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The fourth type of blockchain thinking: management has failed, governance has prevailed

Hierarchical centralized management has always been an effective and efficient management model, while distributed architecture, loose and free features have caused the underlying structure of management to collapse, and many of the views of management guru Drucker need to be redefined.

Those who control their desires are not necessarily in the blockchain network, because the blockchain network is no longer a city-state, but a deep forest of vitality. Control is not as good as coordination and management gives way to governance.

What is now facing is a self-organizing society that emphasizes collaboration and mutual assistance. This is not to say that there is no centralization, but the centralization can only be promoted and promoted, but not because of monopoly and dictatorship. The centralized blockchain network is like trying to get close to Don Juan's banshee. To put it bluntly, I won't eat you, just want to help you.

The vertical organization of the Datong system was broken up and transformed into a loose self-organization composed of countless communities. The company became a community. The company still coexisted for a long time, and it still plays an indispensable role in the important functions of the network, but the company. The feelings for people will gradually shift, from the previously acclaimed listed companies to a self-employed role. A person with feelings will no longer seek to create a listed company as an ideal, just as we do not seek to be a self-employed at the beginning of reform and development. The ideal changes of each generation also reflect the development trend of the times. Most of the entrepreneurial ideals of the future are to become masters of totem figures. Although they are far away from the rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes still have their fascinating legends, just like the founder of Bitcoin, Nakamoto, but the creation does not.

In self-organization, distributed collaboration is established through an economic incentive system combined with a decentralized architecture. From the vertical management to the distributed governance, what has not changed is the game around human nature.

Whether it is management or governance, it is all about the needs of human nature and making actions that are in line with the collective interests. The difference is that management is the central service for centralization. Other participants are chess pieces. Governance is for distributed ecological network services. Participants enjoy the real right to participate in politics and the individual benefits. The perfect combination of ecology and lust, the individual and the public are multi-faceted, and more importantly, the iterative system, different from previous traumatic surgery, is more in the form of flexible seamless automatic upgrade.

Participants who support governance upgrades are the promoters of the future promotion promotion and the upgraded stakeholders. The key to the quality of governance lies in how to mobilize and ensure various roles under the ecology, actively participate in voting governance, effectively exercise governance rights, not waste individual rights, and refrain from individual obligations, and ecologically through an agile evaluation system. Including encouragement, economic and other aspects of the establishment of long-term governance mechanisms.

The rise of the community, the owners are popular, optimistic, the owners will have a greater probability of becoming a new career of fame and fortune, positioning the community leaders, its value is directly proportional to the number of members and loyalty of the community, and the level of technology Like the superb technology developers, they will become the scent of the Internet age.

In the practice of governance, no matter which kind of consensus mechanism, or which kind of blockchain network is functionally positioned, it is an unavoidable subject. Advanced technology can take the lead in breaking through many blockchain network projects, and only excellent governance mechanisms and frameworks can support them to go further.

On the other hand, the current blockchain network seems to be plagued by the lack of technology. In fact, it stems from the poor governance model. It is difficult to reach an efficient and stable consensus, but it also threatens the survival of the network and delays the development opportunity.

Under the impact of the blockchain network, the deep-rooted management concept will gradually parallel and even melt, and will be replaced by a distributed governance model. The road to governance is still difficult and tortuous, but this is the only way to seek the truth. Whether it is the neutral constitutional governance of EOS or the collaboration of the Nebula community, it is a great exploration practice of the blockchain network.

There is no authority, only equality, no control, only negotiation, no multi-layer, only flat, no concentration, only scattered. Back to the road of slavery, towards the light of freedom.

Thinker 3

The fifth type of blockchain thinking: a new definition of wealth, everything can be wound

The definition of wealth will soon be broadened. From the traditional fixed assets, physical objects, stocks, and creditors, after digitization, it will eventually pass the certification and enter the chain for free circulation. The speed and breadth of wealth trading will be greatly enhanced.

Our wealth concept needs to be reformed, and wealth has broken through the narrow definition that has always been, and has been given new meaning by the value Internet.

