ChainNode review: Ballet REAL series hardware wallet

Hello everyone, welcome to this issue of ChainNode evaluation.

Experience fresh and good things.

I'm a guestwoman of ChainNode review, ginger ginger sauce.

At the Wuzhen Blockchain Conference just past last month, I saw a very interesting product.

The protagonist of this review is this product called Ballet, which has the same name as ballet. Can it make me dance in use?

<Out of the box experience>

Ballet packaging is in the hands, the first feeling is simple and simple, in the original color corrugated paper, inlaid with a metal plate.

Unlike other wallets, which work harder to prevent unpacking, Ballet put the security check back on this metal plate (the product itself). I hope that this can be strengthened in the outer packaging of the product later. .

We tear the seal, and the wallet body (metal plate) and a plastic protective shell are embedded in the corrugated paper.

The last page is a description of important content. The storage of the wallet's private key cannot be stolen by others, don't lose the card body, waterproof and easy to save but not fireproof.

The English + picture describes the anti-counterfeiting features and functions on the card wallet, and what information is needed for the card when sending and receiving digital assets. It also shows the download QR code of the wallet management software BalletCrypto.

Ballet is the world's first multi-currency, non-electronic physical digital asset wallet created by Bobby Lee in 2019. Of course, this wallet has a lot of differences in experience with the wallets we have evaluated before.

<Getting started>

Out of the box, we know a little bit about the wallet. Let's take a look at how to operate this wallet. Because the wallet is made in the United States, the general language English is used throughout the description. For my little English user, this experience sets a little threshold.

However, Ballet official may have considered the problems that other language speakers may encounter in use. After Ballet's official website, I finally found the Chinese version of the novice guide. I will follow the official guidelines to operate it.

The first step is to use Ballet's physical inspection for the first time:


1. Ballet corner mark: Confirm whether there is Ballet's proprietary corner mark on the corresponding position on the card.

2. Serial number: check whether the three serial numbers are consistent.

3. Wallet password: confirm whether the scratch coating (wallet password) is complete and has not been scratched.

4. QR code sticker: Check that the QR code sticker (encrypted private key) has not been ripped off.

Deep verification wallet will go to this address and follow further operations

The second step is also very simple. You only need to scan the code to download and install the Ballet Crypto APP. This step is very easy to experience, but the download page of this QR code is slow to open. It may be caused by the Ballet server deployed overseas, but it is also For Ballet, the domestic apple shang'di can be downloaded directly, like it.


ChainNode "big" tip: Unlike other hardware wallets that generate their own private keys, Ballet is a real cold wallet, so there is only one digital asset (private key) stored on the card wallet, and the app we downloaded Just a wallet management tool. In other words, if the card is lost, the assets in the wallet cannot be retrieved, which is different from those wallet products that generate mnemonics and can be recovered by mnemonics.

The third step is to open Ballet Crypto and start asset management.

We first add a wallet, open the app and click [Scan], and scan the QR code on the right of the card to add the wallet successfully.


Activate more currencies. Ballet Wallet supports activation of other currencies in the App. Currently it supports more than 20 mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, etc. The official promise is to continue to increase currency support.


1. Modify the card name (only displayed on this machine)

2. Management currency

3. Get the QR code and address of the receipt

4. Drag and drop to sort currencies

5. Click to activate the currency

Get the receiving address

You can choose to switch between different currencies and get the corresponding receiving address.


1. Share to external applications

2.Click or swipe to switch currencies

<Trading Experience>

Ballet broke many people's understanding of cold wallets, and changed the traditional non-electronic wallet's experience of copying mnemonics or directly copying private keys.

I believe everyone is curious about how it should transfer money and what operations it needs? Back to the app.

1. Click [Send] and select the currency to be transferred.


2. Fill in the transfer form


Currency switching

Scan address QR code

Enter amount

Enter the fee setting page

3. Scratch the password coating on the bottom of the card wallet to get the wallet password, and enter it in the app


Enter the corresponding wallet password

4. Open the QR code on the right of the card wallet and scan the encrypted private key


5. Confirm the transfer information and click [Send].


6. Successful transfer, view transaction details


View all transfer records


As the first non-electronic hardware cold wallet, Ballet is not difficult to use with the official APP.

Simple user experience, multiple asset support, making digital assets at your fingertips is what Ballet brings to me.

Smooth craft design, high-end card texture, very suitable for gifts to friends and relatives.

The Ballet wallet generates a wallet address and a private key for the user in advance, so that zero-based users can easily receive, store and send digital assets.

For security, Ballet is committed to private key management and the production of physical wallets. Ballet uses the industry's first private key multinational production process (2FKG) .


Using the BIP38 industry standard, the private key of the Ballet wallet can be encrypted in a "double-blind" manner, and the encrypted private key can be generated without obtaining the wallet password itself.

Therefore, during the entire production process, the wallet password and the encrypted private key need not be combined electronically at all, further ensuring the absolute security of the wallet.


Chain Zuo Mall is officially online. Now open Chain Zuo Mall, Ballet takes home with a little hand shake, and you can quickly experience this "black technology" from the United States without Haitao.

It can be said that the Ballet wallet is built for long-term storage of digital assets, avoiding the new form of digital asset storage provided by traditional hardware wallets that will "brick" after a long time.

<Personal experience score>

Note: subjective score, for reference only

Appearance 4

Security 4

Easy to use 5

Portable 5

Follow the ChainNode's official Weibo, forward and comment on this video, we will draw 3 lucky geese, and each will send a Ballet hardware wallet

On the Babbitt official website or APP , leave a comment in the comment area at the bottom of this video. We will select two lucky people from all the comments and each will give a Ballet hardware wallet

This is the end of this period of evaluation. The evaluation of fresh and good things is in Babbitt & Chain Node. Who should we talk about in the next evaluation? Waiting for you to leave a message.

Bottom exposed

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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