How to create a correct view of wealth through the currency?

Currency Circle Vanity Fair

Since June, the currency has not stopped.

On June 4th, Sun Yuchen, the founder of the wave field, successfully photographed the Buffett 20th Anniversary Charity Luncheon for $45.678 million. The high-profile gorgeous opened the prelude of the June coin circle.

This news alarmed the inside and outside of the currency, so that many people outside the currency know that there is a young man after 90, becoming the fourth Chinese and Buffett lunch. This news has successfully jumped out of the currency circle and became the headline of major financial and social sectors. It can be said that it is well-known outside the circle, and it is well-known overseas.

On the evening of June 10, the original Bitcom partner Zhang Wei revealed that Biti founder Hui Wei died on June 5, only 42 years old. According to the information circulating on the Internet, Hui Yu suspected that he had used the customer's 2000 BTCs, and used 100 times of leverage to make a short position, eventually choosing to commit suicide. According to the BTC's current price of 56,000 yuan, the capital loss caused by the explosion of the warehouse exceeded 100 million yuan.

For a time, people in the currency circle talked hotly, feeling that they cherish life and stay away from leverage.

Indeed, there is a saying in the investment community that as for wealth, whoever lives longer, whoever wins.

On June 13th, it was 4 days since the money banket TokenStore was suspected of running. Local rights activists actively rushed to the relevant departments to reflect the situation. According to the latest news, the number of victims has risen to 3,000 because of the road running. The amount of fraud has not been known, but it has already exceeded 100 million.

The currency circle is really lively, from ICO, IMO, IFO to IEO, ILO, it can be said that fancy gameplay is endless, constantly challenging the awareness and limits of the holders.

As a practitioner in the blockchain industry, but every time I see the information on these currency circles, some people are broken and some people get rich overnight, they will feel scared.

Money devil's eye

It is said that the blockchain is an industry that is very close to money. In this industry, the myth of wealth is being performed every day, stimulating people's nerves.

As a blockchain practitioner, at the beginning of the trip, it will indeed be shocked by the myth of the blockchain wealth, envying people's eyes and knowing the pearls. But looking at it, watching it for a long time, but the heart is like water, and thinking is extremely fearful.

It is said that money is the most intelligent species. After the market's resource allocation, money will eventually flow into the place where money can be used to make money. Capital and resources will also gather in value.

But money is also awkward, and its devil's eye is the most insightful of human nature . Money can best see a person's nature and greed, let greedy people wind up the waves, lose their way in the huge waves of wealth, and eventually be swallowed up, even if the loss of the principal, but also lose their lives, go bankrupt, homeless .

When you take the hard-earned money, in addition to daily consumption, where is the safest place? I think this is a question everyone will think about. Because the current financial management threshold is getting lower and lower, even if you hold 1 yuan, you can manage your finances.

There are a variety of wealth management products on the market, including bank wealth management products, insurance wealth management, wallet wealth management, money funds, stocks and so on. Just open a bank's app, you can be dazzled, dizzying.

The wealth management courses on the market are also varied, teaching you how to plan for wealth, deploying a robust family portfolio, and recommending suitable financial advisors.

How to manage wealth and let your wit see through everything?

As a blockchain practitioner (in this case, the industry closest to money), I have been paying attention to financial business learning and practicing it. I want to talk about personal opinions.

Steady view of wealth

First, stable cash flow is very important, which is the cornerstone of wealth. The most common form of stable cash flow is the monthly salary of the working class. The rational allocation of this part is very important. As long as you have a steady flow of cash, you can have food in your hands and don't panic.

When it comes to this, you have to mention career planning and career development. In order to maintain a stable salary and continue to rise, it is very necessary to do a good job planning before the age of 30, and work hard to make up for the theoretical system used in professional development. After all, before the age of 30, you can explore and try your mistakes in the workplace. But after the age of 30, the cost of trial and error is too high.

Next, if you have extra money, you can consider asset acquisition and distribution. Let me first talk about the rooms and cars that everyone talks about. I think that whether it is from practicality or value storage, the house is definitely bought, and regardless of gender, girls are encouraged to own their own property. Buy a house, you can change the house after getting on the bus first, the most important thing is to get on the bus. It is recommended to pay the down payment first, and the monthly fixed loan can withstand certain inflation.

As for buying a car, I believe that if the city bus can solve the problem of personal traffic, it will practice the city bus. If you need to use your car to improve your efficiency and save time, it is also feasible to buy a car. However, the car is still based on practicality and high cost performance. After all, a new car is reduced by one-third from the moment it is purchased. Yes, reality is so cruel.

I personally think it is very necessary to buy a commercial insurance for yourself or your family. Although many people now have five insurances and one gold, commercial insurance can provide more stable protection. It is recommended to select suitable commercial insurance and pay the fees on time. After all, no one can expect accidents and wealth first.

If you have extra money, you can save it and choose to deposit it or buy a wealth management product like R2 at the bank. The principal is very important because the principal is closely linked to compound interest. Einstein said that the power of compound interest is like an atomic bomb. As time goes by, the power of compound interest will be greater, and it should not be underestimated. In order for the compound interest to have tremendous power, it is necessary to let its own principal not have a large loss, and to accumulate the principal, which is the basic condition for the compound interest.

If the above can be done, the basic life will not be too bad, it should be no problem. Of course, if you still want to fight, have greater profits, and build a brave asset forward, you can get higher returns by buying funds, stocks, blockchain products, and so on.

How to get the benefits in this kind of asset forward, IQ business intelligence is really important, and the three businesses are not the same. I am a conservative person, I don't like to arrange in the front of the asset. I have little research in this area (I am not destined to get rich).

Blockchain of asset forwards

Although I am very conservative about the asset striker, I still have some opinions on the blockchain products, given that I have been in the industry for nearly two years.

I think that if you want to get a bigger profit in the blockchain products, you must be wise.

The current blockchain investment circle is impetuous. There are many team operations that are doing very well, but the technology is worthless. The code is still in the stage of copying and pasting . There is no real core technical team and technical patents, and it cannot support the block. The vitality of chain products. Investing in such products, we must always be prepared for the project to run at any time and the funds will collapse at any time.

How to find blockchain products that have certain value is that investors need to have a clear mind and a certain blockchain knowledge. Therefore, it is still back to this sentence, IQ business intelligence is really important, the three businesses are indispensable, especially for the blockchain products, this threshold is higher investment products.

For example, bitcoin has been held by many people, but most of them have been lost, causing asset losses. Of course, it is not to encourage everyone to buy to buy bitcoin. If you can find potential currencies, especially value coins, you need to hold them for a long time. No matter the bulls and bears, you must calm down and calm down. Because the underlying technology that supports the product is likely to have a strong vitality, it has become an important technology in the large-scale commercialization of blockchain.

Written at the end

In wealth management, the most fundamental thing is to manage your own desires, manage your own health, and take your work and stable cash flow seriously. If you can do this, Xiaofu is also in a good state. .

A smooth life, peace and joy , in the end of the moment to look back to their own life, it will be peaceful and satisfying.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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