ISF Executive Director: Blockchain is still immature and unforeseen security issues may arise

ISF Executive Director: Blockchain is still immature There may be unforeseen security issues

According to infosecurity-magazine, the Information Security Forum (ISF) released a briefing entitled "Blockchain and Security: Digital Security."

This latest newsletter is designed to help people involved in blockchain deployments better understand the benefits and risks of blockchain networks so they can identify and resolve security issues by applying a secure System Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

The report points out that at present, the risk of blockchain is particularly serious because the security assumed by this technology is derived from the robustness of its consistent algorithm. ISF Executive Director Steve Durbin said the indelible and visible record of the blockchain offers many advantages.

However, this record does not protect the blockchain from security issues. While the first use of the blockchain may have commercial benefits, it should be realized that the blockchain is still immature and unforeseen security issues may arise.

While the use of blockchain may have commercial advantages, cautious organizations should be aware that blockchain technology is still immature and that there may be many unforeseen security issues, so organizations should pay attention to assessing development or The risk of using a blockchain application.

Source: New Finance

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