In less than 10 days, LTC will usher in 73% of the falls.

After the bear market in 2018, if the halving of the Litecoin is a big boost to the 19-year market rebound, I believe no one will question it. Affected by halving, more and more speculators have added to the bullish sentiment around Litecoin, and many investors have bought a lot of Litecoin under the expectation of halving.

Now that the date of halving the Litecoin has been less than 60 days, investors who bought Litecoin at the bottom of last year have already achieved a return of nearly 600%. However, the strong rebound of Litecoin may soon end. . A cryptographer believes that the price of Litecoin still has room to rise, but has issued a warning that it will soon fall by 73%.

LTC / BTC ratio or peak of 0.034, LTC hit a new high?

In 2019, Litecoin repeatedly led the rise in the encryption market. Before halving it, most crypto communities believe that digital silver, which corresponds to bitcoin digital gold, can be said to be a "brainless" investment that is earned when bought.

In the PoW blockchains such as Bitcoin and Leybit, each halving will reduce the block rewards obtained by the miners to verify block transactions. After halving in August this year, the number of awards received by LTC miners will be reduced from 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC.

Investors believe that a sudden shift in the balance between supply and demand will lead to price increases, usually before the halving. The current LTC / USD deal is close to $140. If you buy at the bear market low of $20, the return has now reached a staggering 600%.

A well-known cryptographic analyst believes that in the LTC / BTC transaction pair, the price ratio of the two will reach 0.34.


That is to say, if the price of Bitcoin is maintained at around $8,000, the price of Lebbit is about $270. If Bitcoin climbs with Litecoin, the Litecoin may create a record high in terms of ratio.


LTC has only 10 days left to rise, and will fall by 73% thereafter. !

If, as many crypto investors believe, a halving price increase has already been mentioned, the risk will increase significantly now, as early buyers will start shipping, which will hinder further price increases and lead to strong Adjustment.

The cryptographer's target price for LTC / USD and LTC / BTC is very high, so far his forecast has not shown a significant deviation, he believes that before the fall, LTC rebounded less than 10 days. .

According to the halving of LTC in 2015, LTC rose sharply in the halving days, doubling the value of Bitcoin. After the buyer started shipping, the price fell by 73%, and the investors who entered the market were “cutting the leek”.

In the halving of 2015, the price decline appeared 45 days before halving. Now, the distance has been reduced by less than 55 days. That is, within 10 days, we may hit a record high, and may start falling at any time.


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