Market analysis: market consolidation, waiting for direction selection

What spurred this round of bitcoin's recovery? MarketWatch columnist Aaron Hankin has given four possible explanations. Aaron Hankin said that, first of all, from a technical point of view, Bitcoin has broken through some important technical levels and there has been an upward trend. Secondly, bitcoin is widely accepted, and digital assets have been difficult to gain attention, especially from institutional investors, but this situation is slowly changing. According to a recent survey by asset management firm Fidelity, nearly half of institutional investors believe that digital assets can play a role in their portfolios, while 22% of institutional investors already have some form of digital currency. At the same time, the market's sentiment on Bitcoin has also changed. Negative articles on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming less and less, and the impact of negative news is no longer as big as before. The Bitcoin bulls did not back down when the currency was hacked to steal about $40 million in bitcoin.


BTC continued to oscillate sideways and did not follow BNB. That is to say, BNB can't drive the market's enthusiasm. Only BTC can. We can see from the daily chart that the target 5 antennas are wearing 10 antenna lines. In the long position, pay attention to whether the target can pull out the big Yangxian again. If the target continues to fluctuate sideways, there is a risk of losing 5 antennas. The support of $7,700 is a more effective position. After the break, it will return to $6,800, 6800. The US dollar is the dividing line for us to judge the strength of the market. If it falls below $6,800, the trend is bearish.


ETH is maintained above 5 antennas, 5 antennas are headed upwards, hourly level macd indicators are back above zero axis, volume is slightly shrinking, focus on directional choice, the bottom support is around $225, The role of the point is equivalent to the support of the BTC of $6,800. It is the last line of defense for the bulls. It falls below this point, the adjustment period is extended, and the risk is paid. If it breaks through 279 dollars again, it will be invalid and will be bullish to 300 dollars.


The XRP is currently on top of the 5 antennas, and the 5 antennas have turned heads upwards. There is a need for further pull-ups. If the 5 antennas are lost, they may step back to support near $0.37. We think that the point has strong support. This point can be appropriately low-sucking, and a volume of $0.48 is bullish to $0.57.


BCH yesterday's exit changed, but the pressure on the top was strong. The target received a crosshair. At present, the target is maintained above the 5 antennas. The moving average system is arranged in a long position, but the upper platform is under pressure, focusing on 5 antennas and 10 antennas. If you lose 10 antennas, the target may go a small double head and will continue to look for support. If you don't fall below 5 antennas, you may oscillate up to $510.

EOS EOS is relatively healthy, and is currently consolidating. The 5 antennas have been turning heads upwards. If the trend is upward, if the $6.8 point can be successfully broken, the target may rise to $8, and the defense will effectively fall below 5 antennas. Should be lighten up, fell below $ 5.7 to leave.


The total market value of LTC has been almost the same as that of the late BNB. If the target is not pulled out in a decent manner, it is estimated that it will not be exceeded for a long time. The target does not follow the market and may follow the market and step back to the US$85. Near the support level, below this point, you need to reduce the position. If you fall below the support of 72 dollars, you need to wait and see. If the target is stable at the 100-dollar mark, the bearish will be invalid and will restart a new uptrend.


Yesterday, BNB changed, BNB continued to open up space with a short-selling market. There is no historical set-up disk above. Only the profit-taking disk, the volume of the target yesterday continues to enlarge, or run along the 5 antennas, pay attention to the gain and loss of 5 antennas, miss 5 antennas can be lightened to deal with the situation, it is best not to open a new position for the target, continue to hold before falling below 5 antennas.

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