Hong Kong stock company "Ke Di Agriculture" terminates blockchain cooperation, and the partner "Ba Ping Tianxia" is suspected of pyramid schemes

Kedi Agriculture got off the bus, where do other listed companies go?

According to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's disclosure of easy news, Hong Kong stock listed company Kedi Agricultural Holdings Co., Ltd. (stock code: 08153.HK, referred to as "Ke Di Agriculture") announced that it will terminate on April 17, 2019. The cross-border e-commerce platform project of Blockchain Technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd. and Baping Tianxia International Media Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Despite the loss of the “blockchain” concept stocks, the stock price of Kedi Agriculture (stock code: 08153.HK) has not been affected. This morning, the Hong Kong stock market opened, the stock price continued to rise, currently temporarily reported 0.084 Hong Kong dollars, the day rose by 23.53%.

The block stock concept stock has risen 100%

Kedi Agriculture, formerly known as “China 3C Group Co., Ltd.”, its main business includes: providing digital TV and advertising services, providing car beauty services and money lending business.

(Corporate Agriculture Annual Report)

On December 10, 2018, Kedi Agriculture announced that it will cooperate with the above two companies to cooperate with the cross-border e-commerce platform project. For the project, the official introduction said:

Taking the public welfare concept of precision poverty alleviation and county a product as the entrance (first pilot to launch 117 counties), and introducing the products and services of listed companies with a number of listed company platforms, and bringing in the employee turnover of 30 million listed companies, through the first travel payment The consumer finance scene is set to be an advanced population, driving overseas real estate and sales of quality products at home and abroad, aiming to create a one-stop credit consumption cross-border e-commerce platform that integrates public welfare, entrepreneurship and Huimin.

However, the official details of the project have not been disclosed; the progress of the project is still unknown.

It is worth mentioning that after the announcement of cooperation, Kedi Agriculture (stock code: 08153.HK) surged more than 10% on December 11, and the stock price soared more than 85% on December 12. The blockchain concept stock, once considered the most powerful, has a good situation.

Partner suspected of pyramid scheme

One reason for the termination of cooperation between Kedi Agriculture may be that the blockchain concept is no longer able to bring a big jump to the company's share price.

On March 30 this year, the website of the website was listed on the blockchain.

As a blockchain concept stock, Kedi Agriculture (stock code: 08153.HK) shares rose only 2.56% on April 1, but the growth rate of other blockchain stocks is significantly weaker. In the following days, the company's share price has been sluggish and has not ushered in a major outbreak.

However, a more important reason for this termination of cooperation may be that the company's partners are suspected of pyramid schemes.

Yidao Donglian Blockchain Technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd., one of the partners, was established in June 2018. It is a company engaged in the development of blockchain technology. At present, it knows very little about it and its products are unknown.

In contrast, another partner of the company, Baping Tianxia International Media Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Ba Ping World") is more famous, the company has been deeply immersed in the pyramid scheme.

The main business of Baping Tianxia is the production and distribution of rental advertisements for friends. It is responsible for building a promotion and promotion platform for cross-border e-commerce companies.

The company was formerly known as Shandong Baping Tianxia Advertising Media Co., Ltd., which operates the Ba Ping Tianxia APP. On December 10, 2018, Ba Ping Tianxia APP announced that the company's main body was relocated to Hong Kong and operated by Ba Ping Tianxia International Media Network Technology; In addition, Ba Ping Tian said that it is seeking a backdoor listing, but it is still not listed until today.

(Listing Declaration)

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily news, the Ba Ping World APP is suspected of pyramid schemes. In the "Ba Ping World" APP, pay 99 yuan to become an ordinary member, senior members to 999 yuan; for ordinary members, receive the so-called task to send a circle of friends, and then keep two hours, then submit a task screenshot upload, you can earn 8 yuan. Similarly, senior members are also the above steps, but earn more, 40 yuan a day. Its promotion and bonus system is as follows:

(Ba Ping world promotion system)

According to the Yantai Evening News, the network security guard detachment of the Yantai Municipal Public Security Bureau once reminded that the “Ba Ping World” APP, through the circle of friends, is actually suspected of pyramid scheme-style illegal fund-raising.

Odaily Planet Daily found that the current Pa Ping Tianxia APP has been completely removed from the domestic Android application market.


As a listed company, Kedi Agriculture should conduct a detailed investigation of its partners before cooperating. After all, when the cooperation was announced, Baiping has been suspected of pyramid schemes. Even if there is no conclusive evidence, should we choose carefully?

Kedi Agriculture has gotten off the chariot from the blockchain. What other companies will choose?

Author: Qin Xiaofeng

Editor: Liang Chen

Source: Planet Daily

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