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Twitter CEO's application for establishment of Square financial services company approved, Square allowing BTC payments will be able to provide commercial loans

According to a Bitcoinist report on March 19, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has approved Bitcoin advocate and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's application for the establishment of Square Financial Services. This means that Square, a financial services and mobile payments company that allows bitcoin payments, will soon be able to provide commercial loans. (Source: […]

Wall Street capital forces palace, Silicon Valley elite trust crisis and crypto sweetness

Production: CoinVoice Hero love Born in 1976, Jack Dorsey is also the CEO of Twitter of the United States and the CEO of Square, an electronic payment platform. The $ 4 billion Silicon Valley elite has now encountered a major career challenge. According to Bloomberg, Twitter's new shareholder, Elliott Management Investments, already holds a significant […]

The biggest investor asks Jack Dorsey to step down, can we still see pro-Bitcoin Twitter?

Billionaire investor Paul Singer is pushing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to step down. According to a CNBC report on February 28, the Elliott Management founder and activist investor expressed concerns about Dorsey's allocation of time to two more than $ 5 billion companies and his desire to move to Africa. The $ 40.2 billion hedge […]

This man knows cryptocurrency better than Zuckerberg.

Original author: Matthew De Silvia Translator: Odaily Planet Daily Moni Source: Planet Daily If you are familiar with Facebook's history, you know that the original idea of ​​this social networking giant actually came from Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard University alumnus Cameron Wenkleworth and Taylor Wenkleworth. But since then, Mark Zuckerberg did not seem to make much […]

Members from Google and Facebook, what kind of fairy team is Square Crypto?

Square Crypto announced today on Twitter that the company has invited three new software engineers. Square Crypto is the cryptocurrency division of the payment company Square, which was founded by Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. These engineers are from the stable currency network Libra led by Lightning Labs, Google and Facebook: Valentine Wallace is […]

The lockdown volume is not the team running, DeFi platform Dharma announced the business transformation plan

This may be one of the most compelling business adjustments ever made in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) field. Dharma P2P lending platform Dharma said it is phasing out existing products and turning to a new platform connected to Compound. Dharma's choice to build a platform based on Compound is a bit unbelievable, because Dharma and […]

Square Q2 Bitcoin sales hit a new high, reaching $125 million, the founder confessed to BTC

Payment company Square announced its second-quarter earnings on Thursday, showing that its Cash App sales of Bitcoin reached $125 million, a record that was almost double that of the first quarter. The report states: “In the quarter, Bitcoin revenues benefited from increased transaction volume from bitcoin prices and generated a total profit of $2 million.” […]

Not only bitcoin! Twitter CEO who is scheduled to invest $10,000 a week in Bitcoin is incorporating more cryptocurrencies into its payment business Square

Jack Dorsey, CEO of social networking Twitter, is taking further steps to integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into his payment business, Square. Square is a very popular American mobile payment company. Dorsey has previously praised Bitcoin. As bitcoin prices have doubled in 2019, Bitcoin has recently experienced a recovery, and most other major cryptocurrencies have […]