Articles of Privacy Calculation

Based on privacy computing technology, the new generation alliance blockchain platform PlatONE is officially launched

On September 25th, PlatONE's official website (, a new generation of alliance blockchain platform based on privacy computing, was officially launched, and the PlatONE white paper was also released. PlatONE is built by matrix elements and universal blockchain. Based on the matrix element technology architecture, it needs to improve and expand for enterprise-level applications, and […]

Google Privacy Intersection and Technical Analysis 2 – Technical Overview

In the previous article, we analyzed the application scenarios of Private Join and Compute ( Google Privacy Intersection and Technical Analysis 1 – Application Scenario Analysis ). This article analyzes its technology. Google's open source library is to use the existing cryptographic technology to solve the problem by combining existing technologies. It's a bit like […]

Awards for Call for Papers | Celebrating the first anniversary of the PlatON Cloud Map release!

When the power of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is still growing, the era of 5G is coming soon. In recent years, the blockchain firepower has been fully opened and is moving from concept to application. Among them, privacy computing, distributed finance, distributed data storage…. The technology about blockchain is gradually being valued […]

Blockchain and Distributed Privacy Computing Industry Report

We selected three different technology paths for distributed privacy computing projects, namely ARPA with secure multi-party computing solution , Trias with Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) hardware support solution, and comprehensive integration with distributed cloud computing and TEE . The program's iExec, as an analysis case. At present, all three projects have achieved certain results in […]

The most stringent data security management methods in the history solicit opinions, PlatON cloud map to provide technical support

The National Internet Information Office and the relevant departments have researched and drafted the "Data Security Management Measures (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as "Draft for Comment"), and publicly solicited opinions from the public on May 28 for a period of one month. This is the most stringent data security management method in domestic […]

Talking about safety from the currency and the "stolen"

Talking about safety from the currency and the "stolen" UOC avanna One pot When a security incident occurs, the shabu-shabu is an excellent excuse for hackers. It is very "romantic." Selling VPN services will always be serious, saying that it will never keep any records; Apple, FB, all promised, will not reveal user privacy; Cloud […]

Jason Qiao, Plato's Chief Eco Officer: Blockchain needs to focus on privacy protection

At the recent HashKey 2019 Digital Assets Global Summit, Platon's Chief Eco Officer Jason Qiao shared his latest insights on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and cryptography at the Roundtable Forum. The following content is organized from the on-the-spot shorthand, and some of them do not change the original intention: I. The core concern and exploration of […]