Articles of Ponzi scheme

The largest Ponzi fraud in history-the so-called institutional entry is not as mysterious as imagined

One of our most anticipated events in the past 2019 is institutional entry. Especially with the emergence of BAKKT, we are full of expectations for the institution to enter the market and bring a bull market. Unfortunately, the bull market we are looking forward to has not come. What exactly is a professional investment agency? […]

Xinhuanet: "Frying Coins" and "Mining" Are Popular Again, Beware of Financial Scams Wearing Blockchain "Vests"

Reporters: Wang Shujuan, Gao Shaohua, Li Lijing Source: Xinhua News Agency Editor's Note: The original title "Frying Coins" and "Mining" has become popular again. Be wary of financial fraud "re-emerging in rivers and lakes" wearing a blockchain "vest" "The application scenario of the blockchain has landed, and XX coins can make a lot of money […]

The return on investment is over 500%? Is You Bank, which is known as "the world's first digital currency bank," reliable?

Banks are very familiar to most people. Legal currency access, financial management, etc. are inseparable from it. The reporter noted that the “bank” has also appeared in the digital currency industry. The reporter noted that a platform called "You Bank" claimed to be "the world's first digital currency bank". The "bank" provides functions such as […]

The investment "block dog" just collapsed in two days and collapsed 400 people and lost more than 3 million yuan.

Fujian 120,000, Guangxi 100,000, Sichuan 85,000, Jiangxi 60,000, Liaoning 38,000 … In a rights group close to 400 people, group members use the workplace and "buy dog" loss of funds as a nickname, the group call Everyone "stops losses in a timely manner and defends the rights." Recently, the blockchain has developed a pet game […]

Large virtual currency MLM disk PlusToken trader suspected of being arrested by the prosecution

Article source: Blue Whale Finance original title: "Large virtual currency MLM disk PlusToken trader suspected of being arrested by the prosecution" On the evening of August 16, the People's Procuratorate case information disclosure network was released, and the Yancheng Development Zone Procuratorate approved the arrest of six people including Chen Bo, who was suspected of […]

Inventory: 28 “blockchain scams” ​​we experienced in 2019

Author: Mutual chain pulse King-propelled vehicle On August 13, according to Pudong Internet Police WeChat public account, the virtual pet "bit pig" platform claiming to adopt blockchain technology has been investigated by the police; on August 12, according to the public number information of the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau of Sichuan Province The main […]

Starting GTP: a premeditated run

In June of this year, a fund project called GGT quietly emerged in the currency circle. But just a month later, GGT declared a crash. The project party lost the alliance collectively and forcibly exchanged user assets. The price of the secondary market plunged 96.1%… The investors completely collapsed. What is even more shocking to […]

US SEC sues to raise $26 million in "encrypted" Ponzi scheme operators

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is suing a California resident for allegedly selling unregistered securities and implementing a Ponzi scheme that pretends to be a cryptocurrency. The US Securities and Exchange Commission announced on Thursday that it has applied for a ban on Daniel Pacheco, claiming that he sold unregistered securities through IPro […]

How does the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme work?

Millions of cryptocurrency investors have been defrauded by large-scale fraud projects, and in 2018, cryptocurrency-related crimes lost $1.7 billion. Criminals use old-fashioned tricks and new technology strategies to carry out their business in the field of cryptocurrency. By studying blockchain, cryptocurrency and cybercrime, we can see that some cryptocurrency fraudsters rely on validated Ponzi schemes […]