First, the original wealth performance carrier will be standardized, in order to enter the chain, including the property that plagues people, including financial investment products, such as stocks, debts, financial derivatives, gold, commodities. In this process, there is no incremental increase in wealth. It merely shifts the atomic world into the bit world, speeds up the circulation, improves the convenience of trading, and pushes the market from one country to another to become a global market.

Among them, a cross-chain like wanchain will build bridges between rivers, lakes and seas to make the open world more smooth.

In view of the irrational behavior of Mr. Market, the groups participating in investment or speculation have expanded, and the neurological level of intermittent seizures has also increased in proportion. Some of the myths of the blockchain network that have increased by thousands of times, after opening the policy channel, may appear frequently, several happy and a few, and several shorts. No matter what kind of parabola or big Yang line, the blockchain network that condenses the global investment eyes will inevitably create the legend of countless wives or extreme wealth.

At the same time, individual differences that have not been recognized and cannot be quantified will also be assessed and clarified, such as credit, honor, ability, character, etc., which we can perceive and love, but can never be sold or purchased. To enter the market. The authenticity and accuracy of the world information under the virtual machine docking chain will be blown to the reform horn once it is guaranteed.

What you see can be clarified, but you can see it if you can't see it. A diligent student can sell his future value in advance in order to obtain financing and create a better learning and struggle environment for the moment; a writer can also sell his own novels that have not yet been written in advance, in exchange for his sick wife. Medical expenses.

We will cherish our words and deeds, and strive to be cautious and self-disciplined. We treat a well-crafted handicraft, all the behaviors are data, all the data are on the chain, together form an accurate portrait of the individual, the portrait can be certified Our individual value can be measured, linked to financial derivatives, and can be treated with carelessness. From this perspective, pop music is not only a financial technology, but also the rise of humanity in the face of humanity, because it will help us to resist and defend the spiritual world of the world.

Wealth will be pervasive. In the era of blockchain network, it will be corrected to a certain extent, the separation of wealth acquisition ability and morality level will promote the social disappointment, and it will be in the era of data collection and winding. Let many people's words and deeds converge. The poor are poor, the poor are not only material, but more importantly, lack of self-motivation, diligence, self-cultivation and sentiment, the latter is the medicine to save poverty.

A well-educated doctor, and a teacher of German art and love, can also issue a universalized product based on personal credit collateral to realize the redemption of wealth. I am afraid this is the lead of a new era that is late and hopeful.

For wealth, we can't be limited to wealth itself, using blockchain thinking to engage in innovation away from the blockchain industry, we may be able to take more wealth opportunities.

Swordsman 2

The sixth type of blockchain thinking: barbaric development, iteration in civilization

The Renaissance gave birth to a series of revolutions and also led to free movements in Europe. In the course of the development of new things, just born, it will be like a newborn baby, and the unspeakable liquid will flow out of the nose and mouth, making people feel uncomfortable.

Bitcoin is still developing wildly in a shouting. In fact, it is not necessary to relocate to Buffett. Once the traditional economic thinking concept is solidified, it will be difficult to take root. The blockchain thinking is slightly closer to the Internet thinking, but it is related to the entity thinking. The nature is very different, in the mind, safely store these two kinds of thinking and inclusive people, can be described as heaven.

The pure blockchain network can only face the cold development environment. "Plum blossoms come from bitter cold", fighting with the sky, fighting with the ground, fighting in the same trade, and embarrassing development.

On the other hand, the real world's regulatory policies, different political views, different interests, different ghosts, and darkness, can foresee the upcoming G20 president and finance ministers meeting, it will be difficult to produce a thorough coordination solution, even if some parts are reached. Consensus, its implementation effect, is difficult to expect.

The sovereign institution wants to put the blockchain network into a cage. The problem is that this beast is naturally to destroy the cage. It is also good for the tiger, and the development of the blockchain network is bound to be twists and turns. The winding path may not be the same. In the barbaric environment, the semi-concealed and semi-masked face, want to say shame, the mouth said no, the body has been clean, perhaps this is the embarrassing way for the blockchain network to seek survival and development.

