Articles of Wu Jihan

Wu Jihan debuted on live broadcast: Bitcoin is hardly a safe haven in a volatile world

On the evening of March 25, Zhikuang University organized the "Interview with the Miners of the World". The event was broadcast live on the chain node and a live broadcast. Wu Continental, director and CEO of Bitmain was invited to participate. For the first time in a while. In the live broadcast, Wu Jihan talked […]

Wu Jihan: The Jank group’s silence insider is untrue, and some people take the opportunity to intensify the contradiction between the two.

On the afternoon of November 1, a domestic media published an exclusive manuscript. The manuscript said that on October 29th, the founder of Bitland, Wu Jihan, said, “I must come back to save this company!” After the heavyweight of the mainland, the reason for the Jank group to remain silent is: or involved in the […]

"I must come back to save this company!" Wu Jihan "forced the palace" to regain the position of the mainland

At noon on the 29th, the blockchain industry once again set off a huge wave. An internal email from the founder of Bitland, Wu Jihan, was exposed. According to the e-mail, "all the duties of the Jenke group on Bitland will be released immediately." Moreover, the e-mail ordered the employees of Bitian to stop executing […]

Wu Jihan's latest share: 2-4 million users worldwide, cryptocurrency will soon be widely adopted

From October 8th to 10th, the 2nd Global Digital Mining Summit was held in Frankfurt, Germany. Wu Jihan made a theme sharing. He is still co-founder of Bitland and still holds Bitcoin cash. In his speech, Wu Jihan announced that Bitcoin will release two new bitcoin mining machines, S17+ and T17+. The former has a […]

Wu Jihan's latest speech: Analysis of the market, space and time factors affecting the marketability of Bitcoin

This article is intended to convey more market information and does not constitute any investment advice. The content comes from the latest lectures by the bitland mainland co-founder Wu Jiehan at the Macau Station of the "Mars University Global Blockchain Course Summer Class" at the end of August 2019. In the course, Wu Jihan systematically […]

Wu Jihan turned to the new "continent", is Matrix the next gold mine?

"If you give you another chance to re-select, what do you do?" For many people, this may be a problem they often face when they think about the turning point in their lives. There is no doubt that not everyone will have a clear conscience about their choices, even if they put them in that […]

Uncovering the next big game of Wu Jihan

Wu Jihan, the overlord of the mine, will eventually reach out to finance and trading. On the evening of June 5th, a report gave us a glimpse of Wu Jihan's new work, the digital currency finance project Matrix, which will be officially launched in July. According to The Block, the project was originally a “transaction […]

Wu Jihan came out of the mountain, Matrix will be the next "Bit continent"?

On June 5th, a message suddenly froze in the circle. The long-lost bit of mainland China CEO Wu Jihan will launch a new startup, Matrix, by the end of July, and the company's business direction is over-the-counter (OTC) and asset management. Media analysis, as a project in the internal incubation of Bitcoin, Bitcoin or become […]