ChainNode chain node successfully settled in, opening a new era of Chinese blockchain community

On August 18, 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto registered the domain name of, it is hard to think of it today, ten years later, there will be power from the Chinese community on this website.

On Tuesday (May 7th), the ChainNode chain node successfully entered the website and became its first recommended Bitcoin Chinese community.


The domain was originally registered by Nakamoto and then owned by Martti Malmi. When Nakamoto leaves, he gives ownership of the domain name to someone other than the Bitcoin developer to prevent the Bitcoin project from being controlled by any individual or team.

From 2011 to 2013, the website was mainly used to release a new version of Bitcoin Core. In 2013, the site was redesigned, multiple pages were added, and a translation system was created. In 2014, developer documentation was added.

Today, the website has become a stand-alone open source project, and all regular activities need to be organized through a public pull request process, with thousands of development, maintenance and translation work from around the world. The contributors are spontaneous.

WX20190510-130432 is one of the most important traffic portals in the Bitcoin world, bringing together many Bitcoin users. The entry into is a small step in the ChainNode chain node, but it is a big step for the Chinese blockchain community. The chain node chain CEO Qu Zhaoxiang said:

"We found that, whether on Baidu or Google, search for similar keywords in the Bitcoin official website, the first website that appeared was mostly

This time, we will be able to make our brand more international. On the one hand, most of the internationalization mentioned above is on paper. This time, we will use the actual action to send invitations to overseas communities, hoping to have more global blocks. Chain project cooperation;

On the other hand, compared to the bitcoin community on the BitcoinTalk forum and Reddit, the ChainNode chain node does not need to be translated, does not need to overturn the wall, and is more friendly to new users of the Chinese community. It is an entry point for understanding bitcoin and understanding the blockchain.


This process is not easy. is an open source project, so if you want to settle in, you have to go through the normal open source path, which means understanding the operation of the entire open source community and proposing requirements and contributing code on's GitHub. .

First of all, due to time difference and other reasons, it is impossible to communicate with the administrator of in real time. Secondly, the administrator does not necessarily understand Chinese. When submitting a Chinese website, there will be language barriers. Finally, submits the The content has a strict review and the probability of being rejected is high.

In fact, in the past decade, the entire Chinese blockchain world has only two products, the Bitcoin and the ChainNode chain, which are recommended by


After a month of intermittent, finally on Tuesday, the code submitted by on GitHub was approved, and the ChainNode chain node successfully entered the website and became its first recommended Chinese community. Qu Zhaoxiang said:

"This process is very simple on the surface, it is to submit code, review, pass. In fact, it is very complicated, the administrator will have their own judgment logic, we can not see . If the administrator can not understand your website, then he I will go to know the popularity and exposure of the website . This time I can be seen as the recognition of"


One chain, one world, one star and one node ”, as the earliest and most influential blockchain enthusiast community in China, ChainNode chain node is committed to become the platform of choice for the official Chinese community of global blockchain projects. Blockchain entrepreneurs provide a more complete full-process service and act as a medium for “linking” blockchains and mainstream society, and become a frontier for promoting blockchain culture.

Up to now, there are more than 250 nodes in the ChainNode chain, and 58 live broadcasts (the highest number of viewers is 3.789 million), 115 AMAs (up to 99,500 ), and 12 Chainge technical salons (the total number of participants) More than 2,000 people, more than 600,000 related reports, and many other types of community activities, the response was enthusiastic.


When talking about the recent plan of the ChainNode chain node , Qu Zhaoxiang said:

We listen to our users and continue to enhance our products and services. For example, our recently launched “Defense Complaints” section (pictured above) was set up for the recent high incidence of community rights violations. According to our statistics, the efficiency of rights protection here is very high, and the project parties, exchanges, and wall sellers involved in the complaint can basically respond to the problem in the first time.

In addition, the chain node will be launched in the "Security Intelligence" section next week, and invites top security teams at home and abroad to settle in. For our users, we will be able to see all the security dynamics in the industry in the first place, to avoid the loss of their digital assets. At the same time, we will rank all security teams based on data from multiple dimensions such as the number of vulnerability disclosures. This will be an excellent opportunity for industry leaders to truly focus on the blockchain security team. In the future, we will also provide an open API for other third-party partners to ensure that all network users can obtain relevant information in the first time. As for the medium and long-term planning , Qu Zhaoxiang stressed that

We will continue to strengthen the product experience and transform the chain nodes into a more open blockchain community platform. At the same time, it provides more complete full-process services for blockchain entrepreneurs: from only one idea to the last product launch, the chain node platform will be a gathering place for entrepreneurs and investors.

The "Open Node Plan" of the ChainNode chain node was officially launched in March 2019. Global high-quality project parties, startups, technical teams and self-media can build their own nodes here. Once you have successfully established a node, you can enjoy:

· Premium content is recommended to content partners including Babbitt, priority is given to official micro/app push; · Community activities are free for 1 day, 1 chain link official micro/app push is arranged; · Block entry can enjoy section customization Link service.

For details, please click:

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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