Do not understand technology? Talking about project investment opportunities from the operational level

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A new round of financing boom is coming in the form of IEO. Many old projects in the market are still struggling to survive, and new projects have to divert funds. The projects in the land are not known to be killed or injured when the bull market arrives. How can we avoid catching the zero-return coins as an important skill that the coin investors need to get. A very important evaluation standard is the code quality. As an open source project, the code quality is hard core, and the direct display is that it cannot be faked. Technical hard power, but not everyone can understand the code, the author as a senior old leeks, summed up a set of methods from the operational level, I hope to be useful to you. Looking at the project from the operational level, the judgment criteria are mainly divided into the following three items: community temperature, operational rhythm, and degree of reliability. In the short-term, the community, the medium-term rhythm, and the long-term project, but the relationship between the three is progressive, the community has temperature, the user will be active, the operator's rhythm mastery can come in handy, thus belonging to the project itself The community grows in the rhythm, and after the community grows, the ultimate goal is achieved by the dual promotion of technology and users. Let's talk about these three aspects separately:

Community with temperature

Why do you need to have temperature in your operation? Community construction mainly depends on two key points, one is the incentive mechanism, and the other is emotional maintenance. The incentive mechanism is very important, but at present, the plagiarism between the various projects and the setting of the incentive mechanism are very different. Moreover, even if innovation is quickly copied, the incentive mechanism alone cannot form barriers. So as long as the incentive mechanism is set up, the focus is on emotional maintenance, which is the “community temperature” in this article. The real retention of users in emotional maintenance includes giving users a sense of participation, honor, and self-esteem. How to do these specific projects requires consideration by the project. For the user, after entering the community, observe the rules formulated by the project party and how they deal with people and things. When the rules are similar, the project that is not humane is very SB. In addition to contact with the official, the community temperature is also reflected by the interaction, communication, and activity between the users (including the external personnel of the project side). Each project is different. It is not good to specifically set the indicators for quantification, but the temperature is Things can come to the community after entering the community. A community with temperature can make users feel like they are in the water, and the external staff of each node in the operation process will give users a feeling of project dependability.

The community without temperature will not attract users at all. In the long run, it is easy to have problems inside. When you find that the main external characters of a project "small secretary" have no temperature, you need to evaluate it. When you enter a major community of a project, but only every day, life is heavy, black smoke, indicating that the community user recognition is not high, you need to further observe, contact the official staff of the project, if at the same time find the official no sense of responsibility, speak the bureaucracy, do things go Even if it does not respond directly, the community temperature is 0 points directly. It is recommended to stay away before there is significant improvement. In fact, the community temperature is more vivid in the fund-trading circle. Those who are called “team leaders” are the nodes that can bring the temperature of the community. The users under the same "team leader" call each other "family", the better the atmosphere between the "home people", the higher the temperature of the community, the more motivated people are to pull people, the less likely the plate will collapse in the short term. Therefore, although most people who play the funds know that there will always be a collapse, but because the "team leader" he follows can bring the community temperature and increase the survival rate of the plate, there will always be people who follow the profit and loss. Vice versa, the more temperature the community has, the less power there is, and the faster the crash.

Let's take the example of two coins. I only say that the deeds don't say the name, and I understand naturally. First, the more well-known projects are now in a bear market when they go online. There is no news in each group of the currency circle. They cannot be distinguished by user interaction, but for all questions in the group, some people will give answers, sometimes official operations, sometimes other users. And the problem for the technicians will be specifically drawn into a technical group for project-related technical exchanges. The incentive mechanism is put in place, and the relevant incentives for the people who contribute to the community are distributed on time; the feedback is handled properly, and the invalid feedback information will be thanked first to explain the situation; the community has more human feelings, the founder is free to chat with the user, and there is an emergency service. Direct private chat, no need to go through the process. The investment funds of this project have already been over-recovered, but I have never sold short of the bulls and bears. Of course, it has also stabilized in the forefront of the international market. The other is a counterexample. In January 18, a private project invested in private investment at that time, there was not much investment, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Later, after the product came out, I went to experience it and found some small problems and gave them feedback. The customer service staff did not expect this person to come up and diss said that I don't understand this. I don't understand that. I integrated the other factors of the project and didn't argue with him. I chose to leave the meat directly. I just went to see it. Although this project still There is a line on the trading platform, but from the 18th of November to the present, basically zero daily trading volume, basically declared zero.

