Market analysis on May 10: The big cake sucks blood and replicates the trend of 2017?


BTC pulled up again at 11 o'clock yesterday, and went all the way up, hitting 6200 points to fall back, and continued to fall back. Yesterday's closing price was 6035, and the closing price increased day by day. At the daily level, the price is moving away from the moving average system, and the white space is increased. The MACD indicator deviates from the amplification and goes all the way up. In terms of kinetic energy, the bulls tend to crush. On the whole, the pie continues to rise, and the deviation from the indicators is getting more and more serious. The entry of large funds makes the indicators severely deformed, and the short positions such as the fire coins are harvested. At this time, our ideas are still unchanged, but strictly controlled. Position, once the pie is stopped, it is the time for us to increase the code. In terms of spot, it's a good thing to do so, so you don't have to change positions and wait for it.


The ETH message surface did not actually land, and it was almost digested. The reaction into the disk forms the current equilateral triangle on the daily line. After rising kinetic energy, the speed of the stagnation, the Air Force took over, the price continued to fall, and the pie went the reverse market, the current price around the 7-day line game, walked down the 7-day line, the short-term profitability disappeared, plus the MACD indicator Jincha continued upward The failure of operation tends to be glued, and the ether will face a huge blow. The price will inevitably lead to a large back step and clean up. It will even go to line 56 on the 56th. Short-term ether, do not worry about the spot, do not care too much about the short-term intraday changes in the indicator, the currency can be up, the low position plus the margin. The contract interval 165-173 is high and low.


The XRP box does not come out, it is not necessary, the belief player can add a position at the bottom of the box at 0.28.


LTC has no news of short-term positive and negative interest, and long-term production cuts are neglected at this stage. On the technical level, the price operation has repeatedly tested the 56-day moving average, and obtained support bounce. The rebound space has gradually narrowed. The K-line form performance has become shorter and the shadow line has become shorter and longer into the shadow of the long shadow line. The change and the amount of energy can dominate the short-term for 5 consecutive days, the MACD indicator goes out of the bond, and the fast and slow line opens downward. The market reaches the key node, and whether the 56-day moving average can give support is the current concern. Once the position is broken, the empty order will be decisive. It is not recommended to enter the market without breaking the 71-75 community. Spot players, the same concern, break the position to properly reduce the position and change hands to a strong currency


The leading posture of BCH before disappeared completely, and it was impossible to extricate himself in the quagmire. The deep-line V market of the daily line has been digested, and the market is expected to enter a small box shock market. The gradual attenuation of kinetic energy, the MACD indicator is glued, and the opening has a downward trend. Combined with the message surface, the hard fork will come to the early stage, and there will be a wave of dive shocks, which will open the price range and absorb the low chips. One of the usual means. At present, the spot player is properly involved in the low position. The contract is mainly empty, and the direction is changed as soon as the market changes direction or the fork is approaching.


The EOS cut-off inflation proposal was launched again, and the high probability once again ended in failure. The determination is good, but the resistance is too great. Long-term positive, short-term contact failure will have a negative impact on the disk. Also reflected in the market, the daily level, the price repeatedly hit the 56-day moving average rebound. Open the space, until today's market direct pin break through the 56-day moving average to pull up the pressure on the 21st line, whether the price around the 56-day line can be saved. Spot attention to break the position to properly lighten up or change positions to hedge. Contract breaks empty list


The ETC market has the lowest level of attention, and even the XRP ratio is not good. Compared with the updateability and technical line of the project itself, it is seriously underestimated, and there is not much news. The performance of the entire disk is unbalanced, and each round of downtrend will become a pioneer, which is also closely related to the market's own heat. The current daily level has become the mainstream currency that first fell out of the 56-day moving average, and the MACD side has also increased downwards. The decline in volume and energy is probably the only good news. On the whole, ETC spot, based on the fact that the non-equivalence value is seriously underestimated, can be appropriately added to the position and wait for the value correction. On the contract side, whether the price closes above the 56-day line, can not be empty, can, inter-cell operations.

Summary of the market: History is a circle. BTC is a unique show. When it returned to 17 years, the pies were sucking blood, other currencies were stepped back, the pancakes were adjusted, and other currencies were up. At present, half of the market is re-enacted, and the late probability runs along this trend. This kind of market launch is actually a good news for our spot players. It is not a good thing for the whole player to continue to increase. This is a change of hands, change positions, and the profitability can't keep up with the increase. The market will appear last year. Falling down the market. Differentiation and shocks are the ideal state. In line with the overall market situation at the moment, the BTC6300-6500 gateway has reached the price range of reversal, and there is a time to change the disc to take place. Once it happens, it is the timing for other currencies to make up.


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