Is BTC going to be a new high?

In an interview with Quartz, Twitter and Square co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey said it is necessary to build a global currency based on the network. Jack Dorsey suggests that the Internet should have its own currency, and a global currency can help financial technology companies like Square to grow faster and more easily accepted. Jack Dorsey believes Bitcoin is the best choice for this currency because it is “very pure” and its creators focus on “public interest, not any other specific agenda”. After 10 years of hard work, Bitcoin has proven to be resilient. When asked about Facebook's cryptocurrency, Jack Dorsey said that every private company can see the value of stateless currency.

Facebook has received support from dozens of new companies for its encryption projects, including venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and non-profit organizations including Mercy Corps. There are also stakeholders from all walks of life, including telecommunications, e-commerce and the media. According to reports yesterday, Facebook has received support from more than a dozen companies including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Uber.


Before we thought that the market would not be directional choices so quickly, but the market is always right. Now that BTC has broken through the pressure threshold of $8,300, it is possible to create a new high in rebound. Now there is a pressure at 8800. Near the dollar, this point can be a new high, but from the macd indicator and volume, it seems that they do not support the target to open a new round of pull again, although the price of the currency pulled out the Zhongyang line, but we see The macd indicator did not follow the golden cross. There was no obvious sign of the volume increase, indicating that there was no big money involved, just a normal shock rebound. I personally think that even if the target hits a new high, it still has to fall again. It will be dominated by shocks. This kind of move is actually a kind of consumption for the bulls. Imagine that every time you think you want to break through, you will put you on the top. If you have a long time, no one will ever do more.


ETH followed the BTC and there was a wave of upswing. We still couldn't wait for a decent volume, but from the daily level, the target went out of a combination of K and yin, which is a typical bullish trend. The target may once again test the pressure of 273 US dollars, the volume is not very compatible, it may still go down, unless there is a heavy volume pull, it may hit a new high, the individual is more inclined to change the trend in the short term has not changed, recently Will return to the support of $ 245.


XRP slightly oscillated, 5 antennas and 10 antennas have been leveled, no gold fork has been formed, the transaction volume has not changed significantly, and the macd indicator is close to the zero axis, which may trigger a rebound. From the time-sharing level, the target has an upward rebound demand. The first target of the rebound is around 0.43 US dollars. Observe whether the point can pass. If the point can be broken by the volume, it will test the previous high of 0.478 US dollars, do a good job of defense, and break below 0.37 US dollars.


After falling below 5 antennas, LTC quickly pulled back and re-established 5 antennas. The moving average system still showed a long position. The time-sharing level deviated from the daily line level. The two consecutive positive lines of the target had no volume release, macd indicator. There is no golden cross, and it is possible to go up and do a double head and pay attention to the risks.


The trend of BCH is not as strong as the previous ones. Now it is still oscillating under the neckline of the head and shoulders. The market breakthrough can not form an effective breakthrough. The volume of the right shoulder is obviously much smaller than the left shoulder. No funds have been found yet. Intervention, the shape of the head and shoulders is still effective, the volume of the right shoulder is getting smaller and smaller, the shorts are easy to suppress, the medium-term adjustment is expected to remain unchanged, and the support of 400 US dollars will be seen in the short term.


Earlier in the analysis, we mentioned the need for EOS to rebound upwards at the time-sharing level. At present, the target has already exceeded the pressure of 6.5 US dollars. Next, it will test the pressure level of 6.9 US dollars. The transaction volume is still a hidden worry. The rebound height, the neckline of the head and shoulders of $6.9, the volume of the neckline is not likely to be broken, pay attention to the pressure of the point.


After BNB hit a new high, a big Yinxian line came back, and this Yinxian line was accompanied by the enlargement of the volume. This is a typical fake breakout trend, obviously it is more attractive, if the target can be around $28.7. If there is a slight wave of such a trend, if the price falls directly, then the head of the target will be established.

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