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Bitcoin weekly report | 3.12 impact further weakened, core data on the chain dropped by more than 20%

Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. Judging from the data of the past week (03.23-03.29), the data on the chain has fallen further compared with the previous week (03.16-03.22), and the impact of the "3.12 plunge" event has been further reduced. Transaction amount: 03.16-03.22: 8536427.49 BTC 03.23-03.29: 6597952.82 […]

Dismantling the bZx event: just another advance transaction

Written by: Linda Xie, co-founder of blockchain investment agency Scalar Capital, early product manager at Coinbase Translation: Lu Jiangfei Source: Chain News Are they hackers? (Oracle hacker? DEX hacker?) Are they attackers? (Lightning loan attacker? Smart contract attacker?) Or is this arbitrage? (Arbitrage … bad DeFi design?) The two "attacks" involving bZx that occurred on […]

On-chain data February scan: Coin price roller coaster, boosting on-chain data, is there a relationship between the two?

According to CoinDesk data, in February 2020, the price of Bitcoin continued to rise in January, but began to adjust in the middle of the month and fell rapidly at the end of the month. With this ups and downs, what is the trend of Bitcoin's on-chain transactions throughout February, let's review and analyze the […]

Scanning the data on the Bitcoin chain in January (Part 1): Unexpected currency price breakthrough

In the beginning of 2020, a sudden event disrupted the daily lives of the Chinese, including our most important festival each year: the Spring Festival. The impact of this event is comprehensive, from public health events to economic, financial and digital issues. Assets and have a global impact. According to CoinDesk's data, the price of […]

Bitcoin price rushes 10,000, why is the peak of the on-chain data week two days ahead?

In the past week (02.03-02.09), Bitcoin opened a wave of market and broke through the $ 10,000 mark again, but from the data on the main chain, the data did not significantly differ from the previous week (01.27-02.02) increase. However, in terms of head exchanges such as Binance, the relevant data has improved significantly last […]

Weekly data report on the BTC chain: The data on the chain rebounded quickly after the rebound, and the sluggish situation is still difficult to get out of

In the past week (01.06-01.12), according to the data on the main chain, compared with the previous week (12.30-01.05), each data has a significant increase in transaction volume, but in the number of transactions, especially the number of large transactions The increase is limited. From the perspective of transaction volume, with the rise in the […]

A New Decade of Digital Currency Trading: Looking at the Past to See the Future

Author: Tarun Chitra Translation: Zoe Zhou Source: Crypto Valley Editor's Note: The original title was "New Decade of Digital Currency Trading" We are about to enter a new decade. In order to observe how the future of crypto trading has evolved, we need to look at the past of the financial industry first. Historically, every […]

BitMEX's annual "closeout report card" was released, with more than 60% of the orders accounting for nearly $ 13 billion

Source: Shallot Blockchain Unlike the bear market, which lasted for a whole year in 2018, Bitcoin has shown a strong upward performance in the first half of 2019, which has just risen from below $ 4,000 to more than $ 13,000, even in the second half of the year. After the gains retreated, the annual […]

The next decade of crypto trading

This article comes from The Block author | Tarun Chitra Translators | Moni Production | Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) The coming of 2020 also heralds our entry into the next brand-new decade. I believe many people have read many articles about "year-end summary" recently. The same is true for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. […]

Tornado: Introducing hidden trading mechanism for Ethereum

Author: Tornado Cash Translation & Proofreading: Zeng Yan & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts By default, all your transaction history and balances on Ethereum are public. You can view all transactions through a block browser such as Etherscan. If someone knows your address, you can easily get your payment records, track your source of funds, […]