CSW is recognized by the US Copyright Office as Nakamoto, but is the community promised?

Anyone can register any work, but if the real owner of a work finds you registered his/her work, then you will be sued in court.

Craig S. Wright has completed the US copyright registration for the original Bitcoin white paper and most of the original code (version 0.1). Importantly, Craig S. Wright, the pseudonym of "Satoshi Nakamoto", is the author of the bitcoin white paper and code, in the copyright registration information published by the US Copyright Office. It was also the first government agency to recognize Craig S. Wright's identity.

Craig S. Wright claims to be the creator of Bitcoin and is currently the chief scientist of nChain, which specializes in blockchain technology consulting, research and development, and uses Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) to promote the widespread adoption of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin white paper was first published online in 2008 under the pseudonym “Zhongben Cong”. Nakamoto was also the first bitcoin code author to be used in January 2009. In the past ten years, the true identity of Bitcoin creators has been aroused the concern and curiosity of the entire community, especially in the late 2015 and early 2016, when some media reported that Craig Wright was a controversial issue after Nakamoto.

It is worth noting that when reviewing Craig Wright's copyright application, the US Copyright Office examiners considered the Bitcoin white paper and code to be “great works” and realized that there were many problems surrounding the pseudonym “Zhongben Cong”. After receiving the confirmation that Craig Wright's self-certification was by Nakamoto, the U.S. Copyright Office granted the following registration information:

1. The article entitled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer E-Cash System" completed in 2008. The US copyright registration number is TXu 2-136-996, effective date April 11, 2019. The author of this registration is Craig Steven Wright, who uses the pseudonym Nakamoto.

2. The “Bitcoin” computer program completed in 2009 and first released on January 3, 2009, the US copyright registration number is TX-8-708-058, effective date April 13, 2019. The author of this registration is Craig Steven Wright, who uses the pseudonym Nakamoto. Wright has written most of the Bitcoin client software version 0.1, and this registration covers some of his content.

Blockchain media Coingeek believes Craig Steven Wright is now legally recognized as a Bitcoin creator, and his purpose in applying for copyright registration is to see that the original design of the original Bitcoin has been confused by the protocol developer – first It is the Bitcoin Core (BTC) in 2017, followed by Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 2018. Craig Steven Wright was very disappointed with this because the changes in the "Non-Zhong Ben Cong Agreement" were made by the developers themselves, and they did not agree that the Bitcoin blockchain should be expanded on a large scale. More importantly, Craig Steven Wright believes Bitcoin is a monetary system that operates within the existing legal framework, unlike the path that other developers are trying to follow.

It is reported that Craig Steven Wright will assign the Bitcoin white paper and code copyright registration to the Bitcoin Association to benefit the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin Association is a Bitcoin global organization that supports BSV and has Bitcoin SV client software. Jimmy Nguyen, founder of Bitcoin Association, commented:

“We are very happy to see Craig Steven Wright as the author of the Bitcoin white paper and early code. He knows better than anyone that Bitcoin is a large blockchain that can provide billions of people worldwide. E-cash and become the largest global data ledger for enterprise applications. We look forward to working with Craig Steven Wright and others to ensure the original vision of Bitcoin and through the BSV."

Industry sound

In fact, it has been pointed out that copyright registration does not imply ownership and is not an official patent. Content copyrights allow anyone to register, as this makes it easier to prepare for litigation related to ownership.

Computer code and white papers can be protected by copyright because they are considered literary works. In addition, the US Copyright Office also mentioned:

“In general, registration is voluntary, and copyright exists from the time the work is created. But if you want to file a lawsuit that infringes a US work, you must register.”

In other words, anyone can register for any work, but if the real owner of a work finds you registered his/her work, then you will be sued in court.

Jerry Brito, executive director of Coin Center, a US think tank, wrote on Twitter that:

“Registration of copyright is just a submission form. The US Copyright Office does not investigate the validity of the application. They are only registered. Unfortunately, there is no formal channel to challenge the registration information. If there is a competitive work to apply for copyright registration, the US Copyright Office will The works are registered."

New York City Intellectual Property Lawyer David H. Faux explains:

“People register copyright for a reason. They want to use this copyright registration and hope to get credit. Some dishonest people will register the copyright of Bitcoin white paper and put it on their website to brag, but in the future, these people If you will suffer, the market will not let go of these people."

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