Operating rhythm

In the circle of blockchain, the most important thing in operation is to dare to do things. Judging from the price of the secondary market, it will be found that there are some "bad money to drive out good money" phenomenon that will do things. In fact, in the market where there is no real application, many technologies are open source and mutual copy. Things are an important ability. The so-called operational rhythm is that we can plan things in advance and link them together to form a synergy to increase the brand effect or expand the size of the community. The impact of the news on the blockchain market may be unprecedented, and the pace of operation is also mastered. Therefore, it is especially important to do things for a while, and always keep things cool.

If the community temperature is doing well, it is not difficult to do a good job. As long as you do a good job planning, master the relevant resources, and do the details processing and execution in place, the probability of success is much higher than failure. In fact, what we have seen is the same. There have been many successful events, but the sponsors have successfully completed many activities, and finally they have mixed into the situation of no one to care. This is no rhythm. It is always a small number to master the rhythm transformation, launch new activities, formulate new rules, and release new news. Many of these seemingly announced things are predicted in advance by the rhythm control, according to the development track of the medium and long term. The goal, he will plan the corresponding time node, make good use of every fermentable event to achieve the intended purpose. In addition to the long-term rhythm, the operational rhythm has a very important point is the short-term resilience – for the recent hot events, he will quickly find out the relationship between the hotspot and the project, and then the first time "hot spot" traffic; If there is any black material in the project, it needs to be promptly publicized and give a reasonable response as soon as possible.

Project level

Project reliability is the foundation for giving the vitality of a project, and it is also the most basic principle of value investment. If you don't understand technology and evaluate a project on your own, look at the following three points: people, things, money.

People, that is, the ability of team members and consultants. Investment is the investment, and talent is the most important factor in promoting the completion of the project. If you decide to invest in a project, it is still necessary to take a look at the team's information. How do the founding team members match, what important people have the ability to prove the ability, what are the black spots, whether there have been bad records, now The network is so developed, as long as you can find it in general, if you need it, you can even go directly to the company to feel it.

The matter, that is, the goal described in the white paper can be achieved. In the crazy 2017, a white paper can be used to finance, but after the tide recedes, those projects in the white paper that are going to be in the sky will be abandoned first, and zero will be realized at the earliest. The essence of blockchain technology is a book. At present, the biggest application is only the issue of currency. It is unrealistic to expect to solve the problem by issuing a coin. In particular, if a project sends a coin, it will be "God". Good to touch, at least a logical thing to say logically.

Money refers to two aspects. One is whether money is enough, and the other is market value and ceiling. The project is expected to cost much, how much money is already there, and whether a well-known investment institution is willing to give it money. This is the funding guarantee that the project will not “develop half, but the middle road collapses”. The society is very realistic. Don't talk about dreams for people who don't have bread. The team has no money in hand. It will be difficult to advance the project, and the probability will fall to the unmaintained situation.

If the project has money in hand, it is necessary to evaluate the current market value. This requires judging the ceiling of a field. If you think that the ceiling of a project is 10 billion, and the current market value has reached 10 billion, then don't invest. See the community in the short term, watch the rhythm in the medium term, and look at the project in the long run It can be seen that although the degree of reliability is the cornerstone of a project, in reality, some projects that are not reliable, even the “negative and game” funds, will be hot because of their community temperature and operational rhythm, but participate. This kind of project is like a fire in the fire, the risk is great; the project with poor operation rhythm will find that the community atmosphere is good, the project is also reliable, but it is difficult to form exponential user growth; if the community is not good, it will be miserable and cannot retain users. Whether the rhythm is good or bad, reliable or not is a nonsense.

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