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PewDiePie, the world's largest online red "YouTube One", will work with the decentralized application live platform DLive. PewDiePie, whose fans are over 100 million, will be broadcast live on DLive regularly. It is understood that DLive has 35,000 active anchors during the half year. Does this prove that the blockchain application has begun to come to reality?

Blockchain is widely used, not limited to the payment field. The payment field is more hyped, so the project parties like to get together in it, but it can also have a good harvest in the field. People are slowly shifting their attitudes toward blockchain. Bitcoin showed a rapid rise in the evening yesterday, which led to a wave of rise in the blockchain concept stocks of the US stock market. The amount of energy was not good enough to return to the position of the support line below. The three major diamonds of the platform currency fell, and the shock was like this. If you don't understand, it's best not to move. Don't look at the troubles of others today. In the end, it's all the same way. If you don't rise, you will make up, and you will endure it.


BTC futures prices continue to rise to spot prices, the target has already gone out of three highs, and one is higher than one, but there is not much volume, in this case there are two possible trends, one Is to build a triple top, the bottom of the uptrend line can not be recovered, then the triple top is established, if this trend is confirmed, the rate of decline will be very fast; there is also a trend that yesterday's $5,400 is a test move, Try the pressure above is not strong, in fact, there is no substantial pressure in the 5000-5900 US dollar range, and some are more psychological pressure, if the breakthrough triangle is sorted back to break, it will soon break through the triangle. We quickly pulled up to the target of $5,900, and we prefer the second trend.

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The trend of ETH is difficult to judge, because if the mainstream currency is waiting for the altcoin to stall, then the target's rising logic will disappear, and the triangle will be broken. The 1-hour level macd indicator will diverge downwards and is now stepping back. The support level of 170 US dollars is expected to have some support at this point. At this point, the position can be low, the next target is around 230 US dollars, and the space can still fall below 166 US dollars again.

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Uquid, the payment platform, announced that its users are allowed to use XRP to pay for electricity bills, recharge mobile devices, pay online bills, purchase food stamps, and make PIN-free calls. Mobile users of 600 mobile networks in 150 countries can now use XRP to recharge their mobile phones. XRP has good news almost every day, but we can see that its currency price does not rise, or it is recommended that everyone keep patience. The volume of the two big Yangxian lines is unlikely to be the result of retail investors. The volume of retail investors cannot be so concentrated. And if it is the main force running, the retailer picks up, can it be on the top for so long?

At present, the target is suppressed by 5 antennas, and the shrinkage volume has not fallen deeply. It has not yet effectively broken below 0.348 US dollars. We are still more bullish and more likely to take off at any time. The next target is around 0.43 US dollars. Defensive, fell below $0.348 to lighten up, and fell below $0.3 to stay on the sidelines.

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LTC continued to move sideways, but the 5 antennas have clearly turned heads down. From the time-sharing chart, the words are a bit like M heads. The volume is shrinking. If the volume is insufficient, the bears are easy to force, and there is a drop of $75. The demand, the point support is relatively strong, can be low-sucking, effectively break below 75 US dollars, the M head is established, leaving the market to wait and see.

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BCH's trading volume is close to the volume before the skyrocketing, close to the amount of land, should be selected in the last one or two days, this place should not fall, there must be a rise, so we still do more, do a good job, Breaking $270 to lighten up the position, and then going back to step on $226. At this point, pay attention to the low suck, and the next target is around $410.

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After EOS reached the previous high point, the trading volume could not be effectively enlarged. It is recommended to throw high, wait for the low to suck down, and the low suction point is near 5 US dollars. At this point, you can add the position first, and then effectively reduce the price by 5 dollars. May return to the important support level of $ 4.4.

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TRX maintains its previous views and continues to see more. The breakthrough form is established. The macd indicator reaches a strong area above the zero axis. The moving average system diverge upwards, the volume is effectively enlarged, and the stop loss is set. It effectively falls below 0.028 USD.

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The overall performance of the platform currency is not good, but it does not appear to be the first sign, but also need to be patiently observed, HT maintains yesterday's point of view, has confirmed that the 5 antenna is effective, the 5 antenna head is downward pressure, and the macd indicator is diverging downward again. Down, the market weakened and reduced the position, effectively fell below 2.4 US dollars, pay attention to the departure, top this trend is still not optimistic, at any time it is possible to kill the big Yinxian, pay attention to risk.

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