With a sigh of anger, you still need to step into the right path. Just like the expedition and killing, after winning the world, they have to wash their minds and practice the martial arts. The current situation of the blockchain network is called the hacker's happy era, the technology BUG is rampant, the security protection is fragile, and the legal environment is missing, allowing hackers to freely move around. Countless exchanges, wallets, and project parties, like children holding gold, the helplessness and fear of standing on the streets is actually a portrayal of certain phenomena.

Barbarism grows, but it must evolve from civilization. Civilization comes from the cognition and compromise of sovereign institutions. It comes from the rising level of technology, from the awakening of users' financial inclusive awareness, and from the overall purification and maturity of the industry environment.

Civilization is not only an act, but also a state. Participants are part of it, which together form the rank of civilization and are also influenced by the subtle influence of the civilization system. The primary premise of civilization is security. This security has been defined from the beginning, and the thoroughness of decentralization is essentially a safe category, as Zilliqa emphasizes.

Civilization is also a vision and attribution of a paradise. The blockchain network realizes the values ​​of fairness and fairness, and also makes some simple principles respected. For example, if you don’t take others, you should be willing to help others and get paid according to work.

When we stand in Somalia in the blockchain network, we know that blind protection is not a cure for disease. Only the blockchain network can accommodate this group of unemployed fishermen to find their own demands and comply with the public interest. When positioning, it is the way to promote the promotion of civilization in this field.

The seventh style of blockchain thinking: on merits, the world of freedom

The purpose of business is how to obtain benefits. The high-dimensional stage of business is not how to make money, but how to divide money. Those who will make money, who can make a living, may not be a thing, and those who will pay for it are definitely a generation of heroes.

Under the corporate system, it is a common practice and way of thinking to obtain benefits based on contributions. However, sacrificing freedom and becoming an employee, during which it is also mixed with many artificial factors, affecting the accurate contribution assessment.

The difficulty is that many jobs cannot be quantified, which is the root cause of the two-faced and minions. A good environment leads people to the decent, and the evil system directly promotes the villain.

The various consensus mechanisms implemented by the blockchain network are essentially the standard system for assessing the value of evaluation, or according to the power of calculation, or according to the function of the amount of money held and time, or according to the contribution value, which is a positive contribution to the network. , you can get rewards, and vice versa will be punished accordingly.

Direct dataization, through the implementation of smart contracts, avoids the interference caused by human nature, and the establishment of the blockchain value evaluation standard similar to the nebula chain nebula index makes it easy to operate.

The block-chain network has completely decentralized sharing mode, allowing people to do their best and get what they want. The concept of occupation is no longer limited to a city and a pool. The meaning of the iron rice bowl has evolved. It is not that there is always a meal in a certain place, but it is based on personal skills or energy or money, and there is food to eat wherever you go. Moreover, the network is at your fingertips and you can participate without leaving your home. With a skill, you can settle down.

When people become free, they face new problems. They no longer have the sense of unity of the offensive and defensive alliances. They walk around and become temporary workers in the new era. You contribute to your presence, and you leave without any contract.

From the Internet-era labor-management platform, Pig to the collaborative platform of the blockchain ecosystem, go nebulas, is a wave of attention and praise.

In the ambition of freedom, there is a hint of naked travel. In fact, this requires us to create a better self with higher self-discipline and to belong to and enjoy it. The free world, fragile protection, is a dialectical view under the blockchain thinking.

We rely on self-discipline and progress to achieve self-reliance, and survive by virtue of our contribution. While exporting to the network, we also witness the price of freedom, and freedom and loneliness follow.

Freedom belongs to me, but I am still not free. Freedom is actually a survival attitude, not a result.


The blockchain network is born with chaos, and everything can be expected. Although the map of the sky and the wild is faintly inconspicuous, the thinking of the blockchain technology is like the same round of the sun, in the yellow sand It seems to be looming, it seems to present a new world.

Charlie Munger believes that because of the unwillingness to change, the human brain can save computing space. However, we cannot be realized at the funeral. Just like to be a generation of swordsmen, in addition to superb swordsmanship, more importantly, step into a clear environment, can be like a water stop, and see the micro-knowledge, the transparency of the inner strength of the repair is necessary to have a good time, when the peak is in the extreme, it is to use blockchain thinking Armed to the teeth. Are people ready to go to the future, are they ready?

Author: wind Lemna

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