of the new era of the blockchain incubator 3.0. Together with Xu Mingxing, he promoted the landing of B-LABS in Hangzhou.

Meet the blockchain 3.0 era - Xu Xing and Xu Kun work together to open up the future

At present, OKGroup has become the world's leading provider of blockchain technology and services, and has made outstanding contributions in blockchain investment, personnel training, and technology exploration. All of this left the eyes of Xu Mingxing and Xu Kun, who are well-established entrepreneurs and believers in the blockchain industry. From serving the real economy, improving the decentralized good user experience, to researching and developing high-performance public chains, and promoting the internationalization of China's blockchain, these specific goals are not only Xu Xing's plan for the development of blockchain, but also Xu Kun's relay. The goal of fighting together after OKGroup. In the "chain" of the sea, they are ups and downs. (The internet)

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