Articles of soft fork

EY expands Ethereum with Zk-SNARKs and can process 20 transactions at a time

According to Trustnodes report on December 5, Paul Brody, global head of blockchain for Ernst & Young, the four major accounting firms in the United States, announced an update to an open source code library that uses Zk-SNARKs in the Ethereum public chain supply chain. Brody said: We promise that the price of each transaction […]

Status of the stablecoin market in 2019: USDT "leads the trend", followed by DAI

Written in front: This article was written by Joel John, an analyst at Outlier Ventures, an investment company. In his article, he analyzed the trading situation of mainstream stablecoins in 2019 (as of November), and concluded that although USDT still occupies an important position, DAI is the only stable transaction volume that has grown in […]

Deutsche Bank research shows that by 2030, digital currencies will replace fiat currencies

According to Cointelegraph reported on December 6, recent Deutsche Bank research shows that by 2030, people's demand for alternative currencies will rise sharply, and digital currencies will eventually replace cash. (Image source: flickr ) Deutsche Bank strategist Jim Reid specifically addressed the challenges facing the existing fiat currency system in recent years after the advent […]

Research Report | Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade Report

Source: OKEx I. Istanbul upgrade A post on the official Ethereum blog on November 21 stated that the Ethereum network will be upgraded at a block height of 9,069,000 as planned, which is expected to happen on Sunday, December 8, 2019. The specific upgrade date and time may change due to the block production speed. […]

Babbitt Live 丨 How Blockchain Lands in the Real Economy, Industry and Academia

Hainan is speeding up in the exploration of blockchain landing. Just the first two days, the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone released the “Chain Shanghai South” plan for the first time, attracting many companies to explore the industrial landing in Hainan. On December 6, at the "Hainan Free Trade Port Digital […]

Monthly Report | Blockchain policy released in November, supervision and support

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse In November after the "1025 New Deal", the amount of policy information on domestic blockchain support and blockchain supervision both increased significantly, and the total amount of blockchain policy information increased by 140%. And the announcement of policy information is in a state of national linkage. […]

US Treasury Secretary: Fed will not issue digital currency in five years, and does not oppose Facebook to create digital currency

Author: Xiu MU Source: Tweet According to Bloomberg, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said at a hearing of the House Financial Services Commissioner on Thursday that the Fed has no need to issue digital currencies within five years and does not oppose Facebook's creation of digital currencies. During the hearing, Mnuchin said that he had […]

The era of digital currencies is getting closer: starting with cash in circulation and used in small retail scenarios

Economic Daily, China Economic Network reporter Chen Guojing Source: Economic Daily According to the design of the current stage, the central bank's digital currency DC / EP is a replacement for M0, and interest is not paid on cash, so it will not cause financial disintermediation and will not have a big impact on the […]

Research report: Bitcoin software version changes in 7 years, where is the biggest change?

Source: BitMEX Compilation: First Class ( The BitMEX research team conducted 35 initial block downloads and used the initial block download time as an indicator of benchmark tests to test the performance of Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin software versions from 2012 to 2019 were used in the tests. In this test, we used the Bitcoin software […]

Technical Dry Goods | Deep Understanding of Zcash's Zero-Knowledge Proof System

Foreword It mainly shares the protocol details of the Zcash Sapling version. A lot of advice ^ _ ^! !! !! Zcash So far, Zcash has experienced three iterations in total. The fourth version upgrade time is expected to be 12.11.2019. According to the official introduction, this update is mainly to shorten the block production […]