Directly hit the number of fairs: see how industry experts can explore the blockchain to empower the real economy

On May 28th, the 2019 Blockchain Technology Development Forum (GBF) with the theme of “Technology Innovation and Integration” was held at the Guiyang International Ecological Conference Center. The forum was hosted by the Organizing Committee of the 2019 China International Big Data Expo, hosted by the China Institute of Information and Communications, and co-organized by Teleinfo and the Odaily Planet Daily.

As an extension of the high-end dialogue on the 27th, the forum discussed the cognition and understanding of the development trend of the blockchain through the presentation of the forum, and shared the blockchain in the construction of the “trusted digital society” ecological field.

In this forum, Baidu, Huawei, Ant Financial and other Internet giants, some of the network letter office record blockchain enterprise representatives and well-known academic professors around the three levels of construction, empowerment and leadership, more in-depth discussion of blockchain technology The value of the digital society.

At the beginning of the forum, Zhang Haitao, deputy director of the Guiyang Municipal People's Congress of Guizhou Province, delivered a speech. On behalf of the CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee, the Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal Government, and the CPPCC, Zhang Haitao expressed his warm congratulations to the "2019 Blockchain Technology Development Forum" and expressed warm welcome to the guests.

Zhang Haitao

Zhang Haitao said that the traditional industry actively embraces blockchain technology, which greatly improves efficiency while reducing trust costs. In the future digital wave, blockchain technology will unlock huge potential and promote the development of digital technology in a reliable and sustainable direction.

Li Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of China Information and Communication Research Institute, also delivered a live speech. He said that the blockchain has gradually landed in non-financial fields such as medical care, digital copyright, election voting, supply chain management, and credit reporting, and has gradually become a new force across industries and sectors. 2019 will be the key to the development of blockchain applications. One year,

Li Yong

The guests at the scene also gave a keynote speech on “Technology Innovation and Integration”.

Regarding the blockchain application scenario, Gao Hong, deputy general manager of the National Research Institute of Innovation Science Park, gave his answer. He believes that there are six innovative application scenarios in the blockchain, namely: 1. Management chain (blockchain invoice, real estate license chain), tender chaining; 2. Evidence chaining (contracting chain); 3. Knowledge Property chain (creative, streaming media); 4. quality chain; 5. capacity chain (supply chain finance); 6. distribution chain (poverty alleviation).

Various technology companies also took the opportunity to announce the practice of their own blockchain projects.

Xiao Wei, director of Baidu Blockchain Lab, said that Baidu blockchain (XuperChain) can handle 65,000 TPS per second, 20,000 TPS across the network, network delay open network less than 3 seconds, and alliance network less than 10 ms. The contract supports both Solidity and Go languages.

Xiao Wei

Xu Hui, chief product architect of ant blockchain, said that the ant blockchain currently has more than 30 scenarios. In the past two years, it has focused on two things: one is to build a self-controllable, financial-grade blockchain platform; the second is to explore Blockchain application, serving the real economy.

Xu Hui

In response to data privacy issues, Wang Menghan, product manager and senior product director of Ping An Financial's account-chain block team, said that the current three bottlenecks encountered by blockchain applications: data privacy issues, system-driven disputes and performance choices. In response to these bottlenecks, Credit Accounting has given its own solutions using technology and governance innovation.

In addition to the keynote speech, the round-the-table dialogue was also held around the three themes: the standards and challenges of data-winding, the filing company, and the digital economy. They were respectively edited by O Xiaoying Planetary Daily Editor Lu Xiaoming, founder and CEO Wang Mengdie, and partner Yuan. Jun presided over.

(round table dialogue)

For the value of data uplink, Fu Xueming, professor of Shanghai University and key deputy director of the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science, believes that there are three main points: 1. Data uplink helps to solve data sharing difficulties and transparency issues; 2. Some are prone to disputes. After the data is linked, the cost of achieving trust can be reduced. 3. It can improve the efficiency of the government and enterprises and promote the convenience of people's lives.

However, Xiao Wei, director of the Bank of China Law Research Association, also pointed out that there are some problems in the data chain, such as who belongs to the data after the data is chained, how to protect it, and there are still some blind spots in China's current law.

In the "recording enterprise" round-table dialogue, Haier Haichuang CEO Zhang Wei believes that the business needs to use blockchain, depending on the specific problem, not blockchain for the blockchain.

Regarding the difficulties encountered in the development of the blockchain, many guests said that the policy would be an important factor. At the same time, some guests said that the blockchain will have more and more landings this year, combined with the real economy.

In the "Digital Economy" round-table dialogue, Zhang Xiaojun, director of Huawei's blockchain project, said that the digital economy refers to taking data to promote the economy, but where the data comes from is a problem. The blockchain is actually acquiring data, which ensures the reliability and effectiveness of data acquisition. Wang Xiaoming, founder and CEO of HPB core chain, believes that blockchain brings intelligent contracts that cannot be tampered with for the digital economy, as well as data autonomy, allowing data to truly return to each terminal.

In the warm applause, the 2019 Blockchain Technology Development Forum (GBF) was announced. At this point, the 2019 number of the Expo blockchain block was perfect.

On May 26, 2019 China International Big Data Industry Expo opened in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. Blockchain section is one of the highlights of the Expo, hosted by the China International Big Data Expo Organizing Committee, jointly hosted by the Central Radio and Television Headquarters Financial Channel, hosted by China Institute of Information and Communication, co-organized by Taier Yingfu, Odaily Planet Daily Exclusive media coverage. The blockchain section of the Expo will consist of two parts: “High-end Dialogue of Blockchain” and “Blockchain Technology Development Forum (GBF)”.

Author | Qin Xiaofeng

Edit | Lu Xiaoming

Produced | Odaily Planet Daily

Original title: The Digital Expo Blockchain Technology Development Forum was held, and experts in production and learning discussed the empowerment of the real economy.

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