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Every time the technological innovation is like an undercurrent, it quietly accumulates inadvertently. When the time is ripe, it will emerge as a huge pusher to change society. It is not accidental until every wave of tides comes. The shadow of rebellion is mixed with the painful genes of the real world. The low efficiency allowed the industrial revolution to be born in a piece of dissent. The asymmetry of information allowed the Internet revolution to penetrate the real economy smoothly, and even became the star of the industry and the savior.

The huge waves that the Internet has set off have made the traditional industry unsettled. When life and death are uncertain, the blockchain technology represented by Bitcoin has emerged. Whether we are athletes, regulators, or investors, we must be the witnesses of the era that must not be missed. Or take the initiative or be wrapped up in the wave of the era of the roll, so benefit, and will suffer for it, and the outcome depends on how we choose.

In the short run, technology determines the threshold, and in the long run, ideas determine success or failure. First, there was Marxism-Leninism, and there was a brand-new China. First, there was a Meiji Restoration, and there was another Japan that was reborn. First, with the Charter of Freedom, there was a powerful United States. Although the action sums up the doctrine, the industry contains ideas and technically reflects the values, but theism precedes the action, the thought precedes the industry, and the value precedes the technology but is a universal law. "There is a high voice, not the autumn wind."

The blockchain is on the Internet. Just like the university in middle school, the development of the Internet has laid a good foundation, which has transformed the industrial structure and revolutionized the thinking concept. Through the Internet's water supply and irrigation, the dam of the blockchain has been constructed. From the information Internet to the value Internet, how can we sublimate our thinking, abandon the backwardness, and choose the good ones from it?

The idea of ​​blockchain is the compass of the cultivation of internal strength, the compass that guides the direction at any time, the engine that produces inexhaustible courage, and the sun that inspires hope.

Thinker 2

Facing the ten-year block of the blockchain, we need to figure out what is the idea of ​​leading the future development of the blockchain?

Charlie Munger said that people calculate too much and think too little. It is more necessary to try to understand the essence of things than to panic. Feng Qingping draws on the characteristics of the Internet, combined with the situation of blockchain differentiation, sums up the blockchain thinking seven styles to readers.

The first type of blockchain thinking: not the other, but also the other

In the Internet world, everything has become broad and grand, everything is nothing but everything, property rights have become less important, not all but the use of the prevailing, under the guidance of this culture, the US network without a restaurant appeared There was no short-term rent for ants with a living room. There was no pig batten net with a designer. The drip travel without a car also appeared. Integrating resources is better than having resources, seeking to have only a small landlord thinking, and being good at long-sleeved and good-spirited resources is the king's way. This is the secret of the success of a generation of Internet entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, in the blockchain era, the welfare of the Internet still exists. Through the network, everything can be used for me. The difference is that it must be owned by me. The distributed ledger plus the asymmetric cryptographic algorithm firmly locks ownership of the property in its own hands. This is consistent with the nature of Internet sharing, but it remains a strange place. Yours is yours, mine is mine. According to Li Xiaolai, for the first time in human history, private property rights were maintained by mathematics.

Given the tendency of everything to be on the chain, both tangible and intangible assets can enter the circulation market, and each respects and remains cautious and becomes more important in the past.

The era of blockchain has allowed people to truly enter a private society. Although a long list of keys and addresses are not so close to the people, in any case, the era of the inviolability of property rights is really coming.

The blockchain financial technology represented by the private key has become the grave-digger of the old era and the founder of the new era. With the private key, you have everything. In the safe of the future family, it is no longer stored in gold and dollars, but a string of private keys recorded on the sticky notes; the inheritance of property is not only stocks and claims, but also Witness the intimacy of the private key; the newlywed Yaner’s boy is no longer a salary card, but a private key; the man who has nowhere to hide in the marriage is no longer a private money, it is still a private key.

The second type of blockchain thinking: not only the platform, but also the ecology

In the Internet age, being able to create a platform is the dream of every entrepreneur. Being able to dock supply and demand, whether there is any exchange, it is possible to open a platform business with a market value of tens of billions of dollars, and the super power and creative destruction of the platform's winners are daunting and daunting.

However, this model developed to a certain extent and touched the insurmountable ceiling. The centralized centralized management makes the cost high, the centralized control of big data makes the risk multiply, and the fall of professional ethics makes the criticism gather. The status quo of a platform and a master's circle has become an obstacle to development, and the insurgents who are waiting to be discovered are breaking. The problem is not how to solve it. The problem is that you are the problem. This is the fate that the centralized giant will face. History has never been deceived, from the revolutionary to the object of revolution, and it is cycled.

The vested interests are caught in a cycle of benign improvement, unable to completely complete self-rescue, and the creation of a new situation must be the barbarians outside the door. The breath carries the destroyers of the alien atmosphere, just like a group of prisoners who rushed out of the Bastille.

Chen Sheng Wu Guang is a decentralized blockchain network. This network has no ruler to give orders, no exploiters, only the most equal participants, and broad and flexible stakeholders.

To be precise, this is an ecosystem. Like a forest, all things grow freely but they don't owe each other. They live in harmony and coexist, but they are equal and free. The closer the blockchain network of the future is to this essence, the broader its prospects will be. The more diverse the application, the more brilliant the future.

If Ethereum can successfully complete the second revolution and complete the scalability plan under the premise of decentralization and security, Ethereum will become the underlying settlement layer, distributed architecture and economic incentive system of the future global economy. Like the precious and free sunshine, water and air, many banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, etc. have been born. Ethereum is not to replace Wall Street, but to spawn countless Wall Street.

With the blockchain network represented by Ethereum, the head effect rules of the Internet should still be obvious, and it is not ecologically dying. This is the vision and mission that every blockchain network must choose. Miners, investors, users, developers and other roles complement each other and benefit from the maintenance and construction of this ecosystem. Heaven and man are united, nothing is done.

The third type of blockchain thinking: not only cross-border, but also transnational

The traditional geographical boundaries, in the era of cold weapons, have bound the flesh and provided security. With the integration of the global economy, especially the integration of trade, the geographical boundaries have been impacted, and the management of regulatory agencies has become more difficult. .

This situation is very similar to a kite flying in the sky. Although it is free to soar in the sky, it is always dragged and controlled by the line on the ground.

The Internet traffic model blurs the boundaries of the industry, diversifies profits, and multi-dimensional business models become the welfare of the head. The global integration of economic and trade has long allowed transnational actions to blossom everywhere, and opening up is the main theme of the times. Breakout, breakout, and breakout become the main melody of the desire, and the ultimate probability of completing the crumbling final push comes from the blockchain network.

Blockchain networks are naturally global in color, and blockchain networks without international capabilities are hard to win. Only when you enter the global blockchain network of the four continents on five continents will you have the opportunity to become the infrastructure of the future.

In many blockchain network communities, such as the international community, all kinds of languages, all kinds of customs, representatives, and groups form a decentralized autonomous society. Looking at the richness of the social media accounts used by many blockchain projects, we can get a glimpse of the internationalization movements and strengths.

Not only do you need foreign language skills, but you also need to learn the fusion of culture and thinking patterns under the language. Under the ecology of the blockchain network, it is the symbiosis and coexistence of different ethnic groups, cultures and customs.

Not only that, but talents in economics, computers, cryptography, advertising, philosophy, psychology, etc., especially compound talents, are extremely scarce. The blockchain network slowly invades society and replicates society, rather than the blockchain network needs society. It is better to say that an open society needs a blockchain network.

With a global perspective, having international talents, exploring international communities, and building an international network, it is the only way to blockchain networks. The current embarrassment faced by the supervision is due to this, and the sovereign institutions from the centralized controllers to the network participants and supervisors are both helpless and timely, "nothing to spend." The differences and conflicts in the opinions of global sovereign institutions have also allowed the blockchain network to grow parasitized in a young age. Can not refuse, have to embrace, here contains great wisdom and mind. "The sadness of the Yangtze River has been stagnation, and Wanli will return."

It has long been cross-border, and it is facing transnational assets and behaviors. The future has come, but it has not been prepared. Therefore, the future of the country will gradually evolve into a sang-yen relationship, and it will lead you to travel around the world.

The legal, humanities, ethics, affiliation and other topics that accompany this will become the focus of hundreds of controversies in the new era. People are gone first, don’t you catch up later?

It can be foreseen that the development of the blockchain network is a turbulent ups and downs. Among them, there are compromises, variants, and innovative vandals. In countless struggles, the characters that are still laughing in the jungle will be the leftovers, enjoying the glory of the winners and becoming new. The basic infrastructure of the air, water and sunlight of the era.

After the upper part, pay attention to Feng Qingping reading the lower part

Author: wind Lemna

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