DevCon sees the fourth day: Chainlink pushes the new currency predictor; OpenLibra is beaten

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The Odaily Sunday newspaper made a series of special reports on this year's DevCon. The fourth day of the conference does not seem to be as exciting as the previous days. It is a special way to track the real name of DevCon's freelance writer Mikael Bondum. And see:

Need to pay attention to avoid typhoon

The last day of the meeting is usually very compelling. However, because the super typhoon "Haibeisi" is about to come, Japan has canceled more than 1,000 flights, most of which are still the next day of the conference – Saturday. Therefore, many of DevCon's participants were changed to Friday.

I can feel the typhoon too much across the screen.

Therefore, the attendance rate of various activities on DevCon's last day is not so high. The Panel Debate venue, hosted by the most eye-catching V gods, is no longer crowded, and there are even empty seats in the front row.

One of the themes of this panel discussion was “The Main Stages of Interoperability between Blockchain Communities”, and the debated members included Jae Kwon and leaders in the Zcash and Ethereum Classic communities.

“Unfortunately, there is not much debate involved, and the debate has become more dialogue. Because there are fewer listeners to ask questions in the first few days, and this may lead to some discussion,” Mikael wrote.

According to Mikael's visual observation, the number of people attending the closing ceremony was only half of the opening ceremony. This inspires us to pay attention to avoiding typhoons in Japan.

Fortunately, Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov shared a lot of progress on this star project.

Chainlink pushes the rumor function of 7 SGD

Chainlink is the most highly anticipated oracle project on the Ethereum, and currently has a market capitalization ranking 14th on CoinMarketCap.

Nazarov also made a speech on stage. It revealed that Chainlink will launch seven-currency price oracles (DAI, USD, 0x, Augur's REP, Wrapped Bitcoin, Basic Attention Token) on Ethereum, which will allow developers to synchronize chain price data to the chain. And applied to programs such as gambling.

On the official Twitter link of Chainlink, it also prompts users that it recently introduced a tool to protect the privacy of smart contracts, a "chain solution for private DeFi contracts."

Despite the release of these news, LINK remains relatively stable.

Ethereum Public Welfare: Establishing UNICEF Encrypted Monetary Fund

Another news on DevCon is that the Ethereum Foundation will launch a new UNICEF cryptocurrency fund that has provided cryptocurrency to the UNICEF National Committee in France (probably Ethereum). It will “receive and pay for cryptocurrencies in Ethereum and Bitcoin.” The cryptocurrency received by the fund will be allocated to open-end funds to benefit “children and young people around the world”.

Let "OpenLibra" become a hot spot

On DevCon's second day, developer and Wireline co-founder Lucas Geiger announced that they will create Libra's unlicensed version of "OpenLibra", which will be attended by 30 blockchain companies from Cosmos, Chainlink, Web3, Democracy Earth and more. Non-profit organizations.

However, the participants did not wait for two days to get rid of the relationship. According to Coindesk, the creators of OpenLibra initially introduced incorrect information about participating members. Four individuals and organizations have denied participation in the project; others have pointed out that their participation has been exaggerated.

Sunny Aggarwal, core developer of Tendermint Inc., said:

“I took part in a community OpenLibra event, and I didn’t do anything after that. No one asked me until my name appeared on the slide (introducing the OpenLibra project).”

In addition to Aggarwal, representatives from Chainlink, the Web3 Foundation and Hashed also stated that their names were also used without permission.

Lucas Geiger, founder of the OpenLibra project, later apologized to the parties for the matter. But Geiger did not confirm which of the 30 lists released on Wednesday were "potential partners" and which were actual partners of the OpenLibra project. So far, nine people have directly confirmed their participation in the OpenLibra program.

Despite a little episode on the last day, Mikael Bondum was happy for this trip to Devcon.

"This is a great event, I am already looking forward to devcon next year!"

Original article, author: Huang Xue Jiao

Source: Planet Daily

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