Introduction to blockchain|A text to understand the difference between Mingwang, deepnet and darknet and the harm of darknet

Recently, someone left a message asking what is a dark network.

In fact, our entire Internet can be divided into three categories, namely Ming Net, Deep Net and Dark Net. Today, we will briefly introduce the differences between them.

Please look at the picture below:

Surface Web refers to a network that can be retrieved by ordinary search engines, accounting for about 4% of the entire Internet. For example, the content of the website can be retrieved by a common search engine (such as Google, Baidu, Sogou), such as Xinhua, Weibo, Zhihu, etc., known as Mingwang. Most of our online time is on the Ming Online.

The opposite of Mingwang, known as Deep Web, refers to a network that cannot be retrieved by ordinary search engines, accounting for about 96% of the entire Internet. The content inside the deep network requires account password, access rights, etc. to access. For example, the content in our mailbox, the content stored in the cloud service, the company's database, the academic paper database, etc., belong to the category of deep network. Some of our online time stays on the deep web.

In the broader category of deep networks, there is also a part of the network called Dark Web, which requires a specific browser, special authorization or special settings to link to the network, which is not accessible to ordinary browsers and search engines.

One of the characteristics of the dark network is that it is secretive after being encrypted, and it is not easy to track the real geographical location and the identity of the user. This has also led to many illegal transactions on the dark Internet, such as arms sales, drugs, identity passport information and so on.

In the early days, Bitcoin was very anonymous and niche, and the main trading volume and usage scenarios were in the dark network. The infamous "Silk Road" used to be a website on the dark Internet that specializes in the sale of drugs, drugs and other contraband. The traffic is very large, and it is called the Amazon website in the dark network. After years of investigation, the Silk Road was closed by the US FBI in 2013. Because of the "Silk Road", liberal believers became the masters of the dark empire, FBI star detectives became slaves to money, and the fledgling police officers became the last guardians of the truth. Related stories can be seen before the push of the vernacular blockchain. The article "Bitcoin Puzzle" .

To sum up, the whole Internet can be divided into Mingwang and Shenzhen. The difference is whether the content can be retrieved by ordinary search engines. A small part of the deep network, which accounts for 96% of the share, is called darknet and needs to be specific. Browsers, special licenses, or special settings can be accessed, and the privacy is strong and most of the content is illegal.

Do you think that the dark net uses bitcoin. For the long-term development of bitcoin, does the advantage outweigh the disadvantages or do more harm than good? why? Welcome to leave a message in the message area.


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