Ethereum EthCC officially opens, conference highlights (continuously updated)

EthCC, the Ethereum conference, is now officially open with ongoing updates on the conference highlights.

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) officially opened in Paris, France on July 17, 2023. The conference will last for 4 days and, like previous conferences, ETHCC6 will focus on Ethereum’s core technology, bringing together Ethereum developers, researchers, and enthusiasts to explore the latest developments and trends in Ethereum and blockchain technology. The topics covered include Layer 1, Layer 2, wallets, DeFi, DAO, etc. It is expected that Ethereum core developers, researchers, project teams, and other technical community members from around the world will participate in the conference. The estimated number of attendees for this conference is over 5000.

Key Contents of the Conference

July 17

1. Gnosis Chain released the decentralized payment network Gnosis LianGuaiy and the self-custody debit card Gnosis Card

On July 17, Gnosis Chain announced the release of the decentralized payment network Gnosis LianGuaiy and the self-custody debit card Gnosis Card at the EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference) in Paris. Gnosis LianGuaiy is based on Gnosis Chain, enabling Web3 developers to integrate various traditional payment methods, including Visa, allowing users to directly consume encrypted assets from their wallets at any place that accepts Visa. Gnosis Card is a Visa-certified self-custody consumer debit card that requires KYC authentication. It is built on the decentralized payment network Gnosis LianGuaiy and directly linked to on-chain wallets, supporting various offline and online card payments, with each transaction processed through smart contracts. In addition, Gnosis LianGuaiy supports users to bind ENS with the card, allowing it to be used with any wallet. Each community or wallet can issue its own branded Visa card.

2. Lens Protocol officially released V2 version

On July 17, Lens Protocol, a Web3 social protocol, officially released its V2 version during the EthCC conference in Paris. It focuses on openness, composability, profit sharing, trust, and security. Users can now directly execute external smart contract operations within Lens publications, and the ability to interact with smart contracts within social media is added in Lens V2.
New permissions for third-party contract operations are added, including whitelist functionality, minting NFTs on Sound (Ethereum mainnet), minting NFTs on Opensea (Polygon), etc. Asset management functionalities are added, including delegation of operations to any wallet, allowing users to use other wallets to execute operations instead of being limited to a single wallet; storing personal profiles directly on hardware wallets and being able to use them in another wallet; the new version supports storing DAO or community personal profiles on multisignature wallets and being able to use them from one or multiple addresses. This ensures the security and access control of personal profiles and allows multiple addresses to be associated with them, etc.

    EthCC Agenda (partial